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"the laws of physics are immutable and shit" - tehGrindCrusher
"Because this is a blog and I’m an argumentative bastard." - tehGrindCrusher
"Not to completely equate marriage to fandom, but both rely on suspended insanity a bit..." - beefy
"In conclusion, I’d like to say that Dicky Justice is an assclown." - tehGrindCrusher
"...your in-house hirings on the defensive side suck donkey balls..." - tehGrindCrusher
""Thank you for setting us straight on that Mr. Lombardi...Your cogent use of logical argument backed by your impressive knowledge of the smallest details of the modern professional game has made believers of us all."
- tehGrindCrusher
"And I’m sure [Kareem Jackson] would have a wonderful career as a professional interpretive dancer, with all that flapping his arms and falling down."
- tehGrindCrusher
"Suck it, Jim Tressel, you filthy, cheating, unfashionable piece of monkey scrotum."
"Let’s leave all the football talk to knowledgeable experts who have played the game, like Matt Millen and Emmitt Smith."
"Sad moron is sad still a moron." - tGC
"I was thinking out of the box... not like Matt Millen on a Deer Antler Spray." - TexansDC

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Free Speech


MDC-memorial comic... /sniff //wipes away tear with paw


Nuk Struggling?

So, I was driving home this afternoon and because there was nothing good on "Radio Classics" on Sirius, I tuned into the NFL channel and what did my wondering (and silky and elegant......


Dillo's Dog House - 2013 Week 2

Generally open thread - house rules apply This thread is to provide a safe place for general silliness and tangential and not-so-tangential topics so that serious football discussions don't...


NFL/Seattle Seahawks Entrapment Scheme

As outlined here, the NFL nanny-state is going to have undercover officers wearing "opponent" jerseys in order to lure in potential abusive fans. This is crap on so many levels, I don't know where...


Updated: Dillo's "Dog House" 2013 Week One

Generally open thread - house rules apply The intent for starting this thread is to provide a safe place for general silliness and tangential and not-so-tangential topics so that serious...


Is Smart-Ass a Zero-Sum Game?

As I was reading one of Barry's drive-by-poke-in-the-eye comments this morning, it occurred to me... I wonder if smart-ass is a "zero-sum game"? Does BRB serve a "filtering" function to society...

Questions On Football

Get your questions answered on the intricacies of football. What do the X Y and Z receiver nicknames come from?


Instant Karma

With Antonio Smith's suspension being upheld while Scumbag-Future-Meth-Head-Sex-Toy Incognito lumbers on down the road to inflict his particular brand of disgusting on his next opponent, I'm...


BFD Rejoices: The Return of Cankles!

Just when you had given up hope, this happens. I for one welcome our new tree-trunk-legged Overlord and the wonder that is a man who has feet attached directly to the bottoms of his thighs. H...


Thanks to all who paid the price...

I know that Tim will probably have the official BRB post for this later this weekend but I just wanted to take a second to offer my gratitude for the men and women that have served this country,...


18-Game Season, Please...

So... As we head into the tunnel of the long dark time between the draft and preseason, I'd like to offer a couple of thoughts on Roger Goodell's proposed (infamous, I guess) 18-game season. I get...


OT: Photoshop? PaintShopPro?

If I was going to invest money, and more importantly time in getting somewhat better at learning a photo editing tool, which one would you advise? MeMongo has some good contributions on here, but...


Still MORE bad news for the 'Aints

If this story is true, the Saints organization is pretty well defined as scummy at this point. Bill Bellicheat will be dancing a little happy dance of joy to no longer be considered the biggest...


How Ya' Like Me NOW - Gary Kubiak Edition

Much was said AT LENGTH about how slowly the Texans were improving through Gary Kubiak's first few years here. So, I thought it might be fun to do a quick review of the list of other coaches that...


Notes from the BRB Backyard...

Tim has graciously allowed me to hang around the back yard of the BRB (meaning he hasn't come running out the back door in his boxers wearing dark socks and dress shoes, waving a broom at me and...


Dan Orlovsky: Master of Disaster [corrected]

So, with the announcement that Dan Orlovsky has been made the starting quarterback of the Manningless-Colts we have the potential for history-in-the-making. Can you imagine being the guy who...


The Twelve Hounds of Christmas

From the first hound of Christmas you probably will get......a fart 'cuz you're feeding me crap. From the second hound of Christmas you probably will get...Two missing shoes, ...and a fart 'cuz...


Seismic Shift

We've all commented on how different it is to: Have a defense that doesn't inspire us to cut ourselves and chant at the TV Be at 7-3 going into our bye week (or ever for that matter) Have a...


I Dug Up the Crystal Ball I Buried...

... in the back yard after it predicted how last season was going to turn out and asked it about the rest of this season.   Here is the transcript of that "conversation": LongEaredHandsomeHound:...

Patriots axe Fat Albert


Even Bellicheat couldn't salvage this waste of talent. Good.

Trade Saves a Life!?!


Jerome Harrison may live longer because of a failed trade between Philadelphia and Detroit.

NFLPA's latest offer to the owners


I like it... Sounds like a win-win.


Let's play a game...

In the far reaches of the ancient dusty past there used to be a singer/actor named Mac Davis.  Mac Davis was also a song-writer apparently and one of the things that he would do in his live act is...


Wanna' get a deal done?

Have some federal judge tell the players and owners that until an agreement is reached, ALL of them have to work construction jobs in Texas. Rationale after the jump...


McNabb gone for good?

I gotta' tell ya'... if this is true, good riddance.  Donovan McNabb is one of the most over-rated, media-darling hyped-up coddled jerks to ever don a uniform and the NFL will be a better place the...


Rhymes Against Humanity: Innegan's Isle

(To the tune of the theme from Gilligan's Island...) Just watch the screen and you'll see a truthA truth that you won't forgetThat Innegan is Andre's bitch...But hasn't learned it yet. He pushed,...


"Now, I don't mean to criticize, but..." - Confessions of a "homer"

Ever heard that one before?  Do you know what comes next?  Can you guess?  The answer is just about as hard to figure out as what your girlfriend/significant-Panda-other meant when they gently took...


The Downhill Slide of the NFL

Listen my children and the tale I'll tell, Of the Greedy-assed bastards of the NFL. They're choking the goose laying eggs made of gold, While both owners and players with brazenness bold, Look...


NFL Boycott

So, on another thread Rip Jersey suggested that "someone" not named "Rip Jersey" provide some "organization" effort and create a formal "organization" to coordinate a boycott of anything licensed...

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