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User Blog

Tale of the Tape

  With all the recent jibber jabber between Sayers and Urlacher, I thought what better time than now to do a tale of the tape.   


Bears not likely to move up in draft

According to Jerry Angelo, it is unlikely that the Bears will try to move up in the draft into the first or second round. via


Bears Fans- Don't Punch Cutler In The Eye

via In this story run by the Chicago Tribune it is reporting that QB Jimmy Clausen was in an altercation outside of a local bar after the loss to UConn.


I'm 4D- Disgusted, Dejected, Disappointed and Ditka

 I know I should probably save my ramblings until tomorrow, but I can't go to bed until I air out my thoughts.  I'm not trying to come off sounding like a fair weather fan though. 


Lovie's FF team. Robbie Gould Kicker?

via I got to thinking yesterday during the game, I wonder who is on Lovie's fantasy football team.


Nickname Post - Frank Omiyale

  via Given the MVP nature of Frank's Play I thought it might be time for another nickname post.  Follow me after the jump for some of the current names that are floating...

Super Fans.... Never gets old... ever...


Super Fans.... Never gets old... ever...


Game day thread

  I didn't see a gameday thread and I've read some comments from some of you looking for one.  So I figured I'd put this fan post up for you guys if you want it. Hopefully the Lions pull it out...


Week 2 Steelers vs Bears might not be as tough to win.

via As most of you probably know already,  Big Ben went down yesterday at practice with a suspected ankle injury.


Favre to Sign with the Queens

Who didn't see this coming? Reports are now flying around that Farve is on his way or has landed in Minnesota and is suppose to sign with the Vikes today.  Link via


Richard Dent HOF

via Ran across this blog entry on the World Wide Leader.  It's asking us to submit our comments on why we think Richard Dent should be in the HOF.


Most Overrated Team (WCG Version)

I was sluming over on the DN a little bit ago, and I noticed this gem of an article. LINK Follow me after the jump for some highlights.


Plax Indicted by Grand Jury

According to reports from the world wide leader Plaxico Buress has been indicted on criminal gun charges. via

Top 10 Comebacks- #6 Bears vs Cardinals


Great video of that notorious game. I could still watch Dennis Green flip out all day.


Draft expanding to 3 days.

 Disclaimer!!!!  Mel Kiper may cause seaziures proceed with caution!!!!!! Get out your popcorn and oil up the lazy boy the draft will now be 3 days.


This Season's Success Falls To The Defense--- Not Cutler

Reading through some posts on the board here recently it seems like most of us are secure in the thought that Jay Cutler is a good QB.  We would also agree that our offense should improve even if...


Stat Pack- Who would you pick?

The following is a statistical comparison of 4 WR's, can you name them based on stats alone?  Rank them in order from who you'd personally want most to the one we can do without.   Stats are based...


Is the offseason over yet?

 This offseason has been one of the best in the last few years.  With that being said I'm sure most of us wish it was over.   But we still have a long way to go so for your viewing pleasure...


Adrian Peterson wants to add weight

via According to my recent issue of SI, Adrian Peterson is toying with the idea of adding extra weight. 


Greg Paulus Michigan QB

This is just ludicris to me.  We all had the joy of reading GB's Fan Post on Green Bay brining him in to evaluate his talent.  Well looks like he wouldn't mind going to UM for 1 year.


Favorite Bears Memorabilia

    Since this is the offseason and GeauxBears recently asked how you came to be a fan of the Bears, I thought I would ask what kind of Bears memorabilia do you have and what is your favorite.


QB Success Formula

The world wide leader has posted a new blog discussing a QB formula that can determine the success or lack there of for QB's.  The tables in the article were the most interesting to me seeing as...


Peppers doesn't want to be a Bear

I don't know if anybody has seen this yet but the Sun times is running a story about  Peppers having 4 teams in mind that he would want to be traded to and Chicago isn't one of them.    They only...


Ruben Brown on the Radio

Ruben Brown believes that all Chicago needs to be successful is to shore up the D line through the draft and we're in business.  The troubling thing to me in this article is that he says he is...


Favorite Stadium/Experience Not at Solider Field

I came up with this idea the other night.  I haven't had the opportunity to travel to many Bears games, but I have been to a few.  I've been to New Orleans, Jacksonville and Tampa.  Of the three...


Ladanian Tomlinson

I was watching the world wide leader yesterday and they had a spot where they were discussing the possiblity of LT becomming available.  Obviously if we had to pay a lot for him it probably...


Random Funny Sighting

Some of you may remember and some of you may not remember when I posted my sighting of a Bobby Hebert jersey while watching the Saints vs Bears.  Well I saw something that struck me as funny once...


Dr Z had 2 strokes

I'm just putting this out there for some of you who may not know. I was reading Monday Morning QB and was a little saddened to hear that Dr Z suffered two strokes last week.  Peter King reported...



Just trying to keep all things Bears in one spot! Black and Blue all over: No excuses from Hester Chicago's Devin Hester knows what the easy story would be: As he has transitioned into a...

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