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I never did much in the way of organized sports as a kid, but I played a lot of invented games that often involved several different types of balls at the same time, frisbees, eating large quantities of foods, duct tape, and/or a team of dogs.

Twitter: @gaslampball

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  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • NASCAR Jimmie Johnson
User Blog

Chase Headley not aware of any contract talks


Juuuuuuust great.

What is a fair Chase Headley long term contract?


The Padres and Ron Fowler are getting ready to make an offer.

Does Steve Finley dislike the Padres?


Because his website sure makes it seem like he might.

Game Ratings Project: 26


Let's do this, peeps.

Game Ratings Project Ep. 25: Ivy Drip


That's a pun that doesn't make any sense.

Padres sweep the Giants


If you're a Padres fan, this is the sort of thing that should please you.

Rate the Best Game of the Season So Far


That's right. I said it.

Manti Te'o? Yeah go talk about that for a bit


The Padres are no longer top of the scandal food chain in San Diego sports.

The Padres (alleged) approach to winning


I think it's working. At least it's working the way it's intended to work...

Rate Game 21: We won that one


If we could win once every three games, even that would be something.

Game Ratings Project: Rating Game 20


This was the time the Padres didn't win.

Rate Game 19: Padres continue to lose


I wish we could continue to win.

All Caught Up: Rate Game 18


And let's not fall behind ever again.

Ratings Catchup Part 2: Rate Game 17


This was the one against Lincecum.

Rate the first game of the Giants series


Pretend like the second game hasn't happened yet.

Tyson Ross to the DL. Cashner here to stay?


Is this it? Is Andrew Cashner now only to be considered a starter?

Andrew Cashner makes his first start of 2013


Replacing Clayton Richard who has last minute tummy trouble.

Zack Greinke on how to handle angry players


Tries to explain why Nyjer Morgan once tried to attack Chris Carpenter.

Fan who started Rain Man Gate hasn't seen Rain Man


And yeah. I'm really sure that Tom Garfinkel hates everybody. /sarcasm

Let's rate Game 15


This was the won where we swept the Dodgers.

Quentin's fine would've bankrupted Nyjer Morgan


A dollar for dollar comparison of the next most recent crazy attack of pitcher by a batter.

Headley goes 1 for 3 in his last rehab game


Passes baseball wisdom along to the youth.

Dodgers Chris Capuano to get MRI on strained calf


"Not a full tear", speculates the Dodger pitcher.

Rate the first series victory


It came against the Dodgers. We won by like a billion. What more could you ask for?

John Baker may have supernatural powers


Or just "powers" if you consider "The Force" completely natural.

Chase Headley in Lake Elsinore. Will be back soon.


But not soon enough. But at least soon.

Before you StubHub, you may want to look at this


An analysis of the secondary ticket market for the San Diego Padres.

Rate the game where we beat the Dodgers again


I mean... That was a good one, right?

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