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Husband, eternal optimist, travel junkie, life enthusiast, entrepreneur.

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  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
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PL Preview: Liverpool v Chelsea


And so it goes, as per the schedule, that we are to do battle once more with Liverpool. In fairness, I could do without this routine of exercises, particularly after our weekend triumph. But the...

FA Cup Recap: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool


Joy. Winners Two days later, and I'm still high on life. I suppose it's a normal reaction to Chelsea's latest trophy, a fourth FA Cup in six seasons. Or maybe it's more a cathartic release of...

FA Cup Preview: Chelsea v Liverpool


The end is near. An FA Cup Final beckons, with the promise of a hotly-contested affair against those northerners. This one, friends, is for all the marbles. More, after the jump: Lets do it again ...

PL Preview: Chelsea v Newcastle


"You can have the top stars to bring the attention, you can have the best stadium, you can have the best facilities, you can have the most beautiful project in terms of marketing and all this kind...

PL Preview: Chelsea v QPR


Obviously, I have a bone to pick with this lot. For it was on their turf that our season began its endless spiral into darkness- before Roberto strode in and saved the day. Needless to say, Sunday...

CL Preview: Barcelona v Chelsea (0-1 Aggregate)


Round 2 promises to be more action-packed, controversial, and yeah, decisive. Strap in for the rematch folks- this one promises to be a blinder. More, after the jump: A date with destiny Indeed,...

PL Preview: Arsenal v Chelsea


The circus that is our season continues with a quick trip across city lines into enemy territory. Up next, a delightful encounter with those Arsenal chaps. More, after the jump: I hurt my knee...

CL Recap: Chelsea Hold On To Claim First Round Knockout


By the skin of our teeth, we're walking away victorious. More, after the jump: You already know Just like that, we're heading to Spain with a 1-0 lead. Yeah, that actually happened. If you...

CL Preview: Chelsea v Barcelona


Since our last encounter with Barcelona, our clubs have headed in very different directions. Theirs, has been on the ascendancy for what seems like four years running. Ours, has seen its fair share...

The Roundup: All The Latest Rumblings


Gathering the latest tidbits from here, there, and everywhere- yes, it's time once again for a synopsis of all things CFC that fail to merit an individual post. Or, you could say, things that I'm...

PL Preview: Chelsea v Wigan


Back to our regularly scheduled programming. More, after the jump: We interrupt this program to bring you special coverage Right. Back to the domestic front then, and a two-match in three-day...

Club Confirm JT Has Two Cracked Ribs- Will Play Through Pain


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dr. Manhattan. More, after the jump: Drizzy + John Tizzy + Cashley Flow You have to tip your hat to John. I know, he gets plenty of stick- both warranted and...

CL Preview: Chelsea v Benfica (1-0 aggregate)


Benfica are talking a lot of nonsense. Chelsea lie in wait, uncharacteristically quiet. What promises to be an edgy affair tomorrow will be tempered by the result of today's Barcelona Milan...

What's This? Alex Throwing Jabs Our Way?


Indeed, it would appear that our former Brazilian- he of free kick lore- has entered the fracas with a few thinly veiled jabs in our direction. More, after the jump: Happy as a clam So this isn't...

CL Recap: Determined Blues Edge First Leg


They say defense wins championships. On this evidence, I tend to agree. More, after the jump: Advantage Chelsea Precisely the result we wished for, in a style and manner befitting a European...

Rant Box: Benfica v Chelsea


Join in for the madness: Why always me? Team Sheets: Chelsea XI: Cech; Fereira, Terry, Luiz, Cole; Ramires, Mikel; Meireles, Mata, Kalou, Torres Subs: Turnbull, Bosingwa, Cahill, Essien, Lampard,...

CL Preview: Benfica v Chelsea


Conventional wisdom suggests we either flame out in style, or rise to the occasion that awaits. I tend to be optimistic when it comes to matters of the heart, and therefore would assume Chelsea...

PL Recap: Blues Fall From Grace


So much for those overtures about securing Champions League football then. Chelsea gifted Arsenal the security it wanted, toiling to a bore-draw with neighbors Tottenham, in what can only be...

Rant Box: Manchester City v. Chelsea


Seriously, just get here already. The anticipation has built to a fever pitch and now all that's left to dissect will take place in a 90-minute window. Ready? No Explanation Necessary Team Sheets ...

PL Preview: Manchester City v. Chelsea


Gather 'round the stone for what promises to be a cracking match. With Chelsea on the ascendancy in recent weeks and City stumbling of late, it would appear that an odds-on favorite is hard to come...

The Roundup: All the Latest Rumblings


Gathering the latest tidbits from here, there, and everywhere in between. Yes, it's time for a glorious recap of all things Chelsea that don't deserve an individual post. Without much ado: Hooray...

FA Cup Recap: Fernando Comes Alive


It had been almost five months since the last time he struck gold. No longer are we left to wait, and no longer is he left to ponder. Fernando did the business on Sunday, and with style. Hit the...

Rant Box: Chelsea v Leicester City


In the wake of what's transpired this evening with Fabrice Muamba, it's probably best we all take a moment and recognize the fragility of life, and perhaps more importantly, the need to take time...

FA Cup Preview: Chelsea v Leicester City


Perhaps the hangover persists. If it does, good for you. But here's hoping the squad are sufficiently past the midweek celebrations and focused on the task at hand. We remain in the hunt for the FA...

CL Draw: Chelsea Land Benfica in Quarterfinals


Good news! We can still draw APOEL in the final! More, after the jump: No Madrid, no Bayern, no Barca ... yessssssssss! Lets be honest, it could have been a lot worse- or better. Sure, I kept my...

CL Recap: The 'Old Guard' Rises


A night to remember. A moment to savor. A season to endure. More, after the jump: Defying Expectations Twenty-four hours later, I'm still coming to grips with the realities that lay bare in front...

Chelsea Add Another Young Keeper to the Stable


Could there be a bit of truth to those Courtois to Real Madrid rumors? Probably not. But just in case, Chelsea have added another young goalkeeping talent to the ranks. More, after the jump: 'You...

FA Cup Preview: Birmingham v. Chelsea


So this is where we pick up the pieces and attempt to move forward. Prepare yourselves to be amazed at how well we can play when our merry band of egotistical misfits decide to show up. More, after...

Ramires Signs a New Deal


A ray of sunshine permeates the mist. More, after the jump: Sign it before they pull it!!! The deal is for 5 more years, and sees his pay packet rise in tow. He was previously set to have his...

On Andre's Last Days & Roman's 'Empire'


We've made excuses for his hastiness in the past, but the time has come to lay some blame at the feet of our impatient owner. More, after the jump: Well Hello There It's been, to put it bluntly,...

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