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How Many Wins Will Denver Have in 2014?

Like any good Chiefs fan I loathe Denver (I just capitalized it, I know, but I didn't want to offend the grammar Nazis). So with my hatred of Denver I began thinking just how many wins will they...

Current Draft Hard On


This dude reeks of pass-rush destruction. Projected 2nd-3rd rounder, I would love a trade back scenario getting a 2nd and 3rd for our 1st. Use the 2nd on this guy, two 3rd's on G and WR and go from there. He's 6'3", 250 lbs, 33.75inch arms and 11" hands. On (youtube) film he has crazy speed off the edge, terrorizes QB's, and some of his interceptions put even wide receivers to shame on the hands category.

The Next Jamaal Charles


This guy is fascinating to watch. Had a couple injuries and that seems to be knocking him to mid 2nd- mid 3rd round range. I know we don't need a RB but he's got amazing vision, change of direction, ability to bounce off tackles, and the burst just like Jamaal had coming out of college. I'm going to enjoy following him.


Trade Dwayne Bowe...?!...?!!

What if instead of taking an Atlanta player from them, we give one to them? I tried to do a fanshot but apparently my MD degree means I'm not smart enough to make up a url the site would...

De'Anthony Thomas RB Oregon


I know we're supposed to be all 2013 and what not, but this guy is likely coming out next year and I watch this video nearly every day. He has ridiculous speed, vision, and decision-making. I just salivate over having him and JC in the same backfield. By the way, in the last part of the video he hits 26 mph, he's on the track team, and I would not be surprised at all if he sets the combine record 40 yard dash with something like a 4.15.

Jackson Restructured per Adam Schefter's Twitter


KC staying busy... RT @espn_afcwest: Chiefs Breaking News: Tyson Jackson redid his contract. He will remain with the Chiefs in 2013.


A Way Too Early Look at the 2013 NFL Draft

Hey guys, if you're like me then the one thing you do all year round is scout college talent and drool over who you want the Chiefs to draft. Mocks at this point are a total crapshoot because...


My Chiefs 2012 Offseason... Thoughts?

I believe that with Manning’s recent medical clearance we should make a valiant effort to sign him. He is the missing link on an otherwise Super Bowl worthy team. Not saying he guarantees a...


Make it or Break it

I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan, always have been.  Grew up 10 minutes from Arrowhead in the peak of DT58's dominance and there was nothing better than the sea of red, #1 crowd noise, a top defense, and...


Playing General Manager

Hello AP!  I'm a long time reader and first time poster.  I love all the conversations and back and forth and that people even have nicknames on here, it's all great.  I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan,...

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