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Growing Pains

It happens. Sooner or later, our string of 3 very hard fought games would come to an end. We all knew it. We just didnt know when. Of course there were several alarming things. Poor defense,...


Coaching Lets Us Down Again...

Once again, the Rookie was asked to carry the team, throwing for 313 yards, and running for another 50. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Remember when you were 16 and you just got...


Rationalizing the Seemingly Irrational

Yes, I know... it makes no sense. A roster depleted offensively and aching defensively and the Team takes 2 tight ends. I mean, what comes next? We take a QB in the 4th round? Afterall, what if the...


Options at 34

After an interesting first round, the Colts have a very decent shot at grabbing an immediate impact player at #34 or trading down for an extra pick. Of the prospects left: Cordy Glenn OG Stephen...


Let's See This "Objectively"

[IMG][/IMG] I was going to post the following as a response to someone's (Redskins) comment, but I figure you all might wanna see this without having to parse...


5 Years From Now - An Outlook on the NFL QB Landscape

So it seems as though everyone is convinced that this draft has 2 sure fire QB's of the future who will create a marvelous rivalry for the next decade (and a third, Tannehill, has the chance to...


Rick Reilly Article on Luck Nice read. Yes I know, we've heard it all... but its still nice to get excited about the future ha. There wasn't a comment...


Luck versus RG3 - A slightly different final outlook on our next QB

Much has been said about the Luck versus RG3. About who should go #1, about who will do better in the NFL, etc etc. Unfortunately, much of that debate has gotten not only repetitive and annoying,...


Luck's Pro Day - Confirms and Suprises

Luck's pro day really already confirmed what we already knew. Brilliant touch on the ball, very quick release. And on target. He had only one bad throw, a post route from the 25 yard line, along...


Combine: Who's impressing more?

Who do you guys think is impressing more in the combine? Obviously, we can discuss QB's... but note that by impressing, we usually mean with respect to what was expected of them. So far, both Luck...

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