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At least we have some depth at punter now...


At least we have some depth at punter now...


Is there any Moore room?

Now we all know the 5th receiver spot is up for grabs and their are multiple suitors. Now from the looks of things Patrick Turner, Roberto Wallace, and Marlon Moore remain in strong contention. But...


I know it's just the preseason but...

Now I know this is just the preseason, but there are still things to be evaluated. Here's my 15 thoughts from our first preseason game...


Darrelle Revis: Common misconceptions affecting some perceptions?

If you looked up shut down corner in the dictionary you will see a picture of Deion Sanders right next to it. In his 14 year career Deion Sanders exemplified this term to the fullest extent. In...

Monday Night Football


Monday Night Football


Achilles' Heel of the NFL?

The Achilles tendon is fibrous tissue that connects the heel to the muscles of the lower leg: the calf muscles. Leg muscles are the most...


Too Much of the Same

It seems Patrick Turner has been turning heads this year in training camp. Now I would find that information pleasing had I not heard it before the previous year. If you remember, Turner was also...

Dez Bryant won't carry Roy Williams' pads


I know this isn't Dolphin related but this is just disrespect to a vet

Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle has been hospitalized with a head injury suffered on Thursday night.


lmao I'm sorry but this story sounds too fishy to me. As athletic as Kindle is you would expect him to be able to stop himself from falling 2 flights of stairs...add this recent head trauma with the offseason knee surgery and I'm pretty glad the phins passed up on him.


Return the special back in teams

In previous AFC East debates we've compared offensive lines, linebackers, and runningbacks...what about kick return specialist?


Merling out for season

So I know a lot of people don't like this guy (myself included) and don't have respect for his work, but this is an interesting development. The Miami Herald is reporting that Phillip Merling is...


What's really going on? [Update]

When Bill Parcells took a chance on a defensive tackle in the 7th round of the 1997 NFL draft, it's been nothing but loyalty ever since. Throughout his career Jason Ferguson exemplified the...


Ask and you shall receive

In 2009 our secondary faced the likes of Vincent Jackson, Randy Moss, T.O. (washed up version), Steve Smith, etc. Well hopefully they learned some valuable lessons because in 2010 they got another...


Comcast needs to sponsor this

Well let's get right to it, here's my Over/Under list


The Movement

  Football is not a game, It's my life and when i see the Dolphins turning things around for the better it brings upon a feeling of excitement. Unless you've been living under a rock you can't...


Last of a dying breed

When the Trifecta took over after the 07' season they didn't inherit much. If the previous draft classes weren't depleted enough before they got here, it was history by the time the FO was done...

JaMarcus gets arrested for possession of controlled substance


For those of you who don't know what codeine is, it's cough syrup used to make a drink called sizzurp p.s. i know this isn't Dolphin related but Russell is a Ryan Leaf in the making

I hear mixed things about Pat White. That he's still a developmental guy, that he's certainly a 3rd...


I hear mixed things about Pat White. That he's still a developmental guy, that he's certainly a 3rd string best case scenario. The backup is going to be a battle between Tyler Thigpen and Chad Pennington...Pat White will make the team, they've invested too much in him, and they'll find a spot for him.

Drew Rosenhaus

It's about that time... well almost

This is what ESPN NFL / College "Draft Analyst" Mel Kiper Jr. had  to say about the Miami Dolphins 08' draft class 2 years ago: Miami Dolphins: GRADE: B- Jake Long fills a need at left tackle,...

Brandon Marshall interview


Is it just me or does Marshall's left eye look swollen?

This is why you shouldn't give a d*** about rankings


So according to Yahoo the Dolphins have the 26 best defensive line in the league, Kendall Langford is a reserve and "There’s not one serious or potential playmaker in the bunch." They clearly didn't see Randy Starks play last year.

Antonio Cromartie may have lingering hip problem


Revis still isn't paid, Mangold still isn't paid, Cromartie has hip issues, and Holmes is suspended for the first four games so how great are those Jets looking now?


Potential is a dangerous thing

  The Dolphins went into 2009 with the most rookie and first-year players on their 53-man roster. We were also the 6th youngest team in the NFL at 26.09 years. With that kind of youth comes...

Bill Parcells’ track record suggests Year 3 could be mediocre


Someone should kindly tell this idiot that Bill Parcells Isn't the head coach of the Dolphins

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