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Doghouse writes about the Nats from time to time.

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Game 63: Routine win. Nats 2, SF 1


Okay, maybe it was slightly nerve-wracking, but I was never worried.

Game 62 WPA: Desi does it! Nats 9, SF 2


Desmond finally doesn't hit a dinger, but he hits everything else.

Game 61 WPA: Two-hit wonder. Nats 6, Pads 0


J-Zim really brought it today.

Game 60 WPA: An out away (x2). Nats 3, Pads 4


SCOAR MOAR RUNZ, NATZ! These low-scoring jobbers ain't working out.

Game 59 WPA: Roark = PFB. Nats 6, Pads 0


Okay, the Nats got some good offense, but how about Roark, huh?

Game 58: High five. Nats 4, FF 2


Fister doesn't walk people, and that's an excellent quality for a pitcher. Also, runs.

Game 57 WPA: Stras, supported. Nats 8, FF 4


Stras had a mistake or two, but went a solid 7 and the team picked him up with a storm of runs.

Instant Opinion: Nats need to go all bat in the IF


The Nats need to track down OF flies and gun down runners. Keep the gloves in the OF, double-down on offense around the horn, and let the grounders sort themselves out.

Instant Opinion: Nats should go all bat in the OF


Last night's game sealed it. The Nats' outfield has been lagging in offensive production. Zimmerman/Harper/Werth is the eventual configuration they need to win.

Game 56 WPA: Return of the Zim. Nats 7, FF 0


With both Zimmerman(n) brothers finally on the field together, the Nats are unstoppable!

Game 55 WPA: Stopped. Nats 0, TEX 2


Sometimes you have to tip your cap.

Game 54 WPA: Bombs away! Nats 10, TEX 2


Nats could do no wrong today.

Game 53: A win! A WIN!! Nats 9, TEX 2


Good pitching, good hitting. More like this, please.

Game 52: Raining, pouring. Nats 5, Fish 8


It was a perfect storm of not-success tonight.

Game 51 WPA: Needz Runz. Nats 2, Fish 3


Pitching only wins games if you score some runs, too.

Game 50 WPA: Salvage job. Nats 5, PP 2


Fister is serviceable, Williams is timely with the hook, and the offense does enough.

Game 49 WPA: 75 losses to 100. Nats 2, PP 3


Strasburg can't score all the runs, too, you guys.

Game 48 WPA: Another not-win. Nats 3, PP 4


It didn't feel as close as it looked.

Game 47 WPA: More FAIL. Nats 1, PP 3


Again the Nats don't win. What's up with that?

Game 46 WPA: FAIL heap. Nats 1, Reds 2.


The first inning was good. Then... nothing.

Game 45 WPA: SPAN'd. Nats 9, Reds 4


THIS is the game I should have gone to.

Game 44 WPA: Adventures in Failure. Nats 3, Reds 4


The Nats were never really out of this game, but they were never really in it, either.

Game 43 WPA: ¡Vamos Ramos! Nats 6, Mets 3



Game 42 WPA: UH-OH, GI-O! Nats 2, Mets 5


Gio didin't look so good today. Should we worry? Also, hit more, Nats!

Game 41 WPA: DOBBS IS UP!! Nats 5, Mets 2


Dobbs is 1-1 but gets thrown out trying for home. Booo!!!

Game 40 WPA: Better! Nats 5, AZ 1


Fister has a better outing, and the Nats contribute their patented Late Inning Runs™

Game 39 WPA: Stuck at third. Nats 1, AZ 3


A quality start isn't enough if you can't score runs.

Game 38 WPA: IMTC! Nats 6, AZ 5


I can't figure out whether falling asleep in the middle of the game is a jinx or not.

Game 37 WPA: Doom is back. Nats 1, As 9


Let's just move on, shall we?

Game 36 WPA: Letdown. Nats 3, As 4


Roark had another solid outing, but the bullpen let him down.

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