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NFL on the Freakonomics Blog


Totally incidental to any Browns-specific discussion, but this was a pretty interesting post in the NYT Freakonomics blog ... and it sounds like Levitt's paper might be worth a read.

Mangini Classy in Departure


I liked Mangini, so maybe I'm biased, but I was impressed w/ him in this interview.

Harrison dinged 75 large for MoMass hit


Not sure the "NFL favors the Steelers" crowd is going to be chirping about this one... Harrison deserves every cent of this fine.

In Defense of Mangini


with the notable exception of the atrocious mismanagement of the quarterback position... coach mangini has clearly taken a ton of heat from fans, local and national media, and everyone in between (except, maybe, randy lerner). however, i truly believe that you could strike every mention of "mike singletary" in the attached article, and replace it with "eric mangini". singletary and mangini clearly share the EXACT same philosophy: team, discipline, execution, sacrifice, accountability, win-first. singletary, though, steps into a situation with more talent (and a much worse division) and is having SI articles written about him. mangini is being burned in effigy. i don't think mangini's approach is wrong, but he clearly lacks the street cred that singletary has with the 49ers. i don't know how that changes, but, to me, our issue is not mangini's's more the composition of our roster.

"I would put one of my players on another team's practice squad before putting him on the Browns."


consider the source, of course, but this certainly doesn't portend positive things for the browns in the free agency market. i can't say i'm surprised to hear such rumblings...mangini is known for running a military installment of discipline, and i wouldn't think players/agents would be psyched about that. having said that, though, players will go where the money and the opportunity is, so this is all bluster.

Shaq Vs Premiere


i thought this was awesome. roethlisberger comes off kind of jerky if you ask me, but shaq kills it, once again. i didn't catch it live, but i'll set the tivo for next week's.

Shaq - Conan Dance Off


shaq was on conan recently ... showing once again why he's the most likable professional athlete on the planet.

Odom Back to Lakers


Lamar re-signs w/ Lakers...bummer. They're awfully tough w/ him back in the mix.


Summer '09 Unrestricted FAs

so, i took a look at the unrestricted free agents for the upcoming offseason, in hopes that i might find the miracle salve to treat the wounds of the still fresh loss to the magic.  to me, the only...


Points in the Paint

Something that I think would be worth tracking over the last 20 games of the year is points in the paint, both scored and allowed. That seems to be a pretty good indicator of the effort that the...

Definitely no Winslow on Sunday


Winslow's appeal won't be heard before this week's game. He can still recoup his game check, but he definitely won't be reinstated.

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