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Ryan Clady broke off contract extension talks with Denver


Didn't find this discussion here so am posting. Broncos can franchise tag him at $9.6 million in 2013, but he's a free agent at the end of 2012. He turned down 5/$50 million with $28M guaranteed. I'd love to see Cutler's cell phone records this summer. How much would you pay to get Clady?

King Felix throws a perfect game.


Congrats to Seattle and to a seemingly always overlooked player.! Linking to our cousins at Lookout Landing because it's not like you couldn't find another link elsewhere.

Rizzo batting 3rd


Can't help but imagine a September lineup of Jackson, Castro, Rizzo, Soriano, LaHair, Vitters, Barney, Clevenger, P.

Former Raider's/Niners MLB Ellison talks about Seau


He says that MLB is a different breed and it "begins at the high school level when a young teenager first experiences the joy of contact football. The fact is that when you receive what I would refer to as a partial but playable concussion, there is a unique feeling of being high, of floating, of being numb to pain and unaware of other distractions. This produces a happy state that translates to a belief of invincibility and a superman complex. In some ways, it acts just like a drug. You become addicted to that feeling and want more of it. And when you get another hit, it feels even better. When mixed together with the newly found testosterone being produced at that age, it is a special and hidden pleasure. Very few young football players are attracted to this kind of behavior. Coaches are mostly unaware unless they had been middle linebackers." Very interesting read - and nicely written. Lots of great stuff in there.


Cubs 1-0 win has some weird stats

Leave it to the 2012 Cubs to accomplish this feat, but they won today by sending only 26 batters to the plate - one less than what you would send if the opposing pitcher threw a perfect game. I'm...

Zambrano and his new keeper: still out of control - 21 walks in 21 innings


Also some good Ozzie quotes in there - like how he'd marry his 22 year old daughter off to Derek Jeter. I might become a Marlins fan just for the entertainment value.

Olney says Epstein, Cubs might be a good fit.


We can officially dream. Subscription required, but he's basically saying that inside baseball there may be a lot of interest in a Cubs GM gig under Rickets. It would be worth it just to watch Red Sox Nation Cwy. I know.. Olney.. but still.

Future Bulls SG - Derrick Rose?


May 10th article from Hoopdoctors broaches this question - using Iverson's move to SG as an example, with Snow as PG. Thoughts?


Under the Hood: "Clutch" problems. Update: Starlin to bat 3rd?

The Cubs as a team hold a quite impressive .284 batting average, good for 4th in the league.  They are hitting the ball well, but if you get a queasy feeling every time the Cubs get guys past first...


Who is the "Target Audience" on BCB? (with Poll)

I'll go first:  I grew up in Missouri, and live in Washington State.  WGN hooked me into the Cubs during those hot midwest Summer afternoons when I was 9 or 10 years old and Ryne Sandberg become my...


Quade's Mission: Raising the Cubs above "sunk costs"

You may or may not be surprised by this, but even considering the Cubs projected $135,000,000 2011 payroll, 60% of it is tied up in 5 guys: Alfonso Soriano - $19 million Carlos Zambrano - $18.875...


18 days until 2011 baseball!! Teeing up Spring Training

Cubs pitchers and catchers report in 18 days, and of course we have the nifty countdown clocks on the front page getting us excited about the 2011 Cubs Season.  Why get excited about spring...


Mostly OT: Top Ten things to do to boycott NCAA Bowl Season

I have not watched Division 1 "Post season" football in several years, just on principle.  So if you're looking for something else do do on New Year's day and otherwise, here's a list of ideas: 1...

Who wants Housh?


The seahawks can't find a taker for the one year and $7 million on Houshmanzada's (sp?) contract. Isn't he a fairly good-sized possession receiver? I'm pretty tempted myself, but maybe I like the guy more than I should. Thoughts?

Favre returns (Officially)


Is this even worthy of a fanshot? It borders on not even being "news". Ok.. so it's not official yet, but he's flying to the Twin Cities for a press conference. Looks like we get one more year (and counting) of Brett Favre.

Mystery Team Claims Adam Dunn off waivers


(Disclaimer - this is old news (5 days ago) but I didn't see it posted and Dunn's a good discussion topic) Wonder who it is? They'd have to pay $4 million for the rest of the season, but wouldn't have to trade talent to do it, according to the article. This is OT to the Cubs, unless they're the mystery team, which is interesting but highly doubtful.


Time for a Leadoff Discussion..

The Cubs crushed the Phillies today and mortalized Roy Halladay, and I think it's no small coincidence that the #1 and #2 guys in the lineup reached base 7 times today and worked counts.  I want...


2010 Cubs - As usual, it's not a talent thing.

Baseball is an emotional game, which is an obvious thing to say to my fellow Cub fans, given both the legacy of this team, and the players we have recently witnessed wear Cubbie Blue.  Too much...

Cowboys release Safety (Hamlin), L. tackle (Adams) - both ex Pro Bowlers


I'd take a flyer on Ken Hamlin (29), and a pass on Flozell Adams (35). Not sure if we go for these guys, but it raises the question of who else could become available in the coming weeks.


Thank you Al!

Not everyone likes Al Yellon, but I think he's doing a hell of a job running this blog and providing a backdrop for our debates, pontifiications, neuroses, and Cubs lovin' in general.  He doesn't...

2010 pitching staff set with addition of Russell


So it's: SP: Lilly, Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Gorzelanny/Silva (one to pen after Lilly's return) RP: Marmol (closer), Caridad and Grabow (setup). Marshall, Samardzija, Berg, and Russell. Also a little nugget in there about possibly trading for another arm between now and opening day. One of the rooks goes to Iowa after Lilly Returns, and Grey could return to the picture at some point to challenge a struggling pitcher for time with the big club. What do people think? Should we trade for someone still?

Yes.. MB ejected again but I think it's the Umps that look stupid


I realize that MB has some issues with emotional self-regulation, but you have to admit that the umps act just as childish around him sometimes. THey should use the blue uniforms to assert and establish the higher moral ground, not as a shield to cover their own personal vendettas.

Cubs prospects Numbers in the Fall/Winter Leagues..


Nice summary of our guys (and some ex-cubs) and their progress in the winter leagues. Most of the current prospects are at the bottom (e.g. Castro, Vitters, Russell, etc). Enjoy..

Bradley, Cubs Demoralized, Hated


I'll mostly let you all read this and make up your own mind, but remember, Cubs fans, what they say about pointing fingers. If nothing else, Bradley comes through here with some money quotes about the emotional state of the team, and I doubt he's making it up.

Is Johnny Macchione the "anti-Bartman"?


Beer-hurling fan from Bartlett spurns Cubs 17-2 victory. Is this a sign?


A Closer Look at the Bears QB - No.. not That One.. the other one...

I think we can all agree that, outside of playing in the 4th quarter with the Bears up by 4 touchdowns, none of us want to see much of Caleb Hanie this year.  However, there has been quite a bit of...


Not OT at all - For the Love of Baseball

I remember the day clearly.  Heat curled up in waves over the diamond as sweating, chattering infielders danced like mirages before each pitch.  A warm wind sent dandelion seeds swirling around me...


Growing Pains?

To get a few things out of the way.. The Cubs are still in this.  They have a lineup full of people who can hit the ball, an elite starting rotation, and a bullpen full of pitchers completely...

Iowa Cubs 3b ready for the bigs!!


Hey check this guy out! The dude's on fire at Iowa- hitting .385, with an OBP of over .500 and a OPS over 1.000, hits lead off, plays third base and has 3 stolen bases in only 4 games at Iowa. Bring him up!!! Maybe we can trade Fonenot to make room for him and his little friend. Oh wait.. I just read who he is.. No, I mean release him, trade him.. um...hmmmm? I'm so confused now. Is this guy really any good?


What has Kevin Gregg done for us lately?

In answering this question, think about what realistic alternatives the Cubs have around the league - perhaps a trade or signing to get somone in here.  Now, imagine the following pitcher is...

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