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User Blog

How does MMA Fighting compare to Bloody Elbow?

I've been a member of Bloody Elbow for years and decided this week that I should see if there are other MMA communities and news sites out there that might appeal to me. I like the mix of stories...



Ivory Tower Defenders - Official Trailer (via SlowLifeGames) A mere 3 years and 2 months after starting to develop our first mobile game it is now in the App store and on Google Play. ...


WTF are we supposed to click?! (With Poll!)

On the pictures? On the circles? On the text on top of the pictures? No, on those pictures, but not on these pictures! On this text, but not on that text! At the top of the page, but not...


Mark Jackson: An Overflow of Favor

via ww3.hdnux.com When Golden State hired Mark Jackson last year as head coach I mentioned that I didn't care for him and I was very glad the Timberwolves hadn't hired him. Something about the way...


Something To Cheer About: Phoenix Suns President Announces He Is Gay

It was great to see this New York Times article yesterday. Well, maybe "great" is a strange word to use in this circumstance. How about "bittersweet" or "about time" or just plain "sad"? I'd agree...


Wesley Johnson rated #9 by 3 GMs

From Chad Ford ESPN insider today:   "I talked to three NBA executives who use various forms of statistical analysis to rank their players to get a feel for what they're seeing. The GMs agreed to...


Chad Ford: Favors or Cousins

Latest from Chad Ford on ESPN insider, worth the $3 a month (imho):   "Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins Favors and Cousins have now met in Sacramento and Philly, and they'll be in New Jersey...


Hoops Analyst on Small Forwards (Wesley Johnson in particular)

The always thoughtful Ed Weiland analyzes the Small Forwards. Here is a small sampling:   Wesley Johnson "I have to believe that this is the future for Johnson. That he’s not much more than a good...


Plan B - Reframing Brand and the #2 pick

We didn't get one of the top two picks, which is disappointing, but something even better may have fallen in to our laps:   I was reading an article this morning about Philly shopping the #2 pick...


Blame Coker first and foremost

You can hate Dana White, it's easy to do. He sticks his shiny dome in everywhere, at the weigh-ins, on his vlogs, after the fights to hand out the belts, at the post-fight press conference, on...


MMA Playground rankings?

Now that Eugene is gone, are we still continuing with the MMA Playground rankings/postings and prizes? I've been a UFC fan for 5 years now, but it wasn't until I started participating in this...


ESPN Fantasy Basketball League - Canis Hoopus Fans

We have a few more openings for owners.  The live draft is next Saturday at 5 p.m. EST.  General principles of the league: - weekly roster adjustments only, so we can all have lives outside of the...


What really happened between Cable and Hanson? (the inside story)

I doubt this is the whole story, but it certainly looks bad for Cable and I think he deserves whatever he gets:   Michael Silver with the Inside Story from Hanson   More than anyone else I think we...

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