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User Blog

Ditka's Lounge- Fantasy Football Draft Results Edition

via Welcome everyone to the long awaited, highly anticipated return of Ditka's Lounge. I know for sure there is at least one person peeing their pants like Thorco...


Is this Defense better than 05 and 06?

(Edit- I added 1985 stats for fun) As I watched the game and read some tweets randomly throughout, I started to hear and see things that caused me to pose the question above. Is the 2012 Defensive...

Chicago Bear Stats


For all you stat junkies out there this site has a ton of info about any stat you can think of.

Dead Spin "Why your Team Sucks 2012 Packers Edition"


This is one in a series of articles on Dead Spin, warning foul language used early and often.


Ditka's Lounge- I'm a Dad first and Bears fan second

via Welcome everyone to the much anticipated return of Ditka's Lounge where you're always a VIP. Wait what's that you say? How is this the much anticipated return when...

amSchefter Adam Schefter NFL announced Lions DT Ndamukong Suh was suspended two games without pay...


amSchefter Adam Schefter NFL announced Lions DT Ndamukong Suh was suspended two games without pay -- a loss of $164,000.


Pro Bowl Voting


Go and get your vote on!!

Bears Vs Packers


Pictures from the greatest rivalry in football, bring on Sunday!


The Return of Ditka's Lounge-- Superdome Edition

via   Welcome back everyone to the hottest scene on the Internet.  The one and only Ditka's Lounge where you're always a VIP and the beer is cold and the polish...



Trent Dilfer is on Twitter. Uh oh.... To follow and tell him how much he sucks and get blocked, or not? Tough choices...

ESPN Power Rankings


Power rankings are out, and well I don't really put much stock in them but they say the Bears are 13th. Olin Kruetz departure apparently the end of the run game in Chicago.


Mike Ditka Vs Greg Olsen

  VS.       via Welcome to the DVW Research facility, today we will find out if Greg Olsen was actually Mike Ditka the last few years.  Please follow me after the...

Most Punishing Runners in NFL History


You know you love him, Adam Rank has posted an article featuring the NFL's most punishing backs, two Bears have made the list. How'd he do, who would you put on the list?


Is Jay Cutler the next Super Bowl Winner?

via   Driving into work this morning I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio; they were having a conversation about Superbowl winning QB's.  They talked about an...


Happy Birthday Jay Cutler!

On this day in 1983 our frachise QB was born.  So what did the Bears do for Jay the day before his bday?  Well they went out and got him a 6'7" 314lb present.  I'm sure Jay is more than happy with...


Ditka's Lounge Presents- The biggest day in the history of the NFL approaches!

That's right the biggest day in the history of the NFL is coming up and many of you aren't ready for it.  No I'm not talking about the NFL Draft.  I'm talking about something way more important...


Ditka's Lounge Presents- A WCG Milestone Approaches

  vi via Welcome Bears fans once again to your favorite lounge, where we only serve the finest of spirits and the pizza is always deep dish and the hot dogs are always Chicago...


Tip your bartenders- The return of Ditka's Lounge!

Yes you read that right, you are right smack dab back in the lounge with me  your host Ditkavsworld.  Please come behind the velvet rope and grab your favorite beverage it's time to talk about the B...


Brandon Manumaleuna- Truth revealed!

via *NOTE:  This post is intended to be humorous, so if you lack a funny bone stop reading.   On many occasions in the hallowed comments sections of WCG many references are...


Jay Culter- A tale of two Coordinators

via     A lot had been made over the Martz effect on the Bears passing game prior to and during the beginning of the season.  A lot of us Bears fans weren't sure how...


Greatest Return Man Ever

via WIth the record breaking punt return in the books I thought what better time than now to put any debate that Hester isn't the most dominate return man in the game to...


Bear Weather Blitz

via There has been a lot of talk in the past about Bear weather and how if Ditka blesses us with freezing temps and wind and snow that it's an automatic win.  Well Ladies...


Veterans Day- Honoring True American Heroes.

via   With Veterans Day tomorrow I decided to put together a post to honor those who have served, are serving and will serve in the future.  For anyone who would like a brief...


Patriot Games

via   Now I'm not one to just go off and claim conspiracy theroy and all that, but with the recent moves that could become final today the gears started turning.  For a...

Lion VS Bears NFL Rewind Tonight


Time for some film study, Bears and Lions again tonight at 7 CDT NFL Network.


Ditka's Lounge Presents- The Regular Season Prediction Thread

via Happy cut day everyone, it's time once again to step around the velvet rope and have a seat in Ditka's Lounge.  For those who may not be familiar with this, it's just...


Ditka's Lounge- Carry my bags Rook!

  Welcome back everyone, please take a step around the velvet rope because as a WCG member you are always a VIP in Ditka's Lounge.  Grab your favorite beverage and a Polish sausage it's...


Ditka's Lounge- Viking God?

    I 'd like to welcome everyone to the first ever Ditka's Lounge.  I came up with the idea for a post of this nature over the weekend and if it turns out to be a popular feature I might continue...

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