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What about me? Not really good at any sport, but I'm a great 3 pint shooter!
I love sports!
Mark Jackson, IMHO the greatest Clipper yet.
Who Deeey!
I hate, despise, wanna spit, and piss, on anything Yankee, even my own Yankee cap, a curious chick magnet. I'm a Yankee hypocrite. And I don't care.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Los Angeles Clippers
  • NFL Cincinnati Bengals
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
  • NHL Los Angeles Kings
  • Golf Boo Weekly, Chi Chi Rodriguez
  • NASCAR Kurt Bush, Kyle Bush, Tony Stewart
  • MMA Rampage Jackson, George St. Pierre, Shogun Rua, Bones Jones, Kimbo Slice
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Arthur Abraham, Chris Arreola, Kelly Pavlik, Juanma Lopez, Wladimir Klitschko,
  • Soccer Brazil, USA, Manchester, LA Galaxy, Real Madrid
  • Tennis Rafael Nadal
  • General Indios De Mayaguez (baseball), Tainos de Mayaguez (basketball), Atleticos de San German (basketball), LA Lakers, Puerto Rico National Basketball Team, USA Basketball Team
  • Fantasy Mine (NFL)
  • MLS LA Galaxy
User Blog

I had to...

I was doing just fine, just enjoying my Clippers like all of us in this blog, just chillin, having a good time, not paying attention to the negatives or the cons within the team...just enjoying...


Ronny Turiaf

Add him up to our arsenal. I like it. Last time Turiaf, Morrison and Odom all played together, they won a ring. I like this signing. Hopefully he can do the dirty stuff that Reggie was in charge...


Just in: JR Smith

Once again, my source the bellman from a hotel located on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, same people who told about Odom, saw today JR Smith arrive at the hotel and check in for I don't know how...


Jerry Sloan is HARD TO IGNORE

So it's not a rumor anymore. It's not wishful thinking and it's not a few hopefuls like us at the Nation saying things so that fate takes it from there. Jerry Sloan is out there. And he wants back. ...


Donald Sterling and the critics

It was a bittersweet ending to our season, a wicked, compressed, never to be seen again season. And our Clippers were good. No, they were GREAT. Really great! In a league in which you must have a...


We're OK, right?

Yo! The voice or (t)reason again, liking the Clippers' rise from the ashes, we finished March on a good note and started April with a BOOM, but the bigger Boom will hopefully happen this Wednesday...


Man up, my peeps!!

OK, I'm really starting to get sick and tired of all the Clippers are unraveling talk and the paranoia and the "We suck since Billups got injured" and how the Clippers are not tall enough in the...


new to this

Hi all. I'm new to the blogging world and I have quite a few things to say about a lot. Here's just a sample of something I wrote about Phil Jackson. Good feedback is good, bad feedback is better...


Kaman blew it! So did VDN!

I woulda posted last night after the game, but didn't have time. Basically, Chris Kaman blew it for the Clippers last night. He was the one who missed about 5 or 6 shots in a row while the Blazers...


Can somebody tell Clipper Darrell...

...to get rid of this? http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=123714557647683&ref=ts It's embarrassing...he should know better by now...c'mon, Darrell! What are you doing with this?!?! You...



How is not having a coach by Thursday help the Clippers hunt for free agents????? Do they really, really need to wait for a big FA to sign with them so they cal follow this FA's orders?...


Please, Clips Nation, help me figure this out

Give me a good reason(s) why I should renew my season tickets. Or, give me a good reason(s) why I shouldn't. Deadline to renew is this Friday. I will bite my skin off if I don't renew and LeBron...


I wanna see LeBron in a Clipper uni, but I doubt that it happens...here's why

I have confidence in the Clippers, even in Donald Sterling (even though he will always suck, no doubt), that these people here in this organization realize that this is the time to make real loud...


Could LeBron bring Shaq with him IF Lebron came here...?

I don't see why not. And I could absolutely see it happening, too. Shaq, back in Los Angeles, on the cheap, playing for the vet minimum, sticking it to the Lakers once again, and to Kobe, this time...


Clippers D - Did Not Play (Coach's Decision)

Has Kim Hughes already worn out on anybody else, other than me? What is this guy preaching to these players? It sure isn't defense. Oh, and fouling doesn't count as defense, by the way. The refs...



Dear Mike Dunleavy Sr., It's time to make a splash. YOU are the GM, YOU brought down Elgin Baylor and placed yourself where you are right now. YOU have drafted Thornton, DeAndre, EG and BG. YOU...

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