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The Power Running versus Zone Blocking Games

The San Diego/NY Jets Playoff Game and What It Showed Brian: I read a couple of your archived articles this morning and I liked them both very much. The article on the running game was very...


Was Tim Tebow Drafted to Sit on the Bench?

One of the many things that fans are talking about, complaining about, praising and espousing right now is the talk about how Tim Tebow was NOT drafted to sit on the bench. For the upcoming season,...

Sacking Negativity


The Broncos know that they've got some companions out with injuries, but they also know that it's just part of the game, and they're finding ways to move on.


Broncos Thoughts and Musings: First Week of Training Camp

Training camp has been nothing if not eventful. As is common at this time of year, some events are positive, some are not. First, I was asked on a thread about the injuries to Josh Barrett and...


Following Our Foes TC

Although the Broncos loss of Moreno and Buckhalter caused most of us to hold our collective breath, Denver seems to have dodged a bullet. Moreno's injury is worse and at least 3 weeks is expected,...


Tales from the SunnySide: Jammie Kirlew

When Josh McDaniels took on the task of remaking the Denver Broncos into a perennial playoff contender, his approach to player personnel was relatively direct. He put in place manuals for each of...


2010 Training Camp Battles

Every year, during the lull between the appetizer or OTAs and the 'meat' of training camp, articles start to filter through the blogosphere suggesting various combinations of players for the 53 man...


Elvis Dumervil and the Ways of Leverage

Within the past week, to mix my sports metaphors, the Broncos stepped up to the plate. Despite back and forth theories and contradictions both within the fanbase and the media about how the Broncos...


Tales from the SunnySide: Walter Payton's Knees

So many folks have asked me about the story of why Walter Payton used that funny, straight-legged style of running that I feel like I was (inadvertently) teasing them when I said that I'd tell it...


Tales from the SunnySide: Walter Payton's Knees

  So many folks have asked me about the story of why Walter Payton used that funny, straight-legged almost kicking style of running when he broke free that I feel like I was inadvertently teasing...


Memories of the Game

A brief background - I grew up in several cities, but I was born in Cook County Hospital and my family moved back to Chicago in the 60's, when I was 10. A friend over on MHR sent me this link (find...


Memories of the Game

bradley: Thanks for sending me that link. Ironically, I'd just read that when I got to your email. It was/is a heck of a read, and I appreciate you including me. If anyone missed it, it was here:


Elway rejoins the Broncos

via Some years back in Denver (Doug or TJ could tell you how many), Dan Reeves fired a young coach who was, in fairness, trying to get around Reeves with regard...

One thing to keep in mind though, it takes three to four years for college defensive ends to make...


One thing to keep in mind though, it takes three to four years for college defensive ends to make the transition to outside linebackers in the NFL. So don’t give up on Jammie (Kirlew) or sell him short of one day becoming a good or great linebacker for the Broncos. This should help put Robert Ayers' transition into perspective. It's why Mike Mayock feels that Ayers will be the pick of the draft defensively in 2 more years.

The Tale of Richard Quinn

via Every time Richard Quinn's name comes up, you begin to hear the same Greek chorus - "He's only a blocking back. He only caught 12 balls in college." The second...


McDaniels, Tebow and the 'It' Factor

via I was chatting with anothe member this afternoon, and he mentioned his discomfort with the article in today's Denver Post on the 'It' factor. He brought up a few very legitimate...


The Tale of Marquez Branson

There are players who come into the NFL, seemingly immediately ready to take on the challenges of the game. You may find them in the 1st round or the 7th - you may even find them in the ranks of...


Predicting Tebow

I've been one of the folks who would prefer a more balanced view of the Broncos newest quarterback. He's done some great things, and he has some weaknesses that are not minor issues. In the midst...


Draft Theory II - A New Trend?

The Option of Drafting a Later Round QB I was wandering through the day's information, casual as you please, when this next bit from jumped up and bit me on the imagination. As...


Draft Theories and Systems I - General Theory

 SWG777 asked me for some draft theory info. While there are more knowledgeable members on this subject, I did have a ton of draft info in the archives, so I put some together for this. Here's...


The State of the Herd: Familiarity and the Defense

In Part I, I tried to look at where Denver stands right now, and to establish how a year's familiarity with the team and systems could, for most of the players and coaches, provide a noticeable...


Familiarity and the Year 2010: The State of the Herd Report

The Denver Broncos came into 2009 on the heels of a shocking dismissal of long-time head coach Mike Shanahan. The next few months would be filled with the hiring of Josh McDaniels and his entire...


Uncertainly Plagues ILB for Denver

When I was asked for a piece on Mario Haggan and the inside linebacker position, I went through the three research files on Haggan that I had already developed and quickly realized that there was a...


The Tale of Dustin Fry

We've been talking for weeks now about the nose tackles in this league, on this team and in this draft. It seems that every time I turn around, some other NFL team has decided that the intelligent...


Analyzing Nose Tackles

Perusing the list of offerings from this past week, I particularly liked the article Trends that Ivan put together, and I want to compliment him on that great effort. It was a very nice job of ...


Understanding Drafting the Quarterback Position

via A Historical Perspective One of the most important abilities as a general manager, a coach or a scout is the ability to analyze talent. Each of these professions needs to...

Linebacker: The Broncos Scheme and Needs


Linebacking and its place on the Broncos and in the NFL draft.

The Power and Zone Blocking Running Games and the Broncos


What is the difference between power running and zone block running?

Tales from the SunnySide: Marquez Branson, TE


Tales from the SunnySide: Marquez Branson - Can a practice squad guy from Central Arkansas step up in 2010?

Tales from the SunnySide: Team Building 2010


Tales from the SunnySide: Team Building 2010: How do the Broncos get from here to the late playoffs?

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