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Baseball can go and die somewhere

Keeping the faith that one of these teams will win it all someday in my lifetime.

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  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
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User Blog

Anybody going to the Bengals vs Seahawks game??

Im driving up from Portland and will be around some of the good brew pubs before the game.  If any other Bengals fans will be there, let me know!  Seahawk fans can be unruly, but mostly towards...


Contest Entry......Alaa Edition

This post definitely falls under the category of "Unhearalded Blazers". The Blazers are my team.  They have been for 27+ years.  I have seen them play great teams like the Bulls dynasty in the...


The Dead Horse that I feel needs to be beaten.....

Ok, its been an interesting offseason for our Blazers.  Hedo left us at the alter, Millsap was matched, nobody wants to trade with us, Jerryd screwed up his wrist, Greg is working his butt off, and...


A cold, evil shot of reality

The free agency period of the NBA is heating up, and it looks like we are going to see 4-5 major contenders emerge.  Most of the major free agents have "verbal commitments" or look to be leaning...


Attention Mock Draft GM's

I had a good idea for all us GM’s for the next 4 days. I saved a picture of my team’s icon and am using it as my profile image. Just google search for your team logo, etc. etc. It helps with...

Do we really need better than Steve Blake?


For all the buzz about needing a top tier PG for the Blazers to be contending champions, take a look at this article.

Bill Simmons cracks on Oden........again


Not that this is breaking news or anything, but in Bill Simmons recent MVP column, he takes the time to single out Oden as the "Human Fouling Machine". He then compares Oden to Stanley Roberts based on how much they fouled per minute. I usually dont pay much attention to what Simmons says, and usually takes his opinions with a grain of salt, but it really irritates me how much he dogs on Oden. He never mentions anything he does well and never offers the opinion that he might improve into a high quality player a few years donw the line. Its almost like he thinks this is all Oden will ever be, and it ticks me off. Meanwhile, he cant stop himself from slobbering all over Durant even though the guy is a poor defender at best and would not have given the Blazers anything they didnt already have. He finishes the post by saying "can we all stop acting like the Blazers didnt totally screw up the 2007 draft". I find this particularly annoying givent the fact that Oden contributes to one of the biggest / most athletic front lines in the league and the Blazers are going to get home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Look past one year Simmons. You look like a fool. P.S - Bucher is still wrong about Portland vs. OKC, even though he tried to clear up his comments on the B.S Report.

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