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Dos Santos-Velasquez Today, Dos Santos-Velasquez Tomorrow, and Dos Santos-Velasquez Forever

I’m worse than a TUF noob. That’s not a subjective judgment, either. As any "true" MMA fan will tell you, the quality and worth of your fanaticism about the sport is directly correlated with the...

Don't welch on your bets, kids.


Don't welch on your bets, kids.


Josh Gross Begins Even-Numbered Years with UFC Hit Pieces

Certain things are like clockwork in the mixed martial arts blogosphere. MMA Junkie will break news and Bloody Elbow will run it through the SEO ringer; positive steroids tests will be met with...


Subo Says: UFC on Fox (1?) Wrap-Up

via i268.photobucket.com (Props to Fightlinker reader iamphoenix for the image), -First point: I didn't notice a number at the end of this event's name. Are numbering systems kaput? Will we see...


UFC 135: Post-Card and Pre-Poker Thoughts and Reflections

  (Today, I feel nice.  No linkies.  I hope you guys visit Head Kick Legend anyway.  We have new up-and-coming writers, Brent Ducharme is flat-out indispensable for kickboxing news, and David...


Strikeforce: Barnett v Kharitonov Reflections

via www.mmapunch.com In front of a crowd that was universally panned on Twitter, Strikeforce hosted the semifinal bouts of their wayward heavyweight Grand Prix and a title tilt between Ronaldo...


UFC on Versus 5: Post-Hangover Reflections and Impressions

Mark Nolan - Getty ImagesMore photos » 6 months ago: SYDNEY AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 22: Chris Lytle (R) does some glove work during an Open Workout ahead of UFC Sydney 127 at Star City on February...


UFC 133: Reaction to the Reactions

  via www.gamblerspalace.com (This probably would have been a more competitive fight.  But not by much.) My serial procrastination, uncommonly busy employment schedule and inability to stare at...


Getting Over Your Aversion to Rematches in MMA, Part 2: Chris Leben

via cdn0.sbnation.com Who's the winningest fighter in UFC middleweight history?  "Jesus," you might be muttering to yourself, "what a stupid question.  Maybe it's the undefeated holder of the...


Where Subo Gets Told By Rampage Jackson

  Well, folks, I'm in downtown Denver right now at the 16th Street Mall because the public Wi-Fi is more reliable (read: functional) than the Wi-Fi available at the former Braun's Bar & Grill....


Leave Wanderlei Silva Alone

via cdn2.sbnation.com I've been deeply puzzled by MMA fans ever since I became one, and this last week has only reinforced my confusion.  For now, I'm going to pass over the phenomenon whereby...


UFC 132 Results: Hung Over Reflections and Analysis

    What a card.  I was with a group of people that included some MMA neophytes and old school boxing fans, and the night had something for everyone.  All of those that don't religiously watch...


UFC on Versus 4 Fight Card: Whiskey Soaked Reflections

via www.5thround.com (Yeah, this card had some issues.) I didn't make picks for this card.  Thank Christ I didn't. Rick Story is the new archetype of the perils that befall a company man....


Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum Results: Thoughts and Reflections

(No word on whether the check bounced.)   Alistair Overeem gets hit.  A lot.  It happened against Tyrone Spong during his run to the K-1 GP title last year, but Spong is a really, really good...


UFC 131 Fight Card: A Tender Look Back at Awesomeness

via cdn0.sbnation.com Artwork via Anton Tabuena at Bloody Elbow.  Nicely done, as usual. Well, I guess I can write some more.  Mad props to Matthew Roth, our currently incommunicado leader, and...


Why Josh Barnett Should Never Be Licensed to Fight Again

via www.onzuka.com As someone that was deeply affected by the financial crisis of September 2008, it's difficult for me to be objective when it comes to employment. While others are more than...


With Diaz/GSP Official, Let Us Finally Bury Co-Promotion

via mmapayout.com (I just noticed that their new logo was a hexagon... another ode to the past.)Denial is a funny thing.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, people still manage to cling...


UFC 130: Reaction to the Reactions

  via upload.wikimedia.org Another Saturday UFC PPV, another wide round of criticism for almost everyone involved in the event.  It's really puzzling that I, traditionally the cynic amongst my...


Why I Want to See Nick Diaz Vs Jon Fitch

Actual SBN artwork caption: "Fitch molding Penn's tombstone with his fists." Jon Fitch deserves a title shot more than anyone you know.  The man is a ridiculous 13-1-1 in the Octagon, with the...


What UFC Fans can Learn from Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

via cdn2.sbnation.com UFC welterweight Rumble Johnson, immediately after fighting someone whose striking didn't concern him. Those of you that stick exclusively to SBN sites for your MMA news, we...


HKL's Hari Retrospective: Badr Hari v Remy Bonjasky II

In less than a week, K-1 superstar Badr Hari will make his return to the world of kickboxing after an extended layoff which was borne of troubles both in and outside the ring. Our series...


Greg Jackson's Lonely Stand: Loyalty vs Legacy

  For all intents and purposes, Greg Jackson should be on Cloud Nine right now.  Head trainer at perhaps the most prestigious gym in all of mixed martial arts, Jackson and his fighters have...


Head Kick Legend: Belated UFC 129 Reflections

  via rdtwot.files.wordpress.com (That kind of stuff isn't supposed to work at the highest levels.  It just isn't.) What.  A.  Card.  Even though the Facebook fights had a distinct "Canada vs USA"...


Whiny MMA Fans, or Why UFC 129 Isn't WrestleMania X8

via upload.wikimedia.org (HHH holding the WCW and WWE championships at Wrestlemania X8.  Don't look for this scene to repeat itself with the SF/UFC belts.) On March 17, 2002, the SkyDome in...


The UFC Signs Jason "Mayhem" Miller: Are Strikeforce's Days Numbered?

  Last week, the UFC signed free agent/former Strikeforce MW title contender Jason "Mayhem" Miller to a multifight contract.  0-1 in the UFC (don't be misled - that sole blemish came in a...


Fights I've Been Wrong About in 2011

via cdn2.sbnation.com Part one here.This better than 75% correct prediction clip of mine in 2011 can't possibly last, so I'm using this opportunity to wrap up the UFC fights that I HAVE...


Ranallo, Johnson and Shamrock: The Worst Announcing Trio in the History of Sports

via world8-3.com (The hardest version of "Marry-Fuck-Kill" that you will ever play.) I don't think I'm the only one that noticed a marked lack of Zuffa polish/influence on last night's production...

I don't do these very often, but I made this and I'm very, very proud of it.


I don't do these very often, but I made this and I'm very, very proud of it.


UFC Purchases Strikeforce: A Great Day for MMA

For Dep (via la2foru) Tim, I didn't think it would end like this.  But it did. "The reality is we now own Strikeforce." - Dana White Boy, did I pick a shitty day to sleep in. Only the sparsest...


Dan Henderson, Strikeforce's Newest Champion, Underscores the UFC Gap

  Dan Henderson is a legend of mixed martial arts.  A two time US Olympian (1992 and 1996), "Hollywood (or "Hendo", if you prefer) was a deadly example of what can happen when you take a world...

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