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Cryptic Webber Tweets RE: Kings in Sac.


Couple interesting tweets from Chris Webber tonight, both implying that he has something in the works to keep the Kings in Sacramento (apologies for the lack of a hyperlink, my browser does not seem to like the Fanshot interface): "Haaaa ;)RT @Moneyjott: @realchriswebber are you still putting your efforts in helping Kings stay in Sac? We need help bruh!" "Haaaaaaa... whhho. Me?RT @Moneyjott: @realchriswebber I hope that winky face means you still got something up the sleeve" Could be total BS, obviously, but for a fanbase that's grasping at any ray of hope we can find, I thought it might be relevant.


Observations from Preseason Game 4 vs. *REDACTED*

Kings win! Against the L*kers! Always a good day. Mr. Irrelevant A couple times during the game I saw Kobe "touching" Isaiah Thomas - rubbing his head, a pat on the butt - it’s odd, because...


Observations from Pre-Season Game 2 vs. Blazers

I managed to catch the game last night and I had some observations; I thought it was a bit too long to simply make it a comment on Aykis' excellent recap, so I decided to make a Fanpost of it. T...


Boogie Nights, Week 1

NOTE: Most of this was written before tonight's monster game; expect me to touch on that next week. Also, I can't get Cousins to show up in Basketball Reference's Playfinder, so I'm just injecting...


Boogie Nights: Games 1 & 2

The Story Thus Far: Story? Trends? Nonsense. This is the first entry. This Time Last Year: Cousins' statline for the first two games of last season looked like this: Rk Age Date Tm Opp GS...


Boogie Nights: Intro

Hello, all. For those of you that don't know me (almost everyone), I'm Donovan Jeska (@Magnego on Twitter; if you're there, I've probably mentioned you at some point). I've been a lurker here at...

Jimmer Shooting 3's


Saw this on Deadspin. Thought I'd share.

I was inspired.


I was inspired.

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