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Its all about FOOTBALL. Not that I do it for the money stuff but I do It because I want the money. I LOVE FSU. I love the colors. I love the legacy. I love the stadium. I love the state. I love the ACC. I love the coach. (not like that). But I love the team as a whole. I have always been a fan from my high school days to now. I could care less about all the other things most of the time but I will always suport the school. ANY TEAM, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

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What this Bowl game means to me

  1. Well I dont know bout yall, but Im ready to talk about the bowl game. Fri, Dec 31 @ 7:30 PM ET #20 South Carolina VS #23 Florida State in the Chick-fil-A BOWL. I dont think anyone could not be happy about this game. Its a close to home game, both teams have a lot in common, and its the first step to rankings next year.I truely feel this is a must win for both schools.
  2. First off, most Bowl games want a team like FSU in there game. Thats not a wish or dream its the truth. Most seasons FSU is ranked as the most watched Bowl game of the year. Not only this but FSU fans travel very well and because this game will be in the Atl. where FSU has huge boosters this could be as close to a home game as we could get for any Bowl. The down side of this is that USC is in the same boat. Being only 2 hours away its a day trip for Gamecock's, they have boosters t here as well, and if you didnt know just like most SEC fans USC has no problems picking up and throwing a massive tailgate party. Do not be surprised with this game selling out. I was stationed last year in Columbia SC and have to say I actually started following USC and liked what I saw. There fans are cool down to earth people (unless its Clemson they are playing) My sunday school teacher was a season ticket holder and most of the class were USC fans. Funny though his son-in-law was a Clemson fan and the only one and then there was about 5 FSU fans. Anyhow for the fans of both schools this could be a great game if its keep close.
  3. If you havent heard yet this game is one of the few where both runner-ups in there Conf. will play each other and at the same time are ranked. This says something about both of these schools. When I heard Steve Spurrier was going to USC I thought that they would become how UF was back in the 90s. Never thought I could be so right and so wrong. Spurrier is still the same coach run the team like he use too. This biggest Differance I ahve seen is in his staff. He went out and has gotten some real good coaches. To top this off he has milked SC recruits. He might not be getting all the 5* but OMG SC has some players there. USC offences line coach might not have his guys as disciplined as FSU but they are big,strong and down right mean. You are looking at about 1550lb w/o a TE and 1825lb with there TE. This has been a big focus for the line coach for the last 2 years. Though they are not as fast as our o-line is they are big and strong. They have pushed around most teams they ahve played this year in the SEC. Though they might not have won some of there games scoring was not the problem. Im sire Bud will brake all this down but I just want to throw some thoughts out there.
  4. Enought about that, last I want to talk about what this game could set up for FSU next year. Right now FSU is ranked #23 in the nation. a win here would put us I think at least to 17-20 depending how other teams win/lose. I feel WV, Miss ST, (USC), Utah will all lose there games. and a win from us could get us up to the high teens. This is a big deal because next year we could really shoot to score high I think. I feel we can end next season in the top 5 with a OB at the least. The higher our rank is the less we have to crawl up the later. If TCU was in the Big-12 they would be #1 with there record hands down because they started off 6th where Orgen was 11# and Auburn was #22. If we end the season about #18 I dont think we would drop any and could go up with what we have coming back. Next year we have Charleston Southern, Louisiana-Monroe, OU, and UF. from the coastal we get Duke, UVA, and miami. So lets see I think we could go 11-1 worst 10-2. (OU and maybe an ACC team) At the same time If we can get by OU we could run the table and that is where the preseason ranks come in. Teams like TCU. Boise St, and such we can jump but other teams with one lose or winning strait out could have us if we are not ranked high enough. Its not about this year anymore for me. Yes I love seeing FSU win but from the start of the season we all new that FSU wouldnt win the NC. Some do/or did beleive we had enough to make a good run in 2011 and should make it to the NC in 2012. The only bad thing about this is that USC is in the same boat. A win for them could put them right where we want to be next year.
  5. Maybe Im on crack but I think this game is going to be one of if not the best Bowl game this year. Look at them really. the NC might be a good game if it dont turn to a blow out, The OB only if VT shows up, Allstate Sugar Bowl the only one that could give our game a real run for the money. Thats about it. All this talk about such great bowls but to me they all suck. If I want a FSU fan I would really feel this will be one of the best games to watch. Well sorry for all the grammer and spelling. hope this is not as painful as my last one.

Can UM and UF make it back


trying to watch the games this season

For those that didnt know Im over in Korea right now and will be here the whole season. AFN is cool dont get me wrong but dose anyone know where I can go on the web to watch the games. (the cheaper...


Sucks to be me

Though this is something non-sports I feel like I need to let you all know. Some know me as Des the poor speller and thts cool Im down with it. (not like its not true). There is something else...

Dont Underestimate The Wounded Dog

  1. Does Maryland have what it takes to beat FSU. I think this is a shock but The just might. Yes, Im talking about the the same 2-8 Terrapins that almost lost James Madison in OT, yet beat Clempson and hung around with WF and NCST. sounds crazy but I think we need to look at this game as a big deal.
  2. For some this is a win already with a lot of people looking at who we might get in the bowl game we are going to. I think some people have forgoten that FSU still need one more game to even get in. With Maryland and UF left that leaves Maryland because the UF game is like a 7% chance of us winning maybe less. So why are you so worried Des about Maryland this team sucks and thats true. But FSU sucks (well the Def at least). If most havent noticed teams have put up points on FSU all year. Every team other than WF have put up there best Offense game agenst us. Most teams are putting up an avg. of 390.2 yards a game and thats including Jax St. As for Maryland that are avg. 311.1 yards a game. If the trend is right then they will at least get that + more on FSU. Can FSU's offense out score them maybe.
  3. Now that they have seen what EJ can do and what JF will try they will have a much better game plan that WF. There Def is not that good at all from what I can tell. Im sure FSUn will go into depth about this. Most well have a good feeling but Im not. If we stick to the same game plan as last week we could have some problems.
  4. FSU last week got lucky with the game play because WF didnt know what they would see form FSU. They thought we would run the same game plan we have ran all year and that didnt happen. We ran a lot of Play-action and bootlegs. We ran a lot of zone reads and options. We ran a lot of short easy passes. Im not saying that will not work but we didnt set up plays like JF would have with Ponder. WF thought we were and that helped us. This week we need to see more and less of both. We need to stick with the zone reads because thats the base play. The fly motion will be nice because we have 3-6 plays out of it but we only saw 3 of them. (the pass to the motion, and ISO/Zone read, and a bootleg backside TE flats pass.) we can still see the revers/ a dud pass from Reed and prob something else I have no clue about. I would like to see some QB draws( like the ones Ponder would run off T) Also I think we need to get EJ running some Trip options with that pony formation we have with both RB going one way and Ej taking it the other or fake the FB under and EJ and TJ/jones to the other side. Keys on the numbers game will be big because Maryland will move more up closer to the line. The bubble will not work well I think but the slants and TE post could be big for us.

Bragging rights

As some of you know my wife and in-laws are NCST alumni. they are from Raleigh, NC and proud of it. Being a FSU fan and having them around so often comes to be a problem sometimes. Although NCST is...

I guess CTC and Jimbo never got into a fight after all, Or did they


I was reading this from the 4 letter net. and had to let yall see it. I think this is so funny.


Lost in the sause

OK so in the Noles Pick'em you have the 2 teams and the spread of points. I pick the right team to win but some dont cover the points. Is there a way to pick a team but not have them cover the...


So what next.

Well after a loss like that where do we look too, where are we going, what do we do next. Ive been pissed for about the last 20 hrs about MA and his Def. that I almost gave up on our Noles for the...



This game sucked. It proved NCST doesnt have a Def, doesnt have a running attack, the only good thing for NCST in this is if (IF) the QB gets time he can throw. Hes not that fast. USC is not a...

So this is what I get when I play with a formation


I was trying to find out how to use a half-back and this is what I came up with. Is this about right.

•Last year it was Florida State's offensive line. This year it's Maryland's defensive line. Somehow ...


•Last year it was Florida State's offensive line. This year it's Maryland's defensive line. Somehow my position rankings have managed to inspire (and, uh, infuriate) players all over the conference. The coaches? I'm sure they don't mind. It only makes the players better. Just look at the magic I worked on FSU last year.

HD from the four letter

questions about next year

I just wanted to know about the kids that didnt make the grade to play at FSU that we recruited this past year.  Also is there any news on who is injured going into this next season like...


I want to talk about the 2009 schedule

I know we have had post about this but I just looked at it and have seen some good things and some bad thing. I just wanted to get everyone take on this. Sorry for my spelling before hand. Sept. 7...


You know what the best part about going to Church today was

For those who dont know, I live in Columbia, SC. Im in the Army at Fort Jackson. I go to one great church. The only problem is that everyone that goes to my church hate FSU for one reason or...


Going Bowling

Well, I will tell you all right now there is nothing better than bowling. You know how hard it is to strike out and get a 300. Ive never done it. I have had a 298 and a 299 but that was back in the...


My question to you

There are some of you that are thinking FSU might just take a step backwards next year. Some think its because of the DC pos. and our Def will not be very strong. Some think we will be hurting on...


Desman is coming to town!!!

I know its not all that exciting but I will be in Panama City from the 17-21 for Xmiss w/ My family. Im going to go through Tallahassee and I need to get a FSU jersey, Hoody, and skully. does...

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