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Husband, eternal optimist, travel junkie, life enthusiast, entrepreneur.

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CL Recap: Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Chelsea


Absolutely pathetic. Dothraki Ballack Miserable stuff. Just terrible across the board. It seems to go from bad to worse every day around these parts, and if you're looking for excuses I'm fresh...

Rant Box: Bayer Leverkusen v. Chelsea


Join in for a rant or two on all things Chelsea. Or just some witty banter. We're good at that. Relive this moment, six times please Team news forthcoming. And, if the Liverpool match wasn't a...

Grace Period Is Over


Dear Andre, I get it. This isn't an easy gig. There's plenty of pressure on your Portuguese shoulders. Our owner is fickle, our fans are impatient, the press relentless, and the expectations...

PL Preview: Chelsea v. Liverpool


I'm nervous. You should be too. More, after the jump: Oh, the hair .. Welcome back. It's quite possible many of you fell asleep during this snooze-fest of an international break. And here's the...

Update: Ojo Signs for Pool


Wait, what??? Seeing Red Well color me surprised. It seemed that this bit of business was all done and dusted last month. Now comes the revaluation that Seyi Ojo has, in fact, agreed a deal to...

Danny Getting Abused By Our Own? Disgraceful


By now most have heard the reports indicating that the club are investigating a member of our traveling 'support', who called Danno a 'monkey' during our away fixture to Genk. If you're like me,...

AVB Gets Charged + Danny Bumper Deal Rumblings


Well, certainly not breaking news by any stretch but just in case you forgot the QPR debacle, lord knows I've tried, AVB has gotten his charge for 'improper conduct'. More, after the jump: Got...

Everyone's Talking Tactics- So I Guess We Should Too


As for a Genk recap, friends, I'm not doing it. Jack's not doing. Jamie's not doing it. Your loyal scribes simply refuse to put words on that performance. Dire, would be as far as I'd go in terms...

CL Preview: Genk v. Chelsea


To preface, I'm not wholly satisfied with the catharsis I've employed since Saturday. Seems my best efforts to cleanse the memories of what transpired have failed - and I'm extremely fucking...

PL Preview: Chelsea v. Arsenal


So while everyone is fretting over the merits of the John Terry 'race-row', we still have the small matter of a match tomorrow. Against Arsenal. At the Bridge. You know, that stadium the fans...

Villas-Boas Gets Charged by FA + JT on the Ropes


It hasn't exactly been the best of weeks in the land of Chels. This QPR dust-up seems to be lingering, and the fallout only now taking shape. As such, the FA have charged AVB over his incendiary...

PL Recap: QPR 1-0 Chelsea


If anyone wants to complain about this team's tenacity, heart, or passion, I'll be right here to kick you in the balls. More, after the jump: The Tipping Point I won't let anyone hang their heads...

Chelsea Still Tracking Kevin De Bruyne


After negotiations failed in August over a potential transfer, Genk gaffer Mario Been has re-ignited the flame, suggesting a move to London is still possible, provided the fee is right. More, after...

PL Recap: Chelsea 3-1 Everton


We broke the curse. That's all you need to know. Well, not really. Once again I'm taking you on a running diary odyssey of sorts. The madness, after the jump: No Church in the Wild Much like the...

Chelsea Land Oluwaseyi Ojo


I figured out why the club haven't been taking these CPO protests seriously. They're too busy bidding for young talent in 45 minute stretches. Yes, yes we are. More, after the jump. Worth his...

Breaking News: Abramovich is a "Gangster"


In case you didn't already know, Roman is a bad bad man. Oh I'm going to have fun with the photo captions on this one. More, after the jump. BASWE, Rozay flow (no Bosingwa or Kelsey Grammer) B...

Adding José Ángel Pozo?


Chelsea appear on the verge of snapping up Real Madrid's 15-year-old prospect José Ángel Pozo. Color me surprised. More after the jump: London calling So it would seem that our quest to sign...

The Return of Sam Hutchinson


For many, Sam Hutchinson represents a specter of a foregone era at The Bridge- a time when Jose Mourinho ran the roost and everyone wondered if we'd ever produce an academy star, to rival the likes...

PL Recap: Bolton 1-5 Chelsea


Cruise-control mode. Danny and Frank made sure of that. More after the jump. Vindicated Well that was sweet now wasn't it? This was a display a long time in the making, and at last the Blues put...

CL Recap: Valencia 1-1 Chelsea


It ends a draw in Spain. It shouldn't have. Not by a long-shot. More, after the jump: "Fernando, meet the pitch. You'll be spending loads of time down here tonight..." Well, that was about as bad...

Pick Your Team: Valencia v Chelsea


As is rapidly becoming a tradition around these parts, we open up the debate early in the week for everyone to chime in on their preferred formation, tactics, and player preferences heading into...

PL Recap: Chelsea 4-1 Swansea


Three points, four goals, a red card, and a couple yellows to boot. All in a Saturday. More, after the jump: "But I just scored! C'mon son..." Apologies for the tardiness of this post. Your loyal...

Carling Cup Preview: Chelsea v Fulham


Putting the misery that was the weekend in the rear view, Chelsea begin their League Cup campaign with a home fixture against West London neighbors Fulham. Those sodding neighbors. More after the...

On AVB, Tactics, and United


Since his much-heralded arrival this summer, plenty has been made of Andre Villas-Boas' tactical genius. Is he, as many would argue, a tactical maestro? Or as others would argue, an impostor that's...

CL Recap: Chelsea 2-0 Bayer Leverkusen


AVB and company open their European account with a fair acquittal against a tough German outfit. Goals from David Luiz and Juan Mata (both set up by Fernando Torres) sealed all three points on this...

Fernando On The Ropes


This was originally going to be a three-part piece on life, liberty, and the profligacy that once defined the career of Fernando Torres. But then I read the news, and checked Twitter to find that...

Chelsea Sign Islam Feruz + Clifford Re-Ups


Reports this morning confirm that Chelsea have secured the signature of the Somali-born Scottish starlet. More after the jump: Catch Me If You Can News this morning stateside confirms that...

PL Preview: Sunderland v. Chelsea


This international break is over. Thank the lord almighty. More after the jump: Things done changed Rejoice, friends. The break is over and we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. NFL...

Adding To The Mix, Lucas Piazon Joins


With the influx of new faces this summer at The Bridge, it was somewhat lost in the shuffle that one of our January signings has secured his move to London earlier then previously anticipated. More...

Deadline Day - What We're Hearing


As we enter the home-stretch of a remarkably active summer, we break down the latest stories being banded about. More after the jump: Scarface to The Bridge? First, let me just say that it's...

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