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I am a HUGE fan of anything Hawkeye related, especially football, basketball & wrestling. I am dyslexic as hlle and lack common sense 10 out of 9 times. I got my handle/name on BHGP from a loss on a bet. I often start fights with my 3- year old little girl just to say I won at something (this isn't true as I never win any argument that is against my daughter or wife for that matter). I love to drink AMP energy drinks because it turns my pee neon yellow and I spend at least 2 hours a day on the shitter, why...because I can. My favorite color is grey like my imagination. I love to eat Mexican't & Chinese food on a regular basis (back to the 2 hours/day on shitter comment). I also hate it when I bleed my own blood. People freak out when they see that I actually bleed black and yellow. Oh yeah, I am also a TavernHawk!

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NCAAB Iowa Hawkeyes
  • Golf Happy Gilmore
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Chuck Norris
  • Boxing King Hippo
  • Soccer Roger Milla
  • Cycling Dennis Christopher
  • Tennis Maria Sharapova
User Blog

The Beginning

In the beginning Aaron Craft created supreme "defense" on the basketball court. Now the court was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the arena, and the Spirit of Aaron Craft...

Beathard Naked Bootleg


Look at Mark Weisman's reaction to the handoff when C.J. Beathard keeps the ball and runs a naked bootleg for the final nail in the coffin touchdown against Nebraska! Was C.J. told to call a run play, but keep the ball and not tell anyone? Weisman's reaction tells me he was expecting to have the ball on the handoff. You tell me!


A Close Call - Please pray for the people of Moore, OK

I was at one of my rental properties in the Rock Creek/Wimberley Creek addition in Moore, Oklahoma this past Sunday. The tenants had just moved out and I was busy making repairs to get the home...

No more Wrestling


Just heard on the radio that wrestling will no longer be an olympic sport. Talk about a sad fucking day. One of the oldest sports in all of man kind no longer part of the worlds greatest sporting event. I feel sick to my stomach!

Willie Nooo!


Willie Lowe has asked for his release from the team. It's never good news to hear a player asking for a release from his scholarship, but considering Lowe was part of the Rhabdogate crew, this just makes it that much worse.

Bobby Stoops still a Hawkeye fan?


Thought this was pretty cool. Enjoy!

Kevin Wilson to Indiana?


Kevin Wilson, the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, is said to be interviewing for the head coaching job at Indiana.


Just Spitballing

I was watching a few vidoes on Morehouse's blog and came across a video of Brandon Wegher. Marc was asking him some questions and he seemed to be agitated about something.  


Am I the only one?

My wife tells me I am crazy. Let me explain.  

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