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Carolina Panthers Trivia Tuesday: Answer Revealed


That's three for three. You will not be denied CSR.

What I Can't Do Without Tournament: TV vs Meat


This choice will either force you to be a vegetarian or do without watching your beloved Panthers during the last quarter of 2014.

Carolina Panthers Trivia Tuesday


Who will be the first to Name That Panther this week.

What I Can't Do W/O Tourney: Football vs Alcohol


Today's duel features two of America's most enjoyable pastimes. This may be the most difficult decision yet.

CSR 4th of July Weekend Open Thread


So what will you be doing this 4th of July weekend CSR?

Trivia Tuesday: Answer Revealed


The answer to Tuesday's Trivia question is a class act who was a key piece to the Panther's Super Bowl run during the 2003-2004 season and some of you were right on the money with your guesses.

What I Can't Live Without Tourney: Music vs Movies


Have you ever thought about living without music or movies for a season. If not, this is your chance to examine which of these you cherish the most.

Trivia Tuesday: Name That Panther


It's that time again. So who will be the first to Name That Panther on this edition of Trivia Tuesday.

What I Can't Live Without Tourney: Meat vs Smoking


Today's bout features two addictions that many among us would despise living without.

What I Can't Do Without Tourney: Phone vs Sports


Have you thought about what life would be like without sports for full quarter of a year? What about a phone? Will this be another runaway victory or will it come down to the wire? As usual, the results will remain in your hands CSR.

Trivia Tuesday: Name That Panther Revealed


The inaugural addition of Carolina Panthers' Trivia Tuesday proved once again how knowledge this CSR community is when given a challenge.

Trivia Tuesday: Name That Panther


Don't be shy. You might just be the first person to Name That Panther on Trivia Tuesday.

What I Can't Do Without Tournament: TV vs Sugar


Have you ever imagined a world without television or sugar? If not, here's your chance to pick which one of the two would be more important to you.

What I Can't Do W/O Tourney: Video Games vs CSR


As of yet, there haven't been any upsets. Will this be the first? Let's find out as the ever popular gaming industry takes on a blog that is beloved by each and every one of us.

What I Can't Do W/O Tourney: Alcohol vs Caffeine


Today we have a riveting match between a depressant and a stimulant. This one may come down to the wire.

What I Can't Do W/O Tourney: Internet vs Fantasy


Will the underdog #8 seed upset today's #1 seed in the second match of round one?

What I Can't Do Without Tourney: Football vs Dairy


Looking for a laid back, yet thought provoking activity to do this offseason? Then you've come to the right place.

NFC South's Top Ten Defensive Players Of 2014


Have you thought about who will be the top defensive performers of 2014 in the NFC South? Here's the perfect opportunity to officially put your thoughts in writing by sharing your own lists with the rest of your CSR friends.

NFC South's Top Ten Offensive Players Of 2014


Predicting who will be the top offensive performers in 2014 isn't an exact science, which is precisely why I had so much fun putting this list together.

Joy In The Journey


Did you enjoy the journey? I hope so because you may have missed something or someone along the way.

Kelvin Benjamin Reminds Me Of...


Who does Kelvin Benjamin remind you of? Today, you'll find out who I believe he resembles, and it may surprise you.

A Running Back Anyone?


Until today, I've purposely overlooked the running back position because the Panthers are currently anchored down by the heavy contracts of the football artists formerly known as double trouble, but don't expect GM Dave Gettlemen to ignore it.

Is This Undersized Prospect Being Undervalued?


Find out more about the best cover corner in the 2014 NFL Draft in this special edition Tuesday Afternoon Prospect rewind.

2014 NFL Draft: Fill In The Blank Contest Part 2


It's that time again CSR. Let's see who can come up with the best mock draft.

Who Needs Speed When You have Everything Else


Will the slowest receiver at the 2014 NFL combine make it in the NFL? Yes he will.

Try Your Hand In This Interactive Mock Draft


If you're interested in a relaxing weekend activity, then this low stakes contest might be just what the doctor ordered.

Could This Be The Guy To Replace Jordan Gross?


Finding an adequate replacement for Jordan Gross via the 2014 NFL Draft won't be easy considering how late the Panthers pick in the first round. But a certain 2013 falling Star is proof positive that nothing is impossible when it comes to the draft.

Okie Dokie- It's Time For A Hokie


If the Panthers decide to go cornerback in the first round, they would be wise to consider today's feature prospect, provided he's still available. Find out who in my latest edition of Tuesday Afternoon Prospect.

From One LSU Tiger Receiver To The Next


The Panthers' receiver count is dwindling by the day. With a paucity of funds to spend in free agency, it only seems inevitable at this point that they will use an early draft pick on the position. In that case, I know just the prospect.

Pro Day Targets


Pro days have already begun and the Panthers have already made their presence known far and wide. Let's take a quick look at where they've been traveling and who they've been concentrating on so far.

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