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Stark on the HoF Ballot


This a (longish) fascinating read from Jayson Stark on how he filled out his Hall of Fame ballot this year. I think everyone interested in the hall and the steroid debate should give it a read. He explains why he voted for each person on his ballot as well as the top five left off. It's interesting to see how someone like him handles the steroid question. He also has a nice part about Dale: "The last-timer: Dale Murphy I'll be honest. If I were ranking the 15 players I wanted to include on this ballot, Dale Murphy wouldn't have made the top 10. But I've been voting for the guy for a decade and a half. Couldn't stop now, when he's in his 15th and final lap around the track. I can't ever remember a player who has had a stranger voting history than Dale Murphy. In his first three elections, when nearly everyone voting on him had seen him play, he averaged 101 votes. In his next six, he averaged 55. In 2000, he got more votes (116) than Bert Blyleven or Jack Morris. By 2004, he was down to 43 and almost dropped off the ballot. Bizarre. By last year, Murphy was back up to 83 votes -- his most in 11 years, for some reason. And this winter, as Jerry Crasnick wrote last week, his entire family has mounted a heart-warming campaign for him that raises one truly meaningful question: Why is the character-and-integrity clause being applied only as a negative, to justify votes against the Mark McGwires of the earth? Why can't it be a reason to vote for a man such as Murphy, one of the great baseball citizens who ever occupied any clubhouse? Like many Murphy supporters, I would like to have seen a longer period of dominance. But I still see an eight-year stretch (1980-87) when this man ranked first, second or third in the entire sport in runs scored, home runs, extra-base hits, intentional walks and total bases. He got MVP votes in seven of those eight seasons and won twice. In that eight-year span, he and Andre Dawson were the only two players in the 200-Homer, 100-Steal Club and the only NL outfielders who won five straight Gold Gloves. That's an awfully long time for any player to hang around the who's-the-best-player-in-his-league conversation. Long enough, at least, to justify casting one final vote for a player whose stature still exceeds the total accumulation of his numbers."

SoE on the NL East Hot Stove


Sports on Earth does a breakdown of what each NL East team has and what they need to get. The "Dark Horse" section for the Braves is especially interesting...

Keri on Meds


I'm not a huge fan of Grantland, but Jonah Keri wrote a decent, if short, article on Medlen yesterday. Good to see him getting some recognition.

Kimbrel was lugging five large boxes around the clubhouse before the game. They contained a bunch...


Kimbrel was lugging five large boxes around the clubhouse before the game. They contained a bunch of goodies he ordered for his teammates from the All-Star game. His fellow relievers got All-Star gnomes, while everyone else received a gray T-shirt. Kimbrel also ordered something for himself: a baseball covered in 24-carat gold.

Odd bit from today's game notes Completely irrelevant, but I thought it was interesting. I wonder what a ball covered in gold looks like.

Dodgers Might Alter Playoff Race


The Dodgers and Sox might be close to a crazy deal. LA would get Crawford, Gonzalez, Beckett and Punto. If it goes through, the NL might get a little more interesting.

Greinke to Angels


Greinke is off the market.

Joe Pos on the All Star Game


Fun article from Joe Pos and some interesting ideas for the all star game.

All Star Rosters Announced


Uggla and Kimbrel for the Braves. Melky fing Cabrera is in the outfield...wow.

Playoff Replaces BCS


Looks like we're headed for a four team playoff.

JoePos on the DH


We've had some talk here recently about the DH (more specifically, about how Heap's future with the Braves might be different if the NL had it). Joe Pos offers an interesting take on the DH with an idea that most people don't seem to consider -- that it's good that one league has it and the other does not.

Padres land Quentin


Only TC related because a chunk of people have lobbied for him to be a Brave. Chicago got minor league pitchers Simon Castro, a right-hander, and Pedro Hernandez, a left-hander.

OSU receives bowl ban, loses 9 scholarships


Any ideas on how this affects SC? Considering these penalties, I wonder what SC's will be.

Darvish coming to MLB


Yu Darvish is going to make himself available to MLB teams through the same bid process used by Ichiro and Daisuke. I can't imagine the Braves going after him, but it will still provide an interesting story for MLB.

Lattimore out for the season


Wonder what the OBC will do now for his offense.

Garcia Dismissed


I think we all saw this coming at some point.

ACC Officially a 14 team league


Welcome to Syracuse and Pitt. I think if we're going to do this, we might as well go ahead and grab two other teams too. Looks like it's heading that way anyway.

Joe Pos on Wins


Not Braves related, but still an interesting article from Joe Pos on wins. He hits how I think most of us feel exactly -- wins are interesting and fun to look at, but have little value.

Playoff Analysis from Keri


Jonah Keri has some interesting things to say about the Braves that will leave most of us here nodding our heads. My favorite: "Bruce Bochy's outmanaging Ron Washington wasn't the only reason the Giants beat the Rangers in the World Series last fall. But it did help. Braves fans better hope their team's playoff life doesn't come down to a managerial battle of wits."

Joe Pos on the ASG


Joe Pos has an interesting article on the All Star Game. I especially liked this line: "Don’t reduce the fans’ role in the game — INCREASE it. I cannot believe that baseball does not allow hometown fans to choose their representative. Why wouldn’t they do that? A Final Fan vote for every team, let them choose their representative. And then give the managers the power to fill out the team. How is this hard at all?" I think that is an interesting premise. Not really sure how it would be carried out -- I guess voting could only be done at the ballpark or maybe your email address is tied to a team. What do you guys think?

Reds prospect fulfills military duties


Not Braves related, but still baseball and July 4th related. Nice, short story about a former Red minor leaguer who is now in Iraq.

Hoping for the Yanks to acquire Jair Jurrjens or Derek Lowe? We're not sure if either is...


Hoping for the Yanks to acquire Jair Jurrjens or Derek Lowe? We're not sure if either is available, but Sherman says "the Yankees' policy has become pretty much to run away from Atlanta pitching after having successful Braves hurlers blow up on them."

I guess we burned them one too many times

"His biggest problem," said one scout, "is he's not getting his front foot down, so he's got a...


"His biggest problem," said one scout, "is he's not getting his front foot down, so he's got a timing issue. And now he's pressing." "He looks awful," said another scout. "Every ball down in the zone is a 6-3 or a 4-3. And it's becoming psychological."

Jayson Stark's New Column, Re: Mr. Uggla

TC thinks it; Stark writes it


As unfortunate as the recent Posey incident was, many of us have looked at the national outcry and wondered why that outcry happened with Posey and not some of the other many catchers who suffered similar fates. Jayson Stark addressed that in his recent column, as well as how likely it is that a rule change will take place.

Female pitcher offered college scholarship


This isn't Braves related, but I thought it was interesting anyway. She might not be the first to do it, but she's the first I've seen and apparently it's causing some controversy.

Bloomberg article on Fieldf/x


Interesting article on defensive metrics with a little history and how teams are starting to embrace the new data.

When I was younger, probably 6, 7, 8 years-old I lived with my grandparents and afternoons I would...


When I was younger, probably 6, 7, 8 years-old I lived with my grandparents and afternoons I would come home and play hat football. We couldn’t afford a football so we played with a hat. And a guy from across the street named Chip – I still can’t remember his last name after all these years – comes in. He was about 2-3 years older than me and we were playing around and he fell on my right arm and broke my right arm. So I was in my cast and as a kid you want to play, so I played left-handed. And then I get my cast off my right arm. He comes over and breaks it again. He falls on me and breaks it playing football. Having a cast on your right arm for that long, you figure things out a little bit if you want to play and compete with the older kids. So I ended up being left-handed. But that’s the only thing I can do. I can’t do anything else left-handed.

The coolest thing I'll remember about Billy Wagner I just posted this in the BW thread, but it's a little down the page now, so I figured I'd fanshot it too. It's definitely the coolest thing I'll think of when I think of Billy. I guess if you could only do one thing left-handed, throwing a devastating slider and fastball would be a good choice.
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