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Denny Mayo lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two dogs, has run five marathons and one ultramarathon, and really likes tacos.

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What To Do About The Stopwatch


Accounting is a thing that's important sometimes, and also something that actually effects us as runners. In this week's roundup, dancing.with.rocks mentioned that he's been stopping the ol' GPS...

Weekly Training Rundown Sept 10-16


A day late with this (sorry/Surrey) -- a weekend of moving and no Internet will happen sometimes. The East Coast weather has been a miracle. How's your training going?

Some random thoughts about running when I have almost none


As of today I've owned a house for exactly two weeks. This, along with workstuffs, has demanded every free ounce of attention that I have been able to muster. I move this weekend, which means that...

The Warm Up Lap | 9.10.12 - Lies, Stress, and Kicks


Is Kip Litton a Marathon Fraud? | The New Yorker I'd imagine that you guys have read this story already, about a Michigan dentist who has been attempting to run a sub-3:00 marathon in all 50...

Weekly Training Rundown Sept 3 - 9


Another week of horrid humidity, finally breaking here in DC in Sunday. How'd the week's training go for y'all? 31 out of 35 planned miles. Last weekend's house painting and family in town left...

Weekly Training Rundown August 27 - Sept 2


Sorry everyone -- no warmup lap from me today/yesterday. Really busy weekend. Lots of running though, too. 40 out of 46 planned miles. Closed on our first house on Thursday morning, ran all...

The Warmup Lap | 8.27.12 - Eating, Striking, and a Leadville Recap


I Can Eat Anything… | Run Luau Run The truth is that I can run the way I do because I eat healthfully; I don’t regularly eat the fried chicken, cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, beer, wine, bourbon,...

Weekly Training Rundown August 20-26


One last weekend of running that isn't interrupted by college football. A shame, except not at all because we're gonna have football again!!!! 39 our of 44 planned. Exhausted on Sunday meant...

If Fear is Taking Over, You Might As Well Let Fear Drive.


A lot of things get put into motion largely due to fear. A lot more things never get started because of fear. Running, like just about anything else, can be put in motion or halted because of...

The Warmup Lap | 8.20.12 - Ryan Hall on the Olympics, Leadville 100, and Strides


Ryan Hall has written about his experience in London on his blog. It's a short piece, but not lacking. I don't believe there is such a thing as a "bad race" for me, unless the experience fails to...

Weekly Training Rundown August 13-19


The heat broke. It finally, finally broke. That's the good news. The bad news is I ran like poo even with good weather. How'd y'all do? 38 of 47 planned miles. Had a great start to the week: new...

Establishing a New Normal


At the beginning of this year (2k12), we started this here website. Early on, I mentioned a few tips ostensibly for new runners (hint: they were mostly for myself). For me, the most important was...

The Warmup Lap | 8.13.12 - The Olympics Are Finished, You Guys


Pretty fun three weeks in London, at least from my vantage-point on the couch. This past weekend some cool stuff happened in London, like Stephen Kiprotich winning the marathon, and then getting...

Weekly Training Rundown August 6-12


The thing about training is you go through shoes a lot faster than when you're not training. Almost have 500 miles in my shoes that I got in May. Meet the new kicks - same as the old kicks. Mayo:...

The Warmup Lap | 8.6.12 - The Olympics So Much, You Guys

Everything about the Olympics has been marvelous so far except for [insert NBC gripes here]. Andy Murray put R-Fed on notice, Serena got her walk on, US rowing teams have been doing well, and the...

Weekly Training Rundown July 30-Aug 5

Another month down, another one begins. How was your training last week? Mayo: 37 of 42 planned miles. Took Sunday off to ensure that I'm recovered from Saturday's long run. Felt good otherwise....

The Importance of Earnestness

Lately I've been making an effort to observe and learn on each run. Sometimes I just observe dumb things that make me laugh, other times I re-learn how difficult it can be running in the heat....

The Warmup Lap | 7.30.12 - Radcliffe Out of Olympic Marathon

Radcliffe's Olympic dream is over | London 2012 OlympicsSad news out of London: Paula Radcliffe has withdrawn from Sunday's Olympic marathon due to injury. Olympic Athletics Schedule & Results |...

Weekly Training Rundown July 23-29

I had some fun sightings out on the roads this week. Ya'll see anything neat? Mayo: 38 of 42 planned miles. Recovered from last week's debacle of a weekend pretty well. Had to cut my long run a...

Confidence Lost

I had a really bad run last Sunday -- the kind of lumbering, dead-legged affair that started out miserable and steadily got worse. The previous week's heat was mostly gone but the humidity...

The Warmup Lap | 7.23.12 - Superstition, Changing Things Up, and Research

Two somewhat related links to start the week off: "Rebooting," Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Minimalist Running | Sweat Science [Injections are] like rebooting your computer or whacking the side of an...

Weekly Training Rundown July 16-22

Sometimes a week of training starts out great, then the temperatures drop and are wonderfully mild -- and then training inexplicably becomes awful. This was one of those weeks. Mayo: 29 of 40...

Researchers Take On Energy Drinks and the Marketers Behind The Curtain

Recently-published articles in the British Medical Journal lay bare the claims made about sports drinks and their marketing claims, among other topics.

The Warmup Lap | 7.16.12 - Hardrock, Badwater, and Big Sur Regos

The Hardrock 100 was this past weekend, and the results are in: 98 finishers, the third- and fourth-fastest times in HRH history, and wins for Hal Koerner (24:50) and Darcy Africa (29:09). Also in...

Weekly Training Rundown July 9-15

Mayo: of 32 planned miles. Traveled down to Durham, NC for the weekend and didn't get as much running in as I'd hoped. Tuesday: 5 miles (8:36 pace). Started running with a co-worker, though...

Training for a Happy Life

"The fight is only fifteen minutes, but the process is months, years. If it was just about the fight I'd have a miserable life." -- MMA fighter Greg Jackson, in The Fighter's Mind A couple of...

The Warmup Lap | 07.09.12 - Getting Chicked-y with it

Proud to Be Chicked | irunfar Mike Wolfe, on the Western States and getting passed by Ellie Greenwood: I know most of the jeering and ribbing by guys (often elites) about “getting chicked” is...

Weekly Training Rundown July 2-8

Mayo: 36 out of 38 planned miles. Felt good, but the week-long heat was pretty oppressive. Had some weekend shuffling of the runs in order to better manage the heat in terms of the long run. Felt...

2k12 Half-Year Review: The Monthly Mileage Graph Revisited

One of the biggest goals of my writing on this, the Stridey-est of Nations, was to keep myself honest as a runner: by talking about running in a running-centric venue, I'll likely put forth an...

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