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Cup Predictions

The field is set and there are a ton of great matchups in the first round, but I'm curious to see who you guys like to go all the way this year. Vegas odds as of 4/11/11: Vancouver Canucks 3/1   W...


Time for a new draft order

I absolutely hate the idea of tanking, but I understand that future success in this league depends on it. Therefore, I suggest changing the system to reward success instead of failure by changing...

You're the next contestant on the Price is Right!


MHH, come on down! How much would you bid for this package? And no, you can't bid $1 and the guy who bids $1 more than the highest bid is a jerk.


Top Sleeper Predictions

Let's go ahead and eliminate the big names from all the trophy races and make some predictions on who will surprise everyone to win the end-of-season awards for 2010-11. Names are based on the odds...


Labor strife

In a perfect world, the NHL would be the only game in town on July 1, 2011, after reading this gem from the NBA players union chief: Lockout time The NFL may also be out for the 2011-12 season, as...

ESPN Ombudsman talks to ESPN exec who shockingly defends ESPN


The addressing of the NHL hatred comes toward the bottom, as you would expect. Predictably, there is no anti-NHL bias coming from ESPN. Needless to say, the talk of having the Penguins/Capitals game being the second-longest highlight on Superbowl Sunday is particularly funny, considering there are so many other sports playing that day. The Winter Classic was also the second-longest highlight, right behind that bowl game that nobody can remember. ESPN just doesn't get it. We don't expect equal time. We understand our sport gets lower ratings. All we want is good, professional coverage. They don't understand that every time an anchor mispronounces a player's name, it shows ignorance or disrespect. And putting a hockey highlight in between two editorial sessions discussing Lebron's latest haircut isn't good coverage.


Team USA World Cup

If you've been paying attention, you know that the goal keeper for team USA is Tim Howard. I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems obvious to me that this man is the secret identity of...


Off Topic: Information blackout

Perhaps you guys can help me out. See, I've been a fan of this game called "basketball" for a very long time. I know, most of you haven't heard of it; it's quite the niche sport. Anyway, there's a...


Detroit Celebrates Another Stanley Cup Victory

Once again, as has happened every year since the inception of hockey, the glorious Detroit Red Wings have emerged victorious in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.This season was a very memorable run as the...


Team USA announcement

I just read that Team USA will be announced at the conclusion of the Winter Classic. If there's one thing we can count on from the NHL, it's that they will always miss the mark with marketing. It...

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