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DHB and his future in the NFL and as a Colt

I was one of the many fans (most if not all really) that was yelling that Darrius Heyward-Bey should be benched, release and publicly flogged just a few weeks ago. Now watching how he has played...


Breaking Madden Pat McAfee Style

Breaking Madden is a series by Jon Bois of SB Nation where he does dumb and entertain things to Madden on xbox every week and then writes about it complete with entertaining gifs and stats. This...


The Colts ranked the 4th gayest team by outsports

The read on the Bears at number two is too funny but of course the Packers take number one.There are plenty of good laughs in this artical but after the first 5 or six teams then hit or miss until...


This troll needs to go

Lets start with hardockspiffy he says"Than brag about how you guys won a SB 7 years ago" The fact he cant figure out how to spell then as opposed to than is beside the point he later makes...


The Trolls suck,

Is there any way we can get a consensus to ban them, I know they will change their names but we can figure that out fairly quick.How about a 5 unlike to ban a name from the site. The fan post has...


NFL Drug test and Brazil

So I remembered Mark Schlereth saying once that the NFL only test for street drugs once a year at the start of mini camp in May. So I looked it up and it is true there is random drug testing for...


Why is who people have sex with even a topic

Over the years politics has proven the people who speak out loudest about homo sex, are soliciting to give blow jobs at rest stops along the high way, and are most likely republican senators whom...


The problem with having a defensive minded head coach

As we witnessed this year with the leaving of Bruce Arians offensive coordinators are often targeted for head coaching jobs. When they go they take their offense with them, then the team hires a...


Chris Polian to the Jags

To be director of pro personnel via espn. Thats right we just got better because the Jags just got worse. As has been stated many times on this site drafts under his direction have been less than...


Bjoern Werner's Press Conference

If you did not see this live last Friday you may want to watch it now. Watching it I...


Best pick in the draft

Cool little right up from yahoo sports which has the spot of pick 24 as the best in the draft. N...


Sign Tyson Clabo

Now, he has been a steady RT for years and was released today. He would provide a better backup than anyone on our roster and we could cut some of our often injured backups. I have not watched a...


reserve/future contract players

So with no word on DHB and nothing else to read I was looking through the players offered reserve/future contracts by Grigs before free agency started. There are some interesting players here who...


LB Erik Walden

if the money stated is true then this is dumb to the core. Sounds like a guy that could have been had for a league min or at least a sub 1.5 Mil contract. I am pretty ok with all the other moves...


Neither Aqib Talib or Phil Loadholt got tagged

And I want to see both of them in Colts jerseys. Loadholt is a monster of a FB and will work great in our new offence, he was a major reason that AP had such a great year. Talib is a legit CB and...


Levine Toilolo, do we take another tight end in the draft

He's from Stanford so he knows the playbook, he is 6ft8 265 and Pep likes his three tight end sets. He is expected mid draft but If he runs a better 40 time at the combine than expected he is going...


Vicks signing and Drew Stanton

With Vick resigning and a week draft class Drew Stanton may be a attractive trade for many teams. In the SB Nation post below Chris Fuhrmeister talks of Vicks effect on the free agent QBs and...

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