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Doghouse writes about the Nats from time to time.

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Game 117 WPA: No spoilers! Nats 6, FF 0

Look, we had friends over for drinks and dinner and more drinks. I'm watching the game tomorrow, so don't tell me what happened.

Game 116 WPA: Well written. Nats 8, FF 5

As a fan, stay within yourself. Don't press. Watch one game at a time, and let the rest take care of itself.

Game 115 WPA: Like old times. Nats 9, FF 2

Parts of this game were awfully familiar, but in ways that worked out well for the Nats.

Game 114 WPA: Roark, amirite? Nats 3, RFB 6

Yeah, that's right, THAT Tanner Roark, acquired by the Nats in trade for a rental on Cristian Guzman. That's a good return even if tonight's two good innings are all the Nats ever get out of him.

Game 113 WPA: Better lucky than good. Nats 1 RFB 2

The BABIP, the sequencing... they buuuuuurrrnnnn!

Game 112 WPA: So, 2014, amirite? Nats 2, RFB 3

Closely played, but another disappointing loss in full season's disappointment packed into 4 months.

Game 110 WPA: Good game again. Nats 3, MIL 0

Haren makes a case for being ace, runs come with speed and sacs and dingers, too, and the bullpen is nails. Doghouse likes.

Game 109 WPA: Good game. Nats 4, MIL 1

Tonight we saw the Nats play some good baseball. That's enough for now.

Game 108 WPA: 1st-inning run=JINX! Nats 1, Det 11

It's pretty tough to be hopeful after that.

Game 107 WPA: Easy come, easy go. Nats 1, DET 5

On the other hand, they make DC look like the Platonic form of sound financial management.

Game 106 WPA: Jordan gets a win! Nats 14, Mets 1

Taylor Jordan's extended no-run-support hazing finally ends, and he gets all his runs at once.

Game 105 WPA: Haren Haters' Lament. Nats 4, Mets 1

That start was some quality. Also, bombs.

Game 104: Woooo! Nats 2, Mets 1

Hey, you're lucky I didn't boot on the keyboard.

Gmae 103 WPA: Ridiculously awful. Nats 0, Mets 11

Starter coughs up runs? Check. Bullpen can't get outs? Check. Lineup can't score a run? CHECK! OMG, IT'S 2009.

Game 102 WPA: A win?! A win!! Nats 9, Bucs 7

Wow, that was some terrible home plate umpiring today. Harper came through pretty big, though.

Game 101 WPA: Laz Diaz stinks. Nats 2, Bucs 4

Stras loves striking out Bucs like the lineup loves not scoring, the bullpen loves giving up runs, and Laz Diaz loves making calls on plays he didn't see.

Game 100 WPA: Dropped it. Nats 1, Bucs 5

The Nats lost. It's what they do, lately.

Game 99 WPA: Less bad. Nats 5, Bucs 6

Well, we matched two-run bombs...

Game 98 WPA: Boy, that escalated quickly DC 2 LA 9

I think we could all do with a nice glass of scotch (or ten) after that one.

Game 97 WPA: 51 losses to 100. Nats 1, LA 3

As the guy in the last row of my section put it, there was nothing pretty about tonight's game.

Game 96 WPA: Return to disappointment. DC 2, LA 3

Stras looked okay, except for a HR. The hitting looked okay, except for all the LOB. Bullpen looked okay, except for the solo shot. A good game, except for the loss.

Game 95 WPA: Bittersweet. Nats 5, Fish 2

Nice win. Not so nice to merely beat the sweep in a series that the Nats needed to sweep...

Game 94 WPA: Frustration. Nats 1, Fish 2

Haren threw a great game, Clip & Store were magic, but the rest of the bullpen couldn't hold when the Nats made critical errors, and the Nats couldn't score any extra runs, running out of innings and failing to execute sac bunts.

Game 93 WPA: Meltdown. Nats 3, Fish 8

This game was about the opposite of what I was expecting, and in the worst possible way.

Game 92: A well-mannered loss. Nats 1, FF 3

It was nice of the Nats not to take advantage of the game being handed to them on a silver platter. Not terribly helpful for their W/L record, of course, but sporting.

Game 91 WPA: Bombs away! Nats 5, FF 1

Back-to-back jax are all teh raeg as the Nats rain down dingers and Gio has a strong outing.

Game 90 WPA: Crash and burn. Nats 2, FF 4

The Nats were almost as bad as the home plate umpire tonight.

Game 89 WPA: Insurmountable. Nats 2, FF 3

Hate on Haren all you want, but he was the least of the Nats' problems tonight.

Game 88 WPA: Why wasn't this easier? Nats 11, SD 7

Another endorsement for the "score runs" style of offense.

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