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Husband, eternal optimist, travel junkie, life enthusiast, entrepreneur.

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Barcelona Buying Bridge Babies


Alliteration for the win. More, after the jump: Time to re-up that Rosetta Stone collection Get this: Barcelona are upset. Apparently, the idea of losing another crop of high-quality young...

Chelsea 1-1 Birmingham City: Turns out, it gets worse


Whatever expectations you had, you can safely throw them away. This season is officially about finding progress- wherever it may be lurking. And for another afternoon it seems, that tantalizing...

FA Cup Preview: Chelsea v Birmingham City


Back to the business of football, then? Sounds like a welcome distraction if you ask me. More, after the jump: Heading forward In our last foray into the FA Cup, we managed to slide past QPR...

Andre's War


At least that's what the media would have you believe. Months of speculation, poor performances, and incendiary quips have led us to this 'inevitable' conclusion- that AVB has lost the plot, the...

Conor Clifford Extends Contract


Good news for those of you keeping tabs on our suddenly-replete-with-talent youth squad. More, after the jump: I shall dub thee 'Irish' for short First things first, props to the entire youth...

The Ivorians Doth Return


Didier and Sala are coming home. Thank the lord almighty. More, after the jump: Coming up empty Well it's been a shit sandwich around these parts for the last month- crystallized by that...

England's Once Brave Loses Umbro, and Capello


Not exactly a great week if you're John Terry. More, after the jump: Kicks for sale So if you're keeping score at home, that's Social Media Neophytes/Journo Hacks/Chelsea Naysayers 3, John Terry...

PL Preview: Chelsea v. Manchester United


Help me, I'm having nightmares. More, after the jump: Cold as ice I'm not even sure this match is as important as what's transpiring around the orbit of England's Once Brave (Twice-Removed) John...

PL Preview: Swansea City v. Chelsea


To the Liberty Stadium! Huzzah! What could have been By all accounts, this is going to be a difficult fixture. Face facts, we're playing poorly at the moment, and unfortunately hung up on...

JT to Miss Swans Clash


After getting thru the anti-climax that was QPR, Chelsea have announced that John Terry will miss the trip to the Liberty Stadium, coincidentally in line with the week his trial for racial abuse...

Chelsea in £1m Bid for Nottingham Forest Youngster


Now we're going after another kid? Lord knows what you're doing Andre. Lord knows. More, after the jump: Trick love tha kids Right. His name is Patrick Bamford. He's 18 years old, and at present,...

Kevin de Bruyne Undergoing Medical Ahead of Transfer to CFC


Multiple outlets are carrying the story that Genk starlet Kevin De Bruyne is at Cobham undergoing his medical ahead of a 9 million quid transfer to the famous CFC. More, after the jump: London...

This Just In: Alex Completes PSG Transfer


Welp, it's done. Baguettes & Brioche After months of exile, Alex is once again on the verge of relevance. His protracted transfer saga has come to a close, with PSG concluding a deal to acquire...

Napoli Manager to Miss CL Tie + News & Notes


Whoa. I forgot we were still involved in the CL for a second. More, after the jump: The Shove Heard Round Naples Get this: Napoli's manager, Walter Mazzarri, has been banned by UEFA for two...

Gallery: Chelsea's Day in the Sun


What to do when your squad is underperforming? You take them on vacation to Spain, naturally. 'What do you mean Gary got lost at baggage claim??' So yeah, apparently this trip is actually...

A Norwich Retrospective


It was, in short, a poor afternoon. Let's just say our trip to Spain couldn't have come at a better time. More, after the jump: Begging for Mercy I'm a hazy mess. Well, not a mess per se. But,...

National Lampoon Presents: Chelsea's Majorca Vacation


Shit's about to get weird. 'Twin Beds?! FUCK YEA!!!' Well then. Looks like Andre's still got a few surprises up his sleeve. Amidst the clamor of the impending QPR cup tie, JT's court drama,...

PL Preview: Chelsea v. Sunderland


Too much time has been devoted to transfer activity in this space. It's time we get on with the business of matches. This weekend sees a rejuvenated Sunderland visit the Bridge for what promises to...

Kakuta Goes On Loan + News & Notes


There's some news you might be interested in. Might. More, after the jump: Back to France Dijon have confirmed that, after a protracted series of negotiations, Gael Kakuta will be joining the...

Transfer Roundup: Cahill Deal Almost Finalized


Word has begun circulating that Chelsea are expected to close the signing of Gary Cahill in the next 48 hours. More, after the jump: English Recruits So, this one looks like it'll finally be...

The Return of the Bison


Might the prodigal son finally be on the mend? More, after the jump: Back in Blue You might remember Michael Essien. You might not. Either way, dude is back in action, getting his first run in...

PL Preview: Wolverhampton v. Chelsea


Right. I'm back. Well not really- I'm still temporarily on hiatus exploring the vast riches that Monaco has to offer at the moment. But, I couldn't resist the urge to get something online after...

And Now For Something Completely Different


Friends, I'm leaving. No not permanently- much to the chagrin of some of you Liverpool stalkers. But I will be absent for the next month whilst I traverse the globe with my bride to be. I'm a mess...

CL Preview: Chelsea v. Valencia


It comes down to tomorrow. One night, everything on the line. For Villas Boas, maybe his job. For the rest of us, our sanity. More, after the jump: The Moment By now everyone is well aware of the...

PL Recap: Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Overwhelming Relief Well then. That was something, now wasn't it? If you're looking for high-octane end-to-end stuff, this was the place to be. If you're looking for lots...

The Curious Case of Salomon Armand Magloire Kalou


I swear that's his full name. You can't see this... To preface, I love Kalou. Yes, 'tis true. I've been rooting for his individual success moreso than most players in our squad. Particularly, it...

News & Notes


Catching up on all the tidbits you might have missed during the week that was. More, after the jump: Back in action First, Jack wrote a brilliant piece on the return of one Sam Hutchinson this...

Andreas Christensen, anyone? (update)


I'm taking The Mail at face value, even though the whole Seyi Ojo thing blew up in our faces, and saying that this is a done deal. A DONE DEAL. More, after the jump: Planning for the future Not...

Carling Cup Preview: Chelsea v. Liverpool


Chelsea square off with Liverpool for the second time in ten days, at The Bridge no less. Can the result be better than the first go around? I don't see why not- with both sides expected to send...

PL Recap: Chelsea 3-0 Wolverhampton


Three points? A clean sheet? At the Bridge? What the hell? Rebounding (Latent NBA Reference) Well, that was certainly nice to see now wasn't it? After almost a month and change of suspect...

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