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Bulls Zone - Chronicles the story of Mirotic's turmoil with Real Madrid

So, I was trying to find out some more information on whether or not it was likely that Nikola Mirotic would leave the exotic Spanish League to join the best athletes in the world in the NBA, and I...

report: Mirotic considered a lock to join Bulls next season.


"According to most US based sources, it’s a given that Nikola Mirotic will leave Real Madrid, something we also consider a done deal if the Spaniards win the Euroleague, and the Bulls are ready to spend for the talented forward their mid level exception in a four years deal, which translates to a more than 20 millions USD contract for him."

Nikki Bella - Realtor (R)


Apparently, one half of the Bella Twins is studying for a career after her 15 minutes are up.

Nikola Mirotic wins another award


Nikola Mirotic wins M.V.P. of October in Euroleague. Apparently, numbers he put up are astounding, including 85.7% from three.

Finally, a solution to listening to Neil & Stacy


"Sony says that its speakers are able to recognise what is the natural ambient sound of a sporting event, and what is somebody nattering on top. It does this using data captured at a Brazilian football stadium, and without anything happening on the broadcaster's end it's able to remove the commentary entirely. Sky has offered a similar facility for some of its matches for a while - but this will work with any sports event, including rugby, NFL and motorsport. The benefit is that fans can watch sport as if they're at the game, and not sitting next to a relentlessly unimpressive summariser with a booklet of cliches."

Rose agrees to five-year contract extension with Bulls


Rose agrees to five-year contract extension with Bulls


2011-2012 Chicago Bulls Schedule

[Look to this tweet, friends, look to this tweet. Or don't and just vent, that's cool too. Basketball! -ed.] I have not yet looked through the vagaries, but just happy to know we have basketball to look forward to...

List of NBA Players stuck overseas.


Looks like the Bulls will have to find someone else to replace the awesomeness that was Rasual Butler. (and I have to give up my JR Smith pipedream)

Rose 4th in Most Improved Vote


DRose finishes fourth in Most Improved Player voting behind Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge and Dorell Wright. Rose had 11 1st-place votes.

One year ago today, the Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons in advance of free agent...


One year ago today, the Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons in advance of free agent chasing. Not a bad 365 days for John Paxson.

Matt Spiegel 670 The Score

Why the Hell would the Bulls want Anthony Parker?


Doug Thonus does some actual reporting: I was talking with a friend within the Bulls organization, someone who has no problem telling me like it is and not sugar coating it. He said the fans have no idea how much of a positive impact Bogans makes on the team. He's a great locker room guy, he's great at helping the attitude, and that he's a really important part of their chemistry.

ESPN TV "Sources: Lakers and Nuggets in preliminary discussions involving Carmelo Anthony" Deal...


ESPN TV "Sources: Lakers and Nuggets in preliminary discussions involving Carmelo Anthony" Deal loosely structured as Bynum for Anthony


Bulls Beat #176 - Iggy to the Bulls


Doug Thonus offers his perspective on the loss last night, and inexplicably thinks the Bulls can trade Bench for Iggy without including Taj or Korver...

All Star reserves (*spoiler alert*)


Y! Sports has obtained list of All-Star reserves. Eastern Con: R. Allen, P. Pierce, R. Rondo, K. Garnett, C. Bosh, A. Horford, J. Johnson, Western Conference All-Star reserves: T. Duncan, P. Gasol, R. Westbrook, B. Griffin, M. Ginobili, D. Nowitzki, and D. Williams.

Do the Bulls deserve a second All-Star?


Boozer & Noah would be candidates if not injured...so what about Luol?

Bogans Tribune Fluff Piece.

Bulls guard doesn't shoot much, but his defense, toughness earns him playing time.

Lakers, Nets and Rockets kick off the NBA trading season.

@WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski Nets, Lakers, Rockets are in advanced talks on 3-way deal sending T. WIlliams to HOU, S. Vujacic and a future HOU 1st to NJ, sources tell Y! Also sending Joe Smith to Lakers, saving them some mad cash!

Coach Thibs defends decision to start Bogans


I like a coach who thinks about the team's needs over those of individual players...but seriously, Bogans?

Injury Prone: Greg Oden to have another MicroFracture Surgery


The BlazersEdge is still in denial regarding a jinx...perhaps they were Pritchslapped.

Sam: I think certain guys get identified as poor defenders and it’s difficult to erase the rap....


Sam: I think certain guys get identified as poor defenders and it’s difficult to erase the rap. I’ve watched Korver and while he’s not the greatest, very few are. That’s the point. There just aren’t many great individual defenders. Pierce and Allen were regarded as poor defenders until Garnett came along and Thibodeau enforced a solid system. Whereas there’s the label in the draft black guys get of being athletic, the notion being they are not as smart, white guys get the rap of being poor defenders. It’s all lazy man’s crap, but Korver suffers some from being under that same umbrella. He’s OK and works at it and often the perimeter guy gets the blame when there isn’t the right inside help and the Bulls haven’t been great at that this season -Sam Smith.


Blazers Edge - Deng Good: The View from Chicago


The BlazersEdge take on last night's game and other random oddities. Can't go wrong with quotes like this: "Yes, it's true — the Blazer Circus has pitched its tent in Chicago, and that means it's time to pay a visit once again to The Angriest Place on Earth™®, SBN's own Blog-a-Bull. These misanthropes turn pathological rage into an art form. It's a pity that the foulness of their fury has to be bowdlerized here."


Season Predictions

The guys in Bristol have posted their season predictions for all teams in the NBA, and I thought this would be a fun way for the Blog-a-Bull community to weigh in with our season predictions for...

Bulls Preseason Stats.


Bulls Preseason Stats.

Bogans to be starter opening night?

Per KC:There's still time, but don't be surprised if Keith Bogans supplants projected starter Brewer at shooting guard for the Oct. 27 opener in Oklahoma City. "I don't think Ronnie's comfortable yet with the defense or offense," Thibodeau said. "That will come as he plays more. "It's not only who is going to start, it's who fits better with what group. I don't know if Ronnie will be better with the starters or bench guys. I like the energy he brings. I like Keith's toughness. Ronnie is more of a slasher. Keith is more of a spot-up 3-point shooter. Their strengths are different, but they're both good players." And this tidbit was very interesting. Thibodeau said his regular-season rotation would be "eight or nine players."

The Core: Noah, Rose and Boozer.


The Core: Noah, Rose and Boozer.

KC: Bulls looking Bogan, Mason Jr., McGrady, Pargo "not inconceivable"


He also poo-poos the McGrady idea...which I think Reinsdorf is very much behind...if you watched the TV show "The Club", Jerry specifically said he likes taking chances on formerly great players who have something to prove...

Length not size matters (talking about contracts)

Instead, I see the takeaway as how teams can get themselves in trouble with the lengths of the contracts they offer as much as the yearly salary. To try to gain some insight into this phenomenon, I went through and looked up all the contracts of five years or longer that were signed in free agency (no extensions) and concluded at the end of last season. A compelling case for the Bulls strategy of filling out the roster with shorter term contracts for role players...

Bulls have made an offer on Shaq!


"Also...the latest on the Shaq Front: Cleveland's offer is low-ball. So is the one from Chicago. So it looks like Atlanta is the spot for him" -Stephen A Smith Tweets. For one, I am happy the offer is considered a low-ball and the Bulls will not be retaining the services of the Big (insert new nickname here).

7th Anniversary of Blog-a-Bull: Trip down memory lane - Aka 5th Anniversary Post


This could also be called; the more things change, the more they stay the same. "The fact that Gordon and Deng (and Skiles) came in and made the team winners while still being that young...maybe that's why I'm more hesitant to deal away youth nowadays." Does anybody else have a favorite archived post to share?

Fisher is staying with the Lakers


Derek Fisher has decided to remain with the Lakers. "I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles," Fisher said in a statement. "While this may not be the most lucrative contract I've been offered this offseason, it is the most valuable. I am confident I will continue to lead this team on and off the court. Let the hunt for six begin."

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