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Film room: A&M


Celebrating the division championship and looking forward to Auburn.

Film Room: Vols, Stec and Henson


Looking at film from Missouri's 31-3 win over Tennessee.

Film Room: South Carolina


A late look at the key plays in South Carolina's 27-24 win over Missouri.

Film Room: MU-UF


Looking back at Maty Mauk's debut and Missouri's 36-17 win over Florida.

Film Room: Georgia

Take a moment to appreciate these Missouri players. You'll be talking about them in five years the way we talk about Maclin, Chase, Aldon and Danario.

Film Room: Arkansas State


Wrapping up Missouri's non-conference play with a few final observations before SEC play begins.

Film Room: Indiana


Where can Missouri improve after a lovely performance at Indiana?

Mizzou-MSU: Video Breakdown


Takeaways from the pummeling of an overmatched Murray State team.

Tape Breakdown: Florida


Reason to hope, reason to doubt.

Tape Breakdown: Kentucky


DocNice breaks down why the offense is getting closer, and why that might not matter against Florida.

Alabama Tape Breakdown


Believe it or not, a lot of positives came out of Mizzou's loss to Alabama if you know where to look.

Vandy Tape Breakdown


Great stuff, better late than never, from DocNice.

Mizzou-UCF: Tape breakdown


Lessons from the Missouri-UCF tape: offense, defense and what it means for the rest of the season.


Lessons from the tape. What we can learn from South Carolina

This post is way too late, but I didn't have the heart to dig this deep into a loss until today. But I'm glad I did, because there are some interesting observations in rewatching the game in...

Mythbusting The SEC: Defense, Dominance And The Draft


We’ve all heard about that ferocious SEC talent. How will Missouri deal with the speed of the SEC? How will they hold up to the physical style of play?

Mythbusting The SEC: What Does It Mean For Mizzou?

If Mizzou can expect to compete with Oklahoma and Texas, we should expect no less in the SEC. However, Mizzou can expect to find more teams with the talent of Oklahoma and Texas in the SEC, so getting lucky once in a while won’t cut it.

Mythbusting The SEC: 5. Are The Top Players Actually Bigger And Faster Than Everybody Else?

Are the SEC’s top players actually bigger and faster than everyone else, or are there just more good players?

Mythbusting The SEC: 4. Does The SEC Put Its Best Players On Defense?

Do SEC teams best players on defense while others put their talent on offense? Yes and No.

Mythbusting The SEC: 3. Is The Talent Advantage Only At Certain Positions?

Is the talent advantage only at certain positions, notably the defensive line? No, the SEC has the most players drafted in four out of six position groups (excluding special teams).

Mythbusting The SEC: 2. Are The Top Teams Extra Talented?

The SEC has more strong teams, and slightly more "middling" teams, but it also has its share of bad teams.

Mythbusting The SEC: 1. Is The SEC The Most Talented Conference In The Country?

In terms of overall draft picks, the SEC has more talent than any other conference. They have 453 picks vs a BCS average of 318. The next highest conference is actually the Big Ten at 394.


BillC gets props on

Nice shout out from Stewart Mandel in his weekly college football column for BillC.  Oklahoma State reminds me a lot of last year's Oregon team, and not because of the array of uniforms. The...


Statcruncher: Oklahoma State Edition

That Statcruncher predicts: a close game with a slight OSU advantage.  If we've actually improved, I think we stand a good chance. About the StatcruncherThe problem with statistical averages and...


Statcruncher: Predicting KSU Edition

That Statcruncher predicts: a comfortable Mizzou victory but not a blowout.  See below for more. About the statsThe problem with statistical averages and unit rankings is that it doesn't account...


Need photoshop ideas

I like to do a picture of the week for every opponent.  I've been doing them way back since the early days of the Tigerboard when they were called UPODs (Unofficial Pics of the Day - wcbeta had the...


What does it all mean? Predicting the rest of the season wk 4

Coming into the season, most expected a 9 to 10 win season, with a minimum of 8 wins.  After facing two ranked opponents on the road in the first 4 games, 8 wins looks like a best case...

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