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Thoughts on the Detroit Game

We're still not completely unpacked and ready to go (thanks you Irene) but I did DVR the game and watched it this morning.  Here's my mind dump on the game: - Holy cow!  HD TV is awesome!  My wife...


Thoughts on the Jacksonville Game

I finished watching the Jacksonville game last night.  Here are my thoughts on the game: -Buffalo isn't really playing a ton of Bullough-Fairbanks 3-4.  I saw only three snaps where the starters...

Construction Zone: Building Effective Offensive Lines


Construction Zone: Building Effective Offensive Lines


The "Jaeger" Plan

This is my first fanpost on DBTB.  Some of you may know me from Buffalo Rumblings, but with the NFL in neutral and the NHL in full-stride, I put some thoughts to Terry Pegula's Sabres.  I'm as big...


Where is Der Jaeger?

Good question.  It was mentioned in the Demetrius Bell story that many of the editors, writers, etc. have been scarce on the board.  I am, for sure, one of them.  So here's a short note to Rumbler...

Der Jaeger on Sports Talk Soup


I'll be with the folks from Sports Talk Soup tonight at 10:40 PM EST talking about the Bills and their selection at No. 3 overall in tomorrow's 2011 NFL Draft.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Von Miller


Here's how Texas A&M Von Miller would open up the Bills' defense schematically, and fit into virtually every front George Edwards can call.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Blaine Gabbert


Making a last-ditch effort to convince Bills fans that Blaine Gabbert is the right choice? This should help.


Jaeger Shots: NFL Draft Version

I don't post mock drafts.  What I will do here is explain some options and scenario's that I think might happen on draft day.  Despite the lock-out being lifted, I don't expect Carolina to begin...

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Patrick Peterson


Here's how LSU CB Patrick Peterson fits into the Buffalo Bills' defense schematically.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Robert Quinn


Here's how UNC DE Robert Quinn would fit into Buffalo's defense.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Cam Newton


Breaking down Auburn QB Cam Newton and how he'd fit into the offense Chan Gailey ran in 2010.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: J.J. Watt


Buffalo Rumblings examines Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt and his fit in George Edwards' defensive system.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Prince Amukamara


Projecting Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara into the Buffalo Bills' defensive system.

Turmoil in Denver


Think we get emotional and disagree here? Check out what a counter opinion to Tebow-mania does in Denver. The fanpost's author, who is clearly just stirring the pot, suggests that Denver should take Blaine Gabbert 2nd overall. The result is 250+ mostly emotionally charged comments. Most folks here know about my man-crush on Tebow last year. But I'd take Gabbert too. He's a better quarterback prospect. I stirred the pot a little too....

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: A.J. Green


How much redundancy would A.J. Green create in Buffalo's receiving corps?

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Cameron Jordan


Despite toiling anonymously behind higher-profile defenders, Cal DE Cameron Jordan might be the best talent and schematic fit for the Buffalo Bills.

Caution with 2nd Round Quarterbacks


Pro Football Weekly reviews how 2nd round QB's have fared since 2001. Three of 12 successes, if you count Chad Henne as a success.


Jaeger Shots: Daring to Tread Upon Dangerous Ground

What quarterback will Buddy Nix select in the 2011 Draft (if any)? No topic on this board ignites a fire storm as this one does, of late.  I do dare though.  Warning: do not read what follows if...

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Da'Quan Bowers


Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers isn't a classic (or perfect) 3-4 fit, but there are many ways to use him in George Edwards' defensive scheme.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Marcell Dareus


Here's how Alabama DL Marcell Dareus would fit into the Buffalo Bills' defense from a schematic standpoint.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Nick Fairley


Here's how Auburn DT Nick Fairley would fit into the Buffalo Bills' defense schematically.

Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Julio Jones


Here's how Alabama WR Julio Jones would fit into the Buffalo Bills' offensive system, coordinated by Chan Gailey.

Jake Locker Film Review


I watched Jake Locker's interview with Mike Mayock and the NFL Network crew tonight (February 24th). Mayock mentioned that he noticed that Locker was (paraphrasing and injecting some football terminology) coming to a skinny base and then over-striding into throws. Locker mentioned that Mayock was correct, and Locker also mentioned that he thought he wasn't transitioning his weight from his back foot to his front foot properly. I re-watched the USC cut (linked), Oregon State, BYU, and Arizona. I noticed what Mayock and Locker were talking about, but it's not as prevelent as I thought.... which made me feel better, since I hadn't noticed it. Locker does come to a skinny base and overstride, but he's not doing it enough to make it super noticeable. What I did notice was that Locker almost never transitions his weight to his front foot. He also steps a bit to his left, and is very inconsistent in pointing his front foot at the target. I also noticed that Locker only did this in the pocket from a base. When he rolled out, he was consistently good in his weight transition, and his foot pointing. What's all this mean? Check Locker's tape. He's got ninja-like accuracy on the move. He's moving, so the weight transition comes naturally, as he's running. When he's in the pocket, it's not there. What does weight transition effect? Accuracy. Especially vertical accuracy, in terms of hitting the strike zone up and down. What do we see? Locker missing high all the time. I think I've finally come to terms (at least to me) on why Locker is missing the strike zone.


More On Franchise Quarterbacks

To set what a franchise quarterback is or is not, I'm going to a third party, John Clayton. In ranking the league's starting quarterbacks, I have three categories. The first is the Elite level,...


February Jaeger Shots

Jaeger Shots: - I totally get the fascination with Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton.  They are the 2011 Draft's versions of Tim Tebow: both are run-first, athletic quarterbacks that won a great...

2011 Senior Bowl: Observations On Top NFL Draft Prospects


A quick 2011 Senior Bowl stock report on six NFL Draft prospects that should interest the Buffalo Bills.

26-27-60 Formula for Drafting a Quarterback


Kevin Ewoldt at Hogs Haven breaks down another formula for predicting the success of a college QB: If an NFL prospect scores at least a 26 on the Wonderlic test, starts at least 27 games in his college career and completes at least 60 percent of his passes, there's a good chance he will succeed at the NFL level. We're still waiting on the Wonderlic scores from the Combine, but the track record of this formula is 12 QB's who passes went on to good careers, 13 that failed are busts or unproven, and 6 are exceptions. Gabbert, Dalton, McElroy and Ponder are the QB's from this year's draft that measure up.

The Huddle Report: Bills Choice at Three


Drew Boylhart breaks down the Bills options with the third overall pick. Blaine Gabbert is the top choice, with 1A being a trade down to a team that wants Gabbert. A good site to check out during draft time. Boylhart is one of the guys I read. He's got a good player rating system and watches film rather than going with the hype.

Mike and Mike in the Morning: Mel Kiper on Quarterbacks


A short, but good evaluation of the 2011 draft's quarterbacks. Of note, Kiper goes off on the NFL for expecting rookie quarterbacks to play well as rookies. Kiper correctly notes that many Hall of Fame Quarterback from the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's were poor rookies. Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, and Eric Mangini all agree. Kiper calls all four potential first round quarterbacks "projects." He also goes on to say that it's OK for a team that selects a quarterback to dvelop and coach the quarterback, and get him ready for a few years down the line.

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