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"the laws of physics are immutable and shit" - tehGrindCrusher
"Because this is a blog and I’m an argumentative bastard." - tehGrindCrusher
"Not to completely equate marriage to fandom, but both rely on suspended insanity a bit..." - beefy
"In conclusion, I’d like to say that Dicky Justice is an assclown." - tehGrindCrusher
"...your in-house hirings on the defensive side suck donkey balls..." - tehGrindCrusher
""Thank you for setting us straight on that Mr. Lombardi...Your cogent use of logical argument backed by your impressive knowledge of the smallest details of the modern professional game has made believers of us all."
- tehGrindCrusher
"And I’m sure [Kareem Jackson] would have a wonderful career as a professional interpretive dancer, with all that flapping his arms and falling down."
- tehGrindCrusher
"Suck it, Jim Tressel, you filthy, cheating, unfashionable piece of monkey scrotum."
"Let’s leave all the football talk to knowledgeable experts who have played the game, like Matt Millen and Emmitt Smith."
"Sad moron is sad still a moron." - tGC
"I was thinking out of the box... not like Matt Millen on a Deer Antler Spray." - TexansDC

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LDJA12 Stalking VY again...

So... here we have another example of LDJA12 riding VY's nuts...  The man has no shame... However, I wouldn't object to VY on the Texans under a few conditions... after the jump.


Auld Wade Syne 2011

We hope this ''efense be forgot, and never brought to mind, To help this ''efense be forgot, we beg, Just sign Wade, sign.... Wade sign upon the dotted line, sign on that dotted line... And then...


Kubiak/Other Poll

Okay, so based on the most recent rumors, what do you think about the following options? There are no guarantees in life, so there are no guarantees in this poll.  If you choose "blow it up and...


Merry Christmas to all...

Many thanks to the "real" bloggers, editors and overlords that are the heart and soul of BRB: Tim, BFD, Kerns, Rivers, TDC, MDC, tGC, Jake and DreKeem. This place is my only island of consistent T...


'Twas the Night Before Monday...

Texans faithful were pissed... 'Cause another great chance to fire Frank Bush had been missed...   Their hopes had been hung on a long 'tween game gap... But house-cleaning visions soon turned to...


Pancakes fantasizing about Kubiak to Denver

I could provide a link, but I don't want to be banned... You all know where the Comicle is... This is pretty well the kiss of death to the idea ever happening.  I was personally a fan of the idea...


Favorite Dandy Don quote?

With the passing of Don Meredith today and all of the attendant retrospectives, it's been entertaining to be reminded of some of his trademarks and sayings, such as singing "Turn out the lights..."...


The 4-3 Psalm

Frank Bush is our coordinator, We shall not hold. He maketh us to lie down on green pastures While our cornerbacks hold. He charts us on paths of patheticness for his scheme's sake. Yea, tho we...

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