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Why UFC Champion Cain Velasquez is Right (and Wrong) about MMA Rankings

Of all the things we argue about as ridiculously interested MMA fans, perhaps no single issue gets the same amount of ink devoted to it than the rankings of fighters across promotional boundaries....


Snowden vs Subo: The Poll

Let me begin by noting that I wasn't consulted on the order in which our names appear on the marquee. You guys really came through with a lot of excellent suggestions for topics - so many, in...

Afterthoughts on Strikeforce: Silva v Fedor


Instant reaction to Strikeforce's initial HW GP offering. Are Fedor and Arlovski done?


Snowden vs Subo: Official Topic List

Mirko Crocop vs Wanderlei Silva 1 - Best Staredown ever in MMA (via TheMMAPOLAND) [I am the taller of the two, and I think we all remember how that match turned out.] Perhaps now, 48 hours later,...

Whoops! Hamill/Jackson Now Slated for UFC 130


MMA matchmaking is tea leaf reading in a dark room. Rampage has a new opponent, and Phil Davis is left looking for one.

This... Is... The Rematch: Rampage v Rashad II Set For UFC 130


Rampage Vrs Rashad UFC 2010 * BEST FACE OFF * ! Who's The Bitch ! REMATCH PLEASE (via elprimersalvatrucho) MMA Weekly has the scoop: Sources have indicated to MMAWeekly.com as of Wednesday...


Siyar Bahadurzada Still Speaking Out: Is Strikeforce Lying?

via www.fightlinker.com This is a partial transcript of Siyar Bahadurzada's appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.  This portion of the conversation focused on the recent dust up...

Siyar Bahadurzada Still Speaking Out: Is Strikeforce Lying?


Mike Afromowitz, Strikeforce's Director of Communications, claimed that Siyar Bahadurzada was "having issues getting a visa." How much blame actually belongs to his organization?


Nick Diaz: Strikeforce's Protected Paper Champion

(Guess who I'd pick in this fight.) (Crossposted from CagesideSeats - I'm giving you the entire piece here, but I'm only putting the poll up at CSS.  Please come over and give us some love, lest...

Nick Diaz: Strikeforce's Protected Paper Champion


Protected paper champions have haunted boxing for decades. Is Nick Diaz beginning the trend in MMA?


Is Strikeforce Screwing Up a Good Storyline?

via cdn0.sbnation.com   The single most convincing argument against my "one Octagon to rule them all" (ie, all top twenty-ish talent under the same promotional umbrella) prescription for MMA is...

Is Strikeforce Screwing Up a Great Storyline?


Siyar Bahadurzada has an 18-4-1 record, a Shooto belt and an incredible life story. What he doesn't have is a contract with Strikeforce.


Is the GSP/Silva Superfight Worth Shafting Yushin Okami?

MMA fans have long clamored for champion versus champion bouts.  BJ Penn's early competitiveness at the upper echelons of welterweight ignited the passions of several groups - those that believe...

Is the GSP/Anderson Silva Superfight Worth Shafting Yushin Okami?


Anderson Silva v Georges St Pierre seems like a no-lose situation... unless you're Yushin Okami.


Scott Coker Lies a Lot, Even for an MMA Promoter

It's not easy being a new MMA fan, or even a moderately educated one.  No matter how much you think you know, there are people ready to refute it and swear on their lives that you're wrong....

Scott Coker Lies a Lot, Even for an MMA Promoter


When Dana White lies, it's a story. When Scott Coker lies, it's not reported.


Scott Coker Threatens Legitimacy of Athletic Commissions with Josh Barnett

The last thing I need to explain to readers of this site are the dangers inherent in the wanton, unregulated usage of prescription painkillers and performance enhancing drugs.  The long list of...

Scott Coker Threatens Legitimacy of Athletic Commissions with Josh Barnett


Josh Barnett has been caught for performance enhancing drugs on three separate occasions. Scott Coker would like for us to move on.

Rampage Jackson v Thiago Silva Slated for UFC 130


Rampage Jackson's return from Hollywood was marred by a decision loss to Rashad Evans. Fresh off of a win, what's next for BA?


Josh Barnett Receives a Cakewalk in Strikeforce's Tournament Bracket

  via www.themmanews.com One side of this bracket is not like the other. On the left, you have a genuinely stacked couple of bouts, with every fighter currently ranked in the top ten (I don't...

Josh Barnett Receives a Cakewalk in Strikeforce's Tournament Bracket


Strikeforce's heavyweight tournament is all the rage today. A breakdown of the brackets results in a disturbing realization.


Hypocrisy: This Brock Lesnar Hatred is Getting Old

Brock Lesnar couldn't train right now if he wanted to.  After being brutalized by Cain Velasquez en route to a first round TKO loss at UFC 121, Lesnar was given was was essentially a three-layer ...


Rumors, Rumors Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Confirm

  via eatitorwearit.files.wordpress.com The forums are abuzz with links to a Tatame article that reports rumors of a possible Strikeforce 8-man heavyweight tournament to encompass the better...


UFC Signings of Omigawa and Yamamoto are Just the Beginning

(Cross-posted from Watch Kalib Run and Fightlinker.  But you already knew that.)   If you haven't heard the news yet from any of SBNation's 372 combat sports blogs (or the myriad sites that...


Yesterday's Hearing Should Not Impact Yushin Okami's Title Shot

It's been a few months, but I'm confident you still remember the feeling. Anderson Silva, the most successful UFC champion in history, was once again underneath Chael Sonnen, eating punishment as...


Shame: Antonio Margarito Still Deserves a Lifetime Ban

via beatsboxingmayhem.files.wordpress.com (Believe it or not, the horrific episode above has nothing to do with this.) Manny Pacquiao should be fighting Floyd Mayweather.  It's the most obvious ...


Headscratcher of the Day: Ishii v Ortiz in the UFC?

Crossposted from WatchKalibRun.com and Fightlinker.com (I am a special kind of shameless.) Remember Satoshi Ishii?  I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.  Only 23 years of age (Christ, I'm old),...


Brock Shall Return

via cdn2.sbnation.com   In Brock Lesnar's seventh MMA bout, he lost his second.  He lost to an undefeated Cain Velasquez that put on an amazing performance.  I'm of the opinion that the...


Breaking Down the USAT/SBN Rankings: Light Heavyweight

(Cross-posted from WatchKalibRun.com)   It's all in how you take things.  Obstacles are either challenges to be smashed or insurmountable blockades placed by forces beyond our control. ...


Breaking Down the USAT/SBN Rankings: Lightweight

(Cross-posted from WatchKalibRun.com) I am flattered to be a member of the panel that contributes to the USA Today/SB Nation Consensus MMA Rankings, which are compiled monthly by Bloody Elbow's...

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