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Game 17 WPA: Alternating clowns. Nats 3, SCA 1


The calliope wasn't playing for the Nats this time, but they weren't too proud to dance to it when it played for the other side.

Game 16 WPA: Brrrr. Nats 0, SCA 8


Freezing my behind off in the stands was totally worth this game. Or perhaps the opposite of that.

Game 15 WPA: Fearsome. Nats 6, Fish 3


Better than last night.

Game 14 WPA: Yaaaay, clowns! Nats 2, Fish 11


The less said about this game the better.

Game 13 WPA: Extra bases. Nats 9, Fish 2


The Nats collect quite a few bases along with many runs. Good outing from NN, too.

Game 12 WPA: The Crisis. Nats 2, RFB 10


This series is Valley Forge for Nats fans. Let's hope that Matt Williams can turn things around as well as George Washington did.

Game 11 WPA: Nightmare. Nats 3, RFB 6


I hate this series.

Game 10 WPA: Drama and LOB. Nats 6, RFB 7


Only 2 of 6 Nats pitchers really got it done, but the bats kept the team in the game in spite of all the LOB.

Game 9 WPA: Stras. Yeah, Stras. Nats 7, Fish 1.


Stras kept it close until the Nats decided to just go nuts and score a ton.

Game 8 WPA: Quite a game. Nats 10, Fish 7


The team picked each other up tonight, and kept on picking each other up.

Game 7 WPA: ALR = teh spede. Nats 5, Fish 0


I'm pretty sure it must be the shoes.

Game 6 WPA: Close one. Nats 2, RFB 1


A tense pitchers duel, punctuated by a huge Desmond dinger and a nerve-wracking Sori save.

Game 5 WPA: Needs more beer. Nats 2, RFB 8


This was not a good game. But at least it was cold.

Game 4 WPA: Stuck. Nats 1, RFB 2


That was a tough one. The gritty play would have been more inspirational without the TOOTBLANs.

Game 3 WPA: Countdown to 100 Ls at 100. DC 8 NY 2


Relax, everyone, it was only the Mets. Still, good jobs by Roark and Zimmerman, plus some patient beards with pop from LaRoche and Werth.

Game 2: "It was pretty funny." Nats 5, Mets 1


Good days for Gio, Werth, and Desi. "We had a good laugh with Gio. He kept runnin'. It was pretty funny."

Game 1 WPA: When's ST over? Nats 9, Mets 7


A messy game, but a win's a win. Nice days for Span, Barrett, and

Game 162 WPA: Well, phooey. Nats 2, AZ 3


See you next season.

Game 161 WPA: Haren & Tracy. Nats 2, AZ 0


Who knew it was this easy?

Game 160 WPA: Werth staying up. Nats 8, AZ 4


That Werth fellow can certainly hit.

Game 159 WPA: Day game, right. Nats 1, SCA 4


Boo, Nats! Give NN moar runz! Boo, NN! Moar P2K!!

Game 158 WPA: SGINHO strikes again. Nats 0, SCA 2


Gio has a decent outing, but Nats have their typical struggles trying to score against Some Guy I Never Heard Of.

Game 157: Roark loss = season over. Nats 3, SCA 4


I know the Nats weren't going to win out, but at least Roark could have ended the season undefeated. That would have been cool.

Game 156 WPA: Better bookend. Nats 5, Fish 4


Stras was not as dominant as we've seen, but Sori was strong and the kids put together a late rally to win.

Game 155 WPA. Frustrating. Again. Nats 2, Fish 4


Days like today, you have to remind yourself that the Nats have a winning season.

Game 154 WPA: CGSO? Seen it. Nats 8, Fish 0


Both Span and NN have two-hitters.

Game 153 WPA: Happy birthday, Gio! Nats 3, Fish 2


The Nats get Gio the win on his birthday, but DSpan's streak ends at 29. ::sad::

Game 151 WPA: ROARK!!1!!1(eleventy)! Nats 4, RFB 0


Dude. Tanner. Franking. Roark. Dude.

Game 150 WPA: Clown win, Bro. Nats 6, RFB 5


So, 8 innings of dramatic, well-played baseball, then a comedy inning. Winning's easy! Comedy is hard.

Game 149 WPA: Coffee break. Nats 11, FF 2


The Nats put together enough runs to let the Spring Training lineup take over and spell the regulars.

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