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I never did much in the way of organized sports as a kid, but I played a lot of invented games that often involved several different types of balls at the same time, frisbees, eating large quantities of foods, duct tape, and/or a team of dogs.

Twitter: @gaslampball

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  • MLB San Diego Padres
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  • NASCAR Jimmie Johnson
User Blog

Before you StubHub, you may want to look at this


An analysis of the secondary ticket market for the San Diego Padres.

Rate the game where we beat the Dodgers again


I mean... That was a good one, right?

The San Diego Padres and their role in integration


Remember Jackie Robinson, but don't forget about John Ritchey

Is no appeal an admission of guilt?


Carlos Quentin will be out for 8 games.

Ranking Game 12


That's the one where the Rockies swept us.

Rank Game 11


I didn't see it, so you'll have to do it for me.

Ranking Game 10


Wherein the Padres start adding to their repertoire of ways to lose a game.

Rating Game 9


This was the one where Carlos Quentin and Zack Greinke got into a fight.

So there was a fight in the Padres-Dodgers game


And it ended pretty ugly.

Yonder Alonso. 1 man. 1 game. 3 positions.


That's what we call an athlete and/or really bad planning.

Ranking a "good" loss


Sure we lost, but sometimes a loss can be fun. Right? RIGHT? WE ALL HAD FUN, RIGHT.

Padres crush the Dodgers in the home opener


Like it ain't no thing.

Can we have some good news now?


Or does it all have to be bad? If it all has to be bad, I just want to be aware and plan around it.

Rating Game 6


It's getting pretty grim here. Resetting expectations, etc.

Rating Game 5 in a land where weed is legal


Spoiler: We lost.

Honus Wagner makes $2.1 million


That's a pretty fair amount of money to spend on something you're gonna stick in your bicycle spokes.

Wherein we determine how satisfying it is to suck


Four games down and it's not a great start to the season. I'm really really not satisfied, people.

A win is pretty satisfying, right?


If you think so. You should vote in this poll. If you don't... You should vote in this poll.

Game Ratings Project: Game 2


Two games down, two games down. Vote!

7 Injured Padres to dream about being healed


I've gotten really good at pretending in my mind that things are better than they seem to be.

Micah Owings Experiment Take 2?


Maybe we should try him out again... Just for kicks.

Water is wet. Sky is blue. TWC sucks.


You've heard it before, but I just wanted to write something about it. Once. Again.

Rate the first game of the season


The payoff at the end will be enormous for little bits of work as we go.

Breakout Alert: Cameron Maybin


Oh man. Once Cam gets going, it's gonna be three words: A May(bin) Zing.

Like it's not bad enough they got more money...


Now they want to hire all the MBAs and smarty pants? Come on now. That's not how it's supposed to work, people.

Chase Headley has broken thumb. GLB: Broken heart


Foulweather Fan arrives just in time to point out that a Chase Headley 7 year deal probably would've avoided this setback.

Now the government is getting involved, folks


If Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego don't figure this thing out, the city government is going to get involved, by listening very carefully and counciling and/or governing.

Young Padres who look good in baseball pants


Gyorko, Kelly, Fried and Hedges all represent us well in the annual test of looking sexy to BA writers.

Hold it now and watch the hoodwink


As I make you stop... THINK!

The new Padres blog made up of old Padres blogs


But welcome anyway.

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