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Originally from Central Illinois, close to St. Louis. Willingly transplanted to Missoula, MT to see some Goddamned snow.

Or. Something.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Illinois Fighting Illini
  • NCAAB Illinois Fighting Illini
  • NHL St. Louis Blues
  • General McKendree Bearcats
  • MMA Matt Hughes
  • EPL Newcastle United
  • MLS Portland Timbers F.C.
User Blog

Saturday Links - I'm Shovin' Off

Flashback Friday. Blues Alumni in Slovakia. Sharks are weird. DoPS still don't know. Blackhawks disappointments. Hitchhiking robot. Terrifying mascots. And awesome Attack on Titan music goes with...

Friday Links - Fish Eats Shark

Logo rank thoughts. Corsi Rel. Walt likes it. St. Louis 67's. Amateurism. Connor McHockey. Bolts disappointment. Ice lawsuits. Chrome all-stars? Dumb ManU fan. War of 1812. And TRIPLE VIDEO ACTION....

Thursday Links - Doctoring the TARDIS

Blues logo #3. Pavol. Love/Hate. Power Rankings. Draft lottery tweak. Disappointing Canadiens? Lawsuits. Kevin Hayes again. Simpsons marathon plan. Born in flight? And something dumb. Thursday.

Wednesday Links - Disco Star Wars

Reavo's on Twitter, but I have a shitload of other things to tell you about, so just get to clicking, Goddamnit. IT'S HUMP DAY.

Tuesday Links - Who's This Kevin Hayes Guy Anyway?

Throwback. b/r blows. AHL scheduling process. Kevin Hayes. Sonny Milano. Doughty cartoon. Combine relocation. Crazy predictions. Disappointment. Michael Leighton. Arizona hockey. Craziness. Cows....

Monday Open Bar - Sweater Made Of Selfies

There's a lot of stupid shit going on out there, and for some of you, it may be right outside your front door. But here, we're bellying up to the bar and talking about Blues goalies, selfie-made...

Thursday Links - Oh, Hey, You Can't Drink That Now

Podcast. Three FanPosts. Desperation. Seattle hockey? Disappointing Sharks. Long hockey game. Uniforms. First round picks. Dellow. Premiership. Drinking. No Tiger. Prize steer. Bartender training....

Wednesday Links - Our Bar Doesn't Cut You Off

Know Thine Stars. PHT. Ice buckets. Disappointment. Ovi/Trotz. Cocktease McLellan. Krug. Fuck Chicago LOL. Robin Williams and Casey Stengel. The whiff. Fake mountain lions. And DON'T CUT ME OFF,...

Tuesday Links - How To Be A Blues Fan? Whatever.

Well, I've got a lot of links for you today, but first . . . let us all point and laugh at the guy who thinks he can tell you how to be a better fan of the team you've probably been rooting for . ....

Monday Open Bar - Things That Do and Do Not Suck

"The world sucks, Butt-Head. Change it. Heh heh. Heh." "I'm pretty cool, Beavis, but I can't change the world. Huh huh. Huh." Here's a few links.

Thursday Links - Back! To the Future.

Pavol. Fuck Detroit. Ten most improved. Outdoor hockey in buildings new AND old. Ekblad concussed? Disappointing Bruins. USA HHoF. Brandon Sutter. College football is weird. Insurance companies are...

Wednesday Links - Go See Sir Paul, If You Can

Sir Paul. Backes is a Saint. Junior cuts. Numbers and more numbers. VOTE NOW. Timonen. Del Zotto. Dellow and numbers. Why +/- blows. Disappointment. Cool Skatings. Loiselle. Fuck Bon Jovi. AMERICA....

Tuesday Links - No Off Position for Stupidity

Lots of links today, but please do remember . . . while "Worldwide Pants" is right about there being no off position for the genius switch, the same can be said for the stupidity switch. Enjoy your...

Monday Open Bar - Joel Hodgson's Sick Flow

It's a Monday in the offseason, which means not a whole lot of anything is going on. So click a few things and watch 10 minutes of Joel Hodgson staggering through the early days of MST3K with some...

Thursday Links - I'll Do It Live!

Hullie best. Podcast. Paul Stewart. Power Rankings. Hockey of color. Subban arbitration. Terry Pegula, Bills owner? #TeemuForever. John Scott blows. Linden speaks truth. Lawsuits. Beatings. Odd...

Wednesday Links - Sick Flow for the Wolves

Mueller Mullet. Hating the Central. Fuck Abdelkader. Staal surgery. More on the NHL's national TV sked. Trottier to Buffalo. Fuck Dustin Brown. Fuck rules. Gardiner, Frolik get paid. Fuck Bon Jovi....

Tuesday Links - Time Lapses Are Fun

Central Division Awesomeness. Signings. Dubas. Torts. Haunting shit. Junior hockey unions? Beer. Fuck off, Sterling. Troy Tulowizki (sp). Pronger's Cup. And logos. It's a Tuesday and stuff.

Monday Open Bar - Hockey Doldrums

There's almost (but NOT quite) literally fucking nothing to talk about. So I'm not going to waste your time too much this morning.

Thursday Links - Asking Stupid Questions

If you ask a stupid question, chances are that you'll get either a stupid answer or no answer at all. Bottom line? Don't ask stupid questions. Oh, and other links, including a special triple-video...

Wednesday Links - Tim Peel Is Not Wise, Is He?

National TV. Lehtera. Peel off Twitter. Leafs shakeup/signing. Winners/losers. Roussel signs. Glendale bitches. Hell's Kitchen penthouse? #FartNoise. Four pound burger. Weed. The Gimli Glider....

Tuesday Links - Actual News in Bluesville. What?!

Actual Blues news! Sad news from the CHI. Egg Tim Peel's Twitter account. Be smarter, GM's. Rocky Mountain Extreme. Arbitration. Gino. Bozon. Ovech-split. RIP, Jim Rockford. Tree dies of irony....

Monday Links - Will It Be Pie, Cake or Death?

Vanelli. Dutchie. Awesome goalie masks. Honeymoon signings. Bleeding money out of a turnip. Five Hole For Food. BFiB party foul. So Ill dumbass. Baseball dumbass. Pie or cake? Cake or death? Star...

Thursday Links - Acoustic Daft Punk

You want links? Well, today was a good time to want them! I have a lot.

Wednesday Links - Striving For Perfection

Perfection. Perds signings. Crosby trying other things. Sergie Federoff? Perfect Twitter starts. More perfection. Russian Mercedes. Fuck Cancer. Cheese van thefts. Over-competitive parents are the...

Tuesday Links - Truculence and Running Things

Schmaltz. World Cup of Hockey. Fancy stats. Truculence. Local kid goes big. Buyouts. Dineen. Lawsuits. Shit Flyers sweaters. Bad lists. Brodeur. Hockey Canada. Giancarlo. Pool cars. Golazos to...

Monday Links - ÜBER ALLES

Optimism. Cole down under. BC. Shootout moves. Sad news. Reducing fighting. Breakfast from the Cup. DEUTSCHLAND!!! Selfies. World Cup awards. Silly things. Chad Johnson being Chad Johnson. Legal...

Monday Open Bar - Mailing It In

And then on Saturday, I decided . . . fuck it, I'm taking Monday off too. (THIS time, to go somewhere . . . really nice . . . instead of to work). So you get nothing and like it today. Sorry.

Holiday Weekend Open Bar - The Big Tease

I'm working a strange schedule the next couple days and it's probably going to be a slow news weekend, so here's an open bar. With a huge tease! And a few other things. So crack open an ice cold...

Fourth of July Links - Pyrogastronomy


Development Camp. Steve Dangle. The Bertuzzi suit. Claude Giroux is a dumbass. Shea Weber bobbleheads. Free Agency grades. Smoke on the Water. 867-5309. And a video SMORGASBORD, including . . ....

Thursday Open Thread - Thanks, From A Drunk Guy

I got home from work about 15 minutes after my links usually go to post. So you get a few links. Like the new Beyond Checkerdome, the free agent tracker . . . oh, and a thank you video for the...

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