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Do the Yankees wish they had a winter mulligan?

We all know how last winter played out. Now that we're in mid-August, how do the Yankees' decisions look now and for the future?

What have been the good and bad surprises of 2014?

From Yangerivs Solarte to Brian McCann to Chase Whitley, the Yankees have had their share of unexpected performances in 2014. What else has gone against the grain?

Is Mark Teixeira's power back?

Mark Teixeira has been a pleasant surprise in the early going. He's had no problem taking opponents deep - something not expected immediately after his wrist surgery in 2013. Can he keep it up?

Is Brian McCann trying to do too much at the dish?

Brian McCann is swinging at pitches more often than his career rates dictate. Is he trying too hard to make a good first impression? Is there any reason to be concerned?

The recipe for Tanaka's split-fingered success

It's not hard to see that Masahiro Tanaka's splitter has been awesome, but what makes the pitch so dominant?

2014's infield, in a historical perspective

We already know that the infield is not expected to be a strength in 2014, but where does it rank with the franchise's previous 113 seasons?

CC's cutter: reasons for optimism or false hope?

CC Sabathia will be featuring a new pitch in 2014: the cutter. He learned it from his pal Andy Pettitte, who could be considered a cutter-guru. But how much will the pitch help the issues that...

Understanding the Yankees opinion on Stephen Drew


Back in January, I examined some of the reasons why the Yankees might not be interested in Stephen Drew. How do these reasons hold up now, with Masahiro Tanaka in the fold and Derek Jeter's...

Handicapping the Yankees' bullpen competition

There are plenty of relievers in camp who could come north with the Yankees at the end of Spring Training. Who has the best chance?

Regrets from the 2012-13 offseason

A year has passed and allowed time to reflect on the 2012-13 offseason that featured a few notable departures. What kind of effects have been and will continue to be felt?

Why won't the Yankees sign Stephen Drew?

The Yankees have a glaring need in the infield, and Stephen Drew is the most sensible fit on the market. Yet, why won't the Yankees go after him?

How has Cashman done with free agent starters?

The Yankees have been connected to Masahiro Tanaka, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Bronson Arroyo in recent days. Odds are that the Yankees will wind up with one of the trio, perhaps two. How has Cashman done...

Can Teixeira stay healthy in 2014?

The Yankees need Mark Teixeira in the heart of the lineup, but there are legitimate concerns aside from his wrist that make his ability to deliver questionable.

Targeting affordable starting pitching

The Yankees have a lot of holes, and starting pitching is one of them. Who could the Yankees plug in from free agency that won't break the bank?

Is Jed Lowrie fit for pinstripes?

We've heard names like Stephen Drew, Eric Chavez, and others thrown around as options to shore up the Yankees' depth at third base and shortstop. But could a better option be available on the trade...

Should the Yankees dangle Brett Gardner?

Should the Yankees try to trade Brett Gardner?

The bar has never been lower for Derek Jeter

Nobody involved with the Yankees wants to bet against Derek Jeter. With so many circumstances pitted against him, it's difficult to find any reason to be optimistic going forward.

What's a reasonable deal for Cano? ZiPS answers.

We already know Robinson Cano is destined for a boatload of money this offseason. But how much? ZiPS, an unbiased projection system, has an amount in mind. Is it the right price for the Yankees?

Trouble Ahead: Yankees' Starters

Yankees' starters kept the team alive in the first half of 2013. However, recent struggles have not only helped kill the team's playoff hopes this season, but are likely to have negative...

Is Robinson Cano still overmatched by lefties?

Robinson Cano developed a large platoon split in 2012, which spilled into the beginning of 2013. Is this still a problem?

Could Girardi be a goner after this year?


Joe Girardi has done his finest work as manager in 2013. The Yankees are sure to want him back, but will he want to return?

Is it time for Romine?

The season is essentially over, and we already know what Chris Stewart is. So, let's find out what Austin Romine might be going forward in pinstripes.

The other side of the trade: who is Corey Black?

The Yankees patched up a need with the acquisition of Alfonso Soriano, but what exactly did they give up?

Is this the worst Yankees' offense of all-time?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how bad this year's Yankees offense has been. Compared to past Yankee teams, how does it stack up?

The effects of CC Sabathia's decreased velocity

We know about CC Sabathia's lesser fastball. But how is it effecting the rest of his game?

Robinson Cano can't do it all


Robinson Cano may be one of the game's most talented bats, but even he can't carry an offense all by himself.

What's wrong with Cano against lefties?


Despite his great success vs. southpaws through 2011, Robinson Cano has strangely become overmatched against same-sided hurlers since last season. What gives?

Is Ichiro done?


With Curtis Granderson back in the fold, Ichiro is looking like the odd-man out. Is there anything left in the tank?

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