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Tell me this is BS


Melo for BG? Gotta be kidding me



Clips sign Darren Collison


Ha! awesome


saw this on twitter

Clips interested in Tony Allen, Barnes would like to stay


I'd rather do the Afflalo trade... Need a shooter

Bad news?


Celts press conference coming today with Ainge and Rivers only, per ESPN radio


CP3's Push for the trade


Calls trade essential for his re-signing

VDN to coach Celtics??


Doc Rivers is still undecided if he's going to return to the Boston Celtics bench next season and Thursday came word from Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne that he and the Los Angeles Clippers have "strong mutual interest" in each other. Until we hear from Rivers the rumors are going to keep coming and Friday's Boston Herald reports Vinny Del Negro could be an option if Rivers resigns. Mark Murphy writes: "Two league sources with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed yesterday that if Rivers does indeed leave, former Clippers coach Vinnie Del Negro will receive serious consideration as his replacement." According to Murphy, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is "an admirer of Del Negro and his up-tempo philosophy." Rivers reportedly doesn't want go through another rebuild and Ainge may take that course this summer. If Rivers leaves he'll forfeit a guaranteed $21 million on the table, however he will get most of that back should he move over to the Clippers. Rivers and Ainge may not come together on a decision until after the June 27 NBA draft. "As a stopgap for that situation, sure," said one source. "Vinnie would be the perfect person for what they need. All of the all-star coaches, or whatever you want to call them, are going, and knowing how Danny feels about him, (Del Negro) would be a good fit."

In other news, Bucher is full of it


"The craziness that is the Clippers' coaching search: the attraction to Brian Shaw, at least in part, is inspired by the rivalry with the Lakers, a source says. Anticipating that Phil Jackson is going to re-surface in some capacity with the Lakers sooner rather than later and that he'd look to install Shaw as the head coach, some in the Clippers' organization love the idea of having Shaw unavailable to their Staples Center co-inhabitant. It sounds like a crazy, flimsy premise upon which to base such a significant decision, and no doubt that wouldn't be the only basis upon which Shaw would be hired, but that it could be part of the equation reveals two things: the Clippers are looking to put a rent in the purple-and-gold cape any way they can; and forecasting what the Clippers will do (and why) remains as precarious an endeavor as ever."



Clippers have yet to speak with George Karl, but he is still considered a strong candidate

Ramona Shelburne

Good news is Barnes wants to stay, but pick Karl


@EricPincus: I hear Odom/Barnes - who both want to stay - lobbying for B-Shaw @basketballtalk

George Karl fired!


@WojYahooNBA: Denver has parted ways with coach George Karl, league source tells Yahoo! Sports.

Clippers targeting Brian Shaw


"The Los Angeles Clippers have identified Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw as their No. 1 choice to become the club's next head coach, a source told's Ramona Shelburne."

Shaw and JVG at top of list?


Not sure if there's actually anything new here But I hope we get JVG

Eric Gordon coming back????


Bledsoe/DJ for EG/Robin Lopez I say get it done!

Good news about paul staying, but Bledsoe leaving


For those not Insiders... ""He deserves to run his own team, he deserves to be a starter somewhere,'' Paul recently told me. "So when the time comes, I'm going to be the biggest advocate for him to get the money he deserves.'' also "When other clubs call the Clippers to ask if Bledsoe's available, they're quickly and decisively told no. The Clippers will keep Bledsoe this season -- first as insurance in the highly unlikely scenario that Paul leaves as a free agent, and second to help them win the crown this season. The likeliest scenario has the Clippers trading Bledsoe around draft time."

CP3 believes he's the best in the NBA


I think he made an innocent comment here that proves he believes in himself... something any ultra-competitive athlete would have said. And of course i heard some wackos on ESPN radio going crazy about this comment.

Dennis Lindsey to Utah


I guess we'll just stick to no GM... or 3 GM's... or whatever we have

ESPN LA Poll. Who's Better, Clips or Lakers


Clips at 18%, lets see if we can move that up a little bit

Todd Ramasar ‏@tramasar Ryan Hollins has verbally agreed to be a LA Clipper. Retweeted by Eric...


Todd Ramasar ‏@tramasar Ryan Hollins has verbally agreed to be a LA Clipper. Retweeted by Eric Pincus I hope this means Darko said no. I have no idea why they would choose Hollins over Darko if that was not the case

Video of how Blake Griffin injured his knee


Video of how Blake Griffin injured his knee

@EricPincus: Wonder too if Shard Lewis will look at BAE with Clippers - Lakers can do Mini-MLE. ...


@EricPincus: Wonder too if Shard Lewis will look at BAE with Clippers - Lakers can do Mini-MLE. Lakers also looking at Grant Hill

Brand gets amnestied


The 76ers have decided to use the amnesty clause on Elton Brand and the $18M left on final year of his deal, league sources tell Y! Sports. Stay away Clippers... even if you do have enough money for him

Ray Allen being recruited by LeBron and CP3


Bigger role and more money is on the Clips side!

Scola being shopped...


how about for DJ? I would definitely rather have Scola than DJ. Not gonna have the exciting dunks or blocks, but he's more than a solid center.


got my 12 society

Whats up with Kevin Love... he got me some Tapatio hot sauce? The rest of the box is pretty cool. BG got me an Iphone case and stand, got some cool headphones, a mangroomer, and a weird watch...

Odom to Clips if Mo OK's deal to Utah


Still not sure what i think of Odom coming here, but I kinda hope Mo says OK... If he wants to be a starter in the NBA and keep his 8.5 mil he should do it

Ranking the last 20 #1 picks


Very interesting article. Ranks them where they would be picked if they were all coming out of the same class today, with BG #13. 13. Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma Drafted No. 1 by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2009 Griffin was a freak athlete with a body builder's physique coming out of college. He played his butt off, threw himself around the floor and just out-toughed other players in the paint. He, too, was a consensus No. 1 pick, but again, the strength of the draft at the top didn't blow anyone away and Griffin was seen more as a future All-Star instead of a future superstar. So far Griffin has lived up to expectations. His highlight reel dunks have made him very popular, but he's been unable to carry a team on his own. Also has a ranking of where they are now based on their career. 1. LeBron James 2. Tim Duncan 3. Dwight Howard 4. Derrick Rose 5. Allen Iverson 6. Chris Webber 7. Yao Ming 8. Blake Griffin 9. Elton Brand 10. Kyrie Irving 11. Glenn Robinson 12. Andrew Bogut 13. Joe Smith 14. Kenyon Martin 15. John Wall 16. Andrea Bargnani 17. Kwame Brown 18. Michael Olowokandi 19. Greg Oden ??? Anthony Davis

DiLeo in the mix for GM


From ESPN insider UPDATE: In addition to Vandeweghe, Griffin and Paxson, Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times reports Tony DiLeo is under consideration for the job. DiLeo is Philadelphia's senior vice president of basketball operations. ---- The Los Angeles Clippers are searching for a new general manager and Bob Finnan of The News-Herald reports they have received permission from the Cleveland Cavaliers to interview assistant general manager David Griffin. Kiki Vandeweghe, former general manager of the Nuggets and Nets, is rumored to be the early front-runner for the Clippers job. Former Cavaliers general manager Jim Paxson, who currently works for the Chicago Bulls, is the third known candidate for the vacancy.

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