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McCoven MLB 13 Whatever Thread

Since we're switching to the month-at-a-time-open model, I'm not going to be as heavy-handed on wrangling at the end of each month. It's going to be on the league at-large to keep each other...


McCoven MLB 13 League Pulse-Taking Thread

So a handful of individuals in the Week Seven thread have expressed some discontent regarding scheduling and the like. Between that and the loss of kaliber, bringing us down to 22 human owners, I...


McCoven MLB 13 the Show League Week Seven Thread

Only games what got simmed were the ones involving the Marlins. Everything else got resolved/reset, so the 8 teams whose week 5 series didn't get played still have those available to play. Note...


McCoven MLB 13 the Show League Week Six Thread

Week Six is upon us. I'm dropping boomburro from the league. He's had exactly zero participation, and I'm out of fucks to give. If anybody knows someone who's a) interested and b) is willing to...


McCoven MLB 13 the Show Week 5 Thread

All y'all know the drill. If you have pre-existing games open, try to get those out of the way before you advance to the next series as a courtesy to your fellow owners and to keep the fatigue...


McCoven Week Three Scheduling and Trade Thread

So we're trying a couple new things this week, kids and squids. In order to make it easier for us to tell who is playing whom and whether scheduling is going on (to make it easier and faster when...


McCoven MLB 13 League: Week Two Trade and Scheduling Thread

Couple housekeeping things to bring up here. 1) I'm still not sure what we've decided on trade approval. That seemed to fizzle. 2) Royals are available, and we could use an owner there. Beat the...


McCoven MLB 13 League: Week One Trade/Scheduling Thread

***UPDATE*** After examining what happened with the Astros/Angels game, and attempting to see if it was possible to play my own future games (it's not), I went ahead and reset that result. It...


MLB 13 McCoven League Countdown

***UPDATE 4/13/13*** The league is set up and invites have gone out. You need to log into MLB 13 to accept them via the 'Leagues' menu. Additionally, bigboneded, make sure you're patched, and make...


McCoven MLB 13: the Show Online League?

UPDATE WITH PERTINENT INFORMATION: The deadline to lock your spot in and have the game in hand is Friday, April 12. That's 3 weeks from today. In fact, I would lock in by Thursday, April 11 so that...

For TheLetter2: Part of the Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan as a backdrop!


For TheLetter2: Part of the Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan as a backdrop!

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