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This is a Rottweiler with a Tigerhawk.


All other dogs suck. Norm & the wife must be roaming around painting the dogs again.


2010 Season, In Song.

Sung to the tune of American Pie Go ahead and open another window to listen to it while reading. Spoil Yourself. You deserve it. On a side note:  If this strikes you as a disorganized, confused...


Gary Barta holds a press conferance

                                         Gary Barta stands at a Podium, in front of a group of reporters. I have called this press conference to clear up the confusion about the 'knucklehead'...


Anyone have some Good Advises for tailgating?

My wife and I are planning on tailgating for the ISU game. We're planning on sleeping in our van, does anyone know where would be the best place to park, a place that can stay overnight? Best...


Hawkeyes and WWF Superstars

                                    Ricky Stanzi Loves Red, White and Blue. Can fight back from sure defeat, by being energized with chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A!!"    ...


Delaney Went Down to South Bend

The conference re-alignment saga, put to Charlie Daniels. Big Ten, Big XII, SEC, and ACC fans would all enjoy this take on the conference realignment situation.

Ricky Stanzi is an Otherworldly Gladiator Disciple of Nixon!!


This journalist has totally broken the case!! http://blackathlete.net/artman2/publish/Commentary_1/Straight_No_Chaser_Stars_Gripes.shtml Some excerpts- "Really Ricky Stanzi, you’re serious with that 1968 Tricky Dick Nixon line? Yes. Apparently the signal caller must be stuck in another dimension or simply delusional." " But still, till this day, guys like Stanzi, a scholar/gladiator, a young Caucasian cat, apart of the one and only authentic Americans who demand - we all love it, praise it, or leave it. . . go back to Africa?" Much more in this totally not batshit crazy, IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!! rant linking Ricky Stanzi to (a)Murder (b)Slavery (c) Rape! (d) Dying for Wall St.'s desire to monopolize the global market (e)Pirate Flags. Could this derail his Presidential chances?

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