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College Football Game Day Preview, Week Six

There's lots of big games this week folks. I'm DVR'ing the games that I can get, but I'll be watching three to four games today, and I'll post my notes later this evening. My schedule is below. ...

Bills/Pats: The Morning After


The Buffalo Bills' 52-28 loss to the New England Patriots was not a repeat of last year's 49-21 loss, but it certainly rhymed.


CFB Notes, Week 5

North Carolina State vs. Miami Mike Glennon looked pretty good, showing glimpses of greatness along with some bad plays. He can make all the throws at the college and NFL level. He can drop the...


CFB Notes, Week 4 (Continued)

Notre Dame vs. Michigan Manti Te'o played really well in this game. His recognition skills are just a tad below elite, and he seems to be in the right place all the time, especially when Michigan...

Bills/Browns, The Morning After

The Buffalo Bills beat the Cleveland Browns 24-14 in Week 3. It was a good win! There was some bad. Let's not overreact.


CFB Notes, Week 4

West Virginia vs. Maryland Geno Smith. Let's clear up some misconceptions. - Smith is not a dual-threat quarterback. If you're a fan of the mobile, running QB, this isn't your guy. For a...

Bills 35, Chiefs 17: The Morning After

The Buffalo Bills dumped the Kansas City Chiefs 35-17 in Week 2. It was a good game, but there was some bad. Bills fans try not to overreact.


CFB Notes, Week 3

Pittsburgh-Virginia Tech I flipped between TCU-Kansas and this game, and didn't get a good look at anyone but Logan Thomas. Not a very good game. From a physical standpoint, he's the complete...


Why the Bills Win

My family, aside from my children, knows almost nothing about football. My wife grew up in an sports agnostic home; they knew sports existed but could not tell what they were. My side of the...

The Morning After: Jets 48, Bills 28 Analysis

The Buffalo Bills are 0-1 after an embarrassing 48-28 road loss to the New York Jets in Week 1. It was bad. A few good things happened. Let's try not to overreact, shall we?


Week 2 CFB Notes

Randon stuff from my week two notes. I didn't see every game (have a bunch on DVR to get to) and missed a lot because of a thunderstorm, which combined to take out my DirecTV for an hour, and...

Chan Gailey's Buffalo Bills Offense, Part 4: The Run Game

In the fourth and final installment of their in-depth look at Chan Gailey's offense, Buffalo Rumblings examines the Buffalo Bills' running game.


A Lone Jaeger Shot

Welcome to my break from working the diagrams for the fourth, and last, story in that Gailey offense series. So, today I watched Ohio State vs. Miami (Oh) to see how Urban Meyer's Buckeyes looked....

Chan Gailey's Buffalo Bills Offense, Part 3: The Screen Game

Buffalo Rumblings takes a look at how head coach Chan Gailey utilizes the screen game in his offense.

Chan Gailey's Buffalo Bills Offense, Part 2: Horizontal Timing


Here's a very in-depth look at just one part of the passing attack that head coach Chan Gailey has installed with the Buffalo Bills.

NFL Draft 2012: Buffalo Rumblings' Top 150 Prospects


Buffalo Rumblings author 'Der Jaeger' puts forth his Top 150 prospects on the morning of the 2012 NFL Draft.


Ten Years of First Round Receivers

First round receivers bust at a pretty alarming rate. I dug into a ten year sample size to find out if that's just my perception, or reality. 2000-2009 is the sample size, so as to not unfairly...

ESPN FFCA - Brock Osweiler


I didn't know much about Osweiler's personality before this interview, but came away very impressed. He comes across as fiery, smart, and a leader. He's the type of kid I'm OK with handing the franchise to in three to four years. Teams rally around quarterbacks like him. Give this kid 3-4 years with Gailey and Lee, and I think you get a franchise quarterback on the other end. No wonder Nix is spending some time with Osweiler. I came away from this video, after watching his games, feeling very comfortable about possibility of using the 41st pick to select him.

Tannehill "Rising" Up the Draft Boards


Dane Brugler confirming what I wrote on February 1st, in this thread. In short, the idea that Tannehill "rose" up draft boards is bunk. He was already there. My February 1st comment: The mocks aren’t really that accurate. The media folks adjust their board based on hearsay from team sources. Most team boards are set. Here’s the problem: if I had to bet, I’d put a month’s pay on Tannehill carrying a grade that places him inside the top 20 on most team’s boards once they put them together. The media and draftniks, they don’t see it that way. I’ve seen a lot of mocks with Tannehill in the top 10, some with him not even in the first round. It’s that way even on CBS Sports alone. When the draftniks talk to scouts, they start to get information about Tannehill. So he "starts to rise up boards." That’s nonsense. The team’s grades are set. The media almost never goes back and says "we were wrong." It undermines credibility, and that effects readership or viewers. So, it comes out that "Tannehill is rising up team boards." That explains the truth, that Tannehill is carrying a high grade, and gets the outlet off the hook. It’s no wonder the teams laugh at the media. They hear or read that, knowing that the media had it all wrong in the first place. But a guy like Nix can’t come out and give relevant facts, because it might expose how Buffalo puts their draft boards together, or how they assign grades. So the media goes on and thinks guys like Nix are incompetent, but in reality, the media is at fault for reporting "facts" while they are severely short on information. I don’t think Tannehill’s foot matters. There’s enough on film already to hold his grade.


The Jaeger Plan: Part II (a bit of a mind dump)

Around Bowl Season, I published the first Jaeger Plan. The theory was Stabilize, Fill, and then Build. The idea was to resign Buffalo free agents, then sign free agents, and the draft to build. ...

Buffalo Bills Defensive Line: The Double-Team Dilemma


Here's a quick and basic look at how Buffalo Bills opponents will have to pick their poison in choosing to block a suddenly-fearsome Bills defensive line.


Buffalo Begins to Telegraph its Moves

Some thoughts on the Bills, based on the following, all from Nix comments on pass rushers Gailey comments on pass rushers Bills meet with Osweiler Chris Brown video interview with...

Mocking the Draft's Ryan Tannehill Scouting Report


Mocking the Draft's UkRedskin breaks down Tannehill's game.


Bills Dream Off-Season

So, we did the nightmare draft. What about the our dream off-season? Post your dream off-season here. There's a couple stipulations: - You have to adhere to the salary cap. The 2011 salary cap...

Ryan Tannehill vs. Oklahoma State


Great write up, with visuals, by UkRedskin. This story is posted on Mocking the Draft.

Ryan Tannehill vs. SMU


A good breakdown of Ryan Tannehill from Mocking the Draft's UkRedskin.

Hypothetical: Buffalo Bills' Transition To A 4-3 Defense


Here's how the Buffalo Bills would look if they transition to a 4-3 defense under new coordinator Dave Wannstedt.

Why The Buffalo Bills' Defensive Alignment Doesn't Matter, Part 2


In Part I, we talked about how the Buffalo Bills' version of the 4-3 and 3-4 are essentially the same defense. Buffalo employs a version of the 46 defense that closely matches the 3-4/elephant...

Why The Buffalo Bills' Defensive Alignment Doesn't Matter


Buffalo Bills fans are debating the merits of a 4-3 versus a 3-4, but if Dave Wannstedt is smart, he'll realize that it really doesn't matter.

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