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I'm a Devils fan. I've been one for about 17 years now. I'm also a yankee fan an a Broncos fan.My favorite sport is Hockey and Cant get enough of it. I hate the rangers with a passion. However, have nothing against the Islanders since I've lived on Long Island my whole life. I dish out to both fans base if needed. All in all im a pretty reasonable fella who loves going to games and having fun.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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The Return Of Arthur Staple: Is Devils Parise in Rangers Future?


Yes, He returns once more. Last we heard of him was saying "Lou has got it wrong"This time saying Parise is a definite Ranger this summer by taking the words of J.P. (papa) out of context.

Possible Devils New Investor?


It seems The NY Post is claiming a new investor has been found for the Devils. There 80 mil dollar debt will be resolved but not with strings attached...

Do Or die For Devils. $80 Mil Debt looms over head


If nothing is done the league may step in. Wow not news I want to wake up to. Your thoughts?

According to Mark Everson. Oilers want a kings ransom for Gagner


Oilers would be willing to deal for there center Sam Gagner. If Devils gave up a good amount in return

Refs Vs Devils?


According to Mr. Mark Everson of the NY Post. Sykora fooled a ref and they are not happy

Newsdays Arthur Staple: Claims Kovy Never wanted to be a devil but a ranger?


This was posted on Saturday. There is a more recent one than this. In which he claims we made a huge mistake. As soon as i find it, I'll post it.

Mark Everson:More Teams to Join Devils Koy Hunt?


The one the only Mark Everson is at it again. My views on his articles tend to be negative but I figured I post it to see how every one else thought.

Kovy wants to be a King. LA wants him. Who will Bend first?


This is one of Pierre Lebrun blog. According ot it it claims Kovy really wants to be a LA KIng but refuses to bend on his demands. Nothing that many of us didn't speculate but figure i bring it up

Kings Out Again! Still waiting on Kovy Decison


According to the article. The kings have dropped pursuit of the Starr winger yet again. The reason? Didn't want to risk the future of its younger players.


Should the Devils go for Joe Corvo Or Souray?

what do you think? Both men are talented and are offensive defense men. Puck movers to say the lease. One may be more expensive than the other. However, we can sure use there help. One thing too...

ESPN Gives Devils A++ Rating


Melrose and Hadrek Talk very Positive about the Organization

Newsday calls Lou not a real winner


The Paper Newsday claims that Lou Lamoriello is not really a winner

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