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Could Mario Williams be Buffalo's Jared Allen?

Most talk about Buffalo acquiring Mario Williams has been dismissed on this board. I decided to check it out. Houston's Defense. They certainly didn't miss Williams like everyone thought. ...


The Jaeger Plan

This post is what I would do, today. I'm bored, I'm waiting for the first draft of my paper to come back with revisions, and there aren't a ton of draft prospects in the Sugar Bowl, so I'll throw...

Patriots 49, Bills 21: Good, Bad, Let's Not Overreact


One last regular season recap: Patriots 49, Bills 21.


Late Opinion of Wannstadt Move

I was watching CFB and wasn't on the computer since about noon. Instead of getting lost in the 400+ opinions, I'll just make my own thread. : ) I like the Wannstadt move but I'm not crazy-happy...


Quick Mock

Because it's fun! I did a quick mock last night watching the Giants beat the Cowboys. Lots to happen with players declaring, etc., but here goes the top ten: Indianapolis: Andrew Luck, QB,...


Ryan Tannehill

Watching college bowls and trying to write a master's thesis is fairly incompatible. I'm watching Texas A&M right now, so I decided to write the Tannehill fanpost you guys asked for. I'm using...

Bills 40, Broncos 14: Good, Bad, Let's Not Overreact


Another post-game recap from the Buffalo Bills' 40-14 thrashing of the Denver Broncos on Christmas Eve.

NFL Trends, with a little bit on Denver


An article from Buffalo Rumblings, with some mention of Denver and Tim Tebow.

On San Francisco, Tim Tebow, And The Cyclical Nature Of The NFL


This is a long read, but an important one: why the Buffalo Bills should go counter-trend.


Merry Christmas! What Buffalo might get for Christmas...

Late last night, watching the Colts, it occurred to me that Indy might not get the first overall pick. What if the Colts win a very winable game next week vs. Jacksonville, and the Rams lose out? ...

Dolphins 30, Bills 23: Good, Bad, Let's Not Overreact


Another post-game recap from the Bills' 30-23 loss to the Dolphins.


Broncos @ Bills: Ask a Bills fan

Hello Broncos Country! The Broncos are heading east to Ralph Wilson Stadium to play the Bills on Saturday. My fellow Buffalo Rumblers and I are here to talk about the game. Specifically, we'd...

Chargers 37, Bills 10: A New Post-Game Formula


Buffalo Bills fans are looking for new things to talk about in the midst of a six-game losing streak.

Titans 23, Bills 17: Three Good And Three Bad


Not all was bad as the Buffalo Bills lost their fifth straight game on Sunday.


Why Denver can't and won't trade Tebow

I posted this in the "Trade Tebow" thread, and thought it might be a good fan post on its own. Talk of trading Tebow seems outright ridiculous to me. I don't think Denver, and specifically...

Jets 28, Bills 24: Three Good And Three Bad


Despite the nature of their 28-24 loss to the New York Jets, there was good with the Buffalo Bills' bad on Sunday.

Dolphins 35, Bills 8: Three Good And Three Bad


There's not an awful lot to like about the Buffalo Bills of late.

Cowboys 44, Bills 7: Three Good And Three Bad


The headline says three good, but there weren't three good things for the Buffalo Bills in their 44-7 loss to Dallas.

Jets 27, Bills 11: Three Good and Three Bad


Things were mostly bad for the Buffalo Bills in their 27-11 loss to the New York Jets.

Bills 23, Redskins 0: Three Good And Three Bad


Three good developments - and three bad ones, too - from the Bills' 23-0 win over the Redskins.

Buffalo Bills Bye Week: Assessing The Team Long-Term


Fans of successful football teams don't talk about the off-season much during the season. For years, the off-season became the in-season story for Buffalo Bills fans. During the 2010 season, the...

Giants 27, Bills 24: Three Good And Three Bad


Three good and three bad from the Bills' 27-24 loss to the Giants.

Bills 31, Eagles 24: Three Good And Three Bad


Three good developments (and three bad ones) from the Buffalo Bills' 31-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.


Perspective from a Tebow fan

Denver fans are probably not going to like this at all.  So, before I write, please know that I am a writer at Buffalo Rumblings, and a Tim Tebow fan.  I was crushed the night Denver drafted him,...

Bengals 23, Bills 20: Three Good And Three Bad


The Buffalo Bills are 3-1 after a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, but it's not all bad in Western New York.

Bills 34, Patriots 31: Three Good And Three Bad


Positives and negatives from the Buffalo Bills' 34-31 win over the New England Patriots.

Bills 38, Raiders 35: Three Good And Three Bad


Three bad developments - and three of many good ones - from the Buffalo Bills' 38-35 Week 2 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Getting A Read On The Buffalo Bills' Defense


Here's how the Buffalo Bills have diversified their defense to keep opponents on their toes.

Bills 41, Chiefs 7: Three Good And Three Bad


Finding points of concern was difficult as the Buffalo Bills trounced the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1, 41-7.

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