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[From the comments. Derrick Rose is off-topic.-yfbb] I know no one wants to think about it and that the Bulls are waiting until next year. But if there’s any chance and I mean ANY chance that Rose...


Should've traded for Melo

Someone here deserves an apology. We roast Sin for a lot of things and he deserves most of them but there is one thing Sin got roasted for that he was correct about and that was his infatuation two...


Oj Mayo and Omer Asik

I haven't made a fanpost in a while but I need to vent for a second. The Bulls have started out 5-3 in this young season so far and that's great but I have a confession to make. Until Rose gets...

Blake Griffin to have knee checked


I've read places where they are saying it doesn't look good. I wish this on no athlete but I'd rather have my Star go down in the heat of playoff battle in April than in an Olympic scrimmage 3 months before the season starts.

Could the Thunder move up and draft Bradley Beal? Beal thinks so


If OKC can find the energy to even think about giving up Harden, how dare the Bulls not try everything in their power tomorrow to move Deng.


Forte was right...

There's already another great post on this topic by "And Ditka is his Prophet" on this issue and I just felt the need to continue and expand the discussion on this topic because it's quite...

Martz blames players for "execution" issues


No wonder the guy was almost black balled from the league

In life we take things for granted...walking, talking, etc. But let's make sure we never take this...


In life we take things for granted...walking, talking, etc. But let's make sure we never take this guy for granted. He's my favorite player and one of the greatest players in NFL history and most importantly, he's a Bear. I'm too young to have watched Gayle, Butkus, or even Payton in his prime. But thank God I got to watch Devin Hester... the GOAT.


The backlash to the Lebron backlash

  This is more of a rant post but it brings up an interesting storyline that I'm noticing as of late.  Seeing that we're on the brink of a game tonight that can very well start to write the next...


Update2: I'm posting good stuff I find in the comments. I am not commenting because most of the comments are bad. -ed. Update: I'm done with these mostly-awful MVP threads, but I did want to post this before someone created a new one. (ht: the hated Tom Ziller) -ed. And people wonder why "Crazy Rose fans" have to keep defending Rose until he has his hands on that trophy.

Hey Luol...My bad

I'm shocked I'm doing this but it's actually warranted and deserved. Follow me...


Looks like Cutler was right after all huh?

I was going to just leave a comment but I thought I'd create a quick fanpost because I think this topic deserves it. For all the hand wringing by fans and the media since the Cutler trade, a few...


Yes Jay Cutler has been terrible...

And yes he is responsible for the Bears loss on Sunday. But for the present and going forward let's make one thing clear:  This franchise is at fault for his lack of development.


Here we go...The top 3 reasons why the Bulls will win Game 1 and make this a series....Uh maybe

1.) Lebron and Shaq may be rusty:  Now that's not to say that a rusty Lebron still can't hang 40 on us, but there may be an opportunity for the Bulls to jump out early. Maybe it takes a minute for...

Would every team take John Wall?


I continue hearing how John Wall is a better prospect than Derrick Rose and one of the best PG prospect since Chris Paul. After reading this article from Chad Ford where he's literally having an orgasm over the guy I'm just wondering... Is he right? I haven't seen him play that much. Just wondering if anyone feels as strongly about this kid as Chad ford and others do.


This is what we always wanted...Remember?

I know everyone is upset about Lovie still being around. I know that the Press conference was insulting to us fans and I know as a whole we would like new ownership but think about this...


The moment we've all prayed for is here.

I've been a Bears fan since I could remember which would be about 25 years. I'm from the X generation, a generation too young to truly remember the '85 Bears and the progression of that team from...


The move that no one talks about

Over the last few years there have been changes to this team whether it be a new coach, a new General Manager, or changes in the roster. We've seen over paid players, players traded and players let...


Folks... umm... I think there may actually be a case for VDN staying:(

Let me start off by saying that I've been one to critisize VDN and honestly I want him gone. But I've been thinking lately about something. When I compare him to Scott Skiles first few seasons...


Hollinger's Opinion of Rose's ROY Chances

This will be a short post but here's a question that I ran by Hollinger of ESPN on his live chat: Dils: After watching Rose stare down the barrel of losing his chance at ROY against Westbrook in...


So who died and left Rose the "Last second shot taker"?

This is my first post and it was inspired by a trend that I've noticed at the end of Bulls games this season, most notably against the Mavericks. There seems to be an insistence that Derrick Rose...

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