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I never did much in the way of organized sports as a kid, but I played a lot of invented games that often involved several different types of balls at the same time, frisbees, eating large quantities of foods, duct tape, and/or a team of dogs.

Twitter: @gaslampball

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • NASCAR Jimmie Johnson
User Blog

Why were the Padres being so defensive in 2010!?


Ohhh.... That kind of defensive.

TWC CEO stepping down, gonna go do something else


TWC's CEO is stepping down. Maybe the new leadership will actually care about sports fans.

A Padres Line-Up for Yesterday


Pour yourself some tea, snuggle in your reading chair and read a little bit of poetry.

Yasmani Grandal took a crapload of drugs


The chemical training regimen for Yasmani Grandal is amazing, scary.

Freddy Garcia signs a minor league deal


Hooray for oldies.

Luke Gregerson gets one year, $3.2M contract


Everybody's favorite pitcher that holds stuff scored himself a one year contract.

Randy Jones is going to teach a thing or two


The Cy Young Award winner is going to be special instructor at San Diego Padres Spring Training.

Time Warner Cable really doesn't like sports fans


If they really had their way, TWC wouldn't lower your prices, they'd charge you twice as much in the name of savings.

Phil Mickelson has first world problems


Like not being able to buy sports franchises when the economy is down.

Will Venable avoids arbitration


Continues to be rich.

5 Ways to Finish a Marathon at a Baseball Park


You've just run a long way. You're tired. Do something memorable that only 3 out of 5 fellow runners will be doing.

No new HOFers for 2013. Too muscular.


Apparently, all of that stuff about what you did on the field doesn't really mean as much as what Jose Canseco might've said about you in a book somewhere.

A new Padres cap? Let's rip it to shreds!


As is the case whenever the Padres add yet another element to their wardrobe, the critics abound.

Phil Mickelson does not want your Padres


Woud rather go play golf.

Actually, Edwin Jackson will not be a Padre


Forget what I said earlier.

Rumor: Padres in talks with Edwin Jackson


The wandering righty wants to settle down for a bit.

Irrational Hatred of Sean Burroughs


It's probably easy to rationalize now, but I remember hating Sean Burroughs all the way back when he was in the Little League World Series talking about how he wanted to be a vagina doctor when...

Chase Headley wins GIBBY


Another week, another award for Chase "The Superlative" Headley.

Hi Reader!


If you're reading this message then you're also reading a baseball book that I gave away long long ago.

Dice-K wants to be a San Diego Padre


Let's do it.

Canepa: Things going bad? Let's make it worse.


Canepa takes a break from ignoring the Padres to write all about how terrible things are with the Padres and the best solution? Make it worse.

6 Effects of Grandal's PED suspension


Other sites made it to four. This is that, but with 50% more effects.

Yasmani Grandal cheated and I find it hard to care


There's black and white and then there's everything in the middle.

Chase Headley wins Silver Slugger


OK. We get it. He's awesome. WTF.

Chase Headley is a finalist for the NL MVP


Chase Headley had his Best. Season. Evar. And continues to be rewarded accordingly.

Five Reasons the Padres should get Dan Haren


Dan Haren needs to be a Padres just because.

Should I be happy for a winner that I hate?


Wherein our author demonstrates an extreme amount of bad sportsmanship and irritation regarding the San Francisco Giants and their World Series victory.

What you get for having a second favorite team


Partway through the postseason, the adopted teams of Padres Fans have fallen by the wayside and Padres Fans are forced to admit that they probably shouldn't have tried to find solace in the arms of another team.

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