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Originally from Central Illinois, close to St. Louis. Willingly transplanted to Missoula, MT to see some Goddamned snow.

Or. Something.

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User Blog

Hate Fuel - A Guide to Jeering the Blackhawks

Actually, why the fuck do you need a guide?

Wednesday Links - The M*A*S*H Unit Is Returning

The rise of the undead. Shots. O'Neill depresses us. Have a little faith. Hockey Hugs. Predictions. Projections. Redacted. Overpaid people. Draft lottery. Trophy projections. Nudist church. Awesome coffee mugs. And awesome outtake videos. Fire it up.

Tuesday Links - Cheap Tix, Dinosaurs & More!

Blues get a much-needed day off, have cheap playoff tickets and are the West favorites for some reason, plus other stuff and a video about VELOCIRAPTORS, MOTHERFUCKER. Click things. It's your human right, Goddamnit!

Monday Links - Can't Get Much Worse

The Blues are horseshit right now and pretty much everyone has counted them out, including about 99.999% of Blues fans. And for good reason. Perhaps they have the Blackhawks right where they want them. But I could be crazy. Links!

Wednesday Links - Screw It, I'm Leaving

My last links post before heading to MO/IL, of course, HAD to follow another disappointing Blues performance that didn't even come at the hands of a former teammate. Also, the greatest Nickelback parody ever. Hope to see some of you Sunday!

Monday Links - Shut Off That Stupid Song

Blues lose again. Prospects. Scores. Sked. Standings. Dipshits. Ear-splits. Cool shit. Pavelectric! Random bleeding. Hockey brawls. Legends passing. Money. Water. Rasslin'. And earthquakes. Just another manic Monday.

Thursday Links - Slug the BuffaLOL

Blues/Sabres. Elliott in goal. Uniforms. Beyond Checkerdome. Die By The Blade. Fuck Detroit. CrLOLsby. Power Rankings. Distant cousins. Phone hearings. Quitting. Jim Ross. DeSean Jackson. Soccer. Minimalist baseball stadiums. And new Blackhawk jerks.

Wednesday Links - Good Blues, Bad Tyler

So I apparently have a few anger issues to work out, so I'm just going to splay them out here, and if you like what I'm saying, fine. If not, skip it and click on things and watch a video. Freedom of choice, man. IT'S THE 'MERICAN WAY.

April Fools' Links - Holiday For Amateur Jerks

Today panders to the people who think they're clever but actually aren't. I will not appease those asswipes today. Instead, click on things that are actually happening.

Monday Links - Hug A Leafs Fan Today

A look at the Blues' acquisitions. Push to the finish? Toews injured, Blackhawks lose. Cawlidge hawkey. Parody of Frozen. Hockey fight bro-hug. Dramatic endings. NPH and Segel go Les Mis again. And the Nightmare on Helm Street. Fuck Cancer.

Thursday Links - You CAN Come Home Again!

BLUES HOME GAME. Podcast. The power play. Ryan Miller extension wise? Slagging Hitch. Hockey Wilderness. Tire fire in Toronto. Good on John Davidson. And Portlandia.

Wednesday Links - Toronto Goalies are Shot Whores

No NHL-level goalie should ever try to sign with the Leafs, unless he's a masochist. That, and links. But seriously, the Leafs have a problem with their back-end ahead of their goaltender and it is EGREGIOUS. Also, the NFL is full of dumbshits.

Tyler's Birthday Links - Trouble In Toronto

It's my birthday. Most people on their birthdays don't really give a shit about Goddamn anything. But I'm not one of those people. So, you still get to click on things. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO YOU!

Monday Links - Blackout Rules Are Awesome

Blues beat Pens. Prospect Sunday, with extra footage of a Rockford player being a dipshit. Bad year for Canadian NHL teams? Stajan honors his son. NCAA Tournament. Illinois lawmakers being morons. And more. Grab the coffee, it's gonna be a long one.

Thursday Links - Division-Leading Deuce Crown

Admittedly, I'd be a shit-ton more pissed about last night's results if the Blues didn't lead the division by about two and a half games. So let's click on things.

Wednesday Links - Oh, Hello Chicago!

The Blues pay a visit to that team up north that wears red even though their name insinuates that they're a darker color. Winner gets the Conference III Title Belt, loser gets the Conference III Crown of Shit. Click things.

Tuesday Links - Chase Winner Always Gets The Strap

Blues beat Jets, regain Conference III Belt. Not much else. Hockey!


Jets vs. Blues GDT - Frozen Flying Things

The Jets have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs now, for some reason. The Blues are looking to get into triple digits in points and expand their lead in the President's Trophy "race". It's also Amateur Night. Who gets least drunk and wins?

St. Patrick's Day Links - Amateur Night

It's St. Patrick's Day, which is fun if you're an amateur drinker and stupid if you're a professional drunk. Also, Blues news (including some bad news), other links, the NCAA basketball tournament and Irish-themed videos.

Thursday Links - Bonne Chance, Mon Ami

Blues host Oilers. Perron returns. Sobe too? Dumb slideshows. Polls. J-Bo. Fuck Chicago. Peverley done for the season. Hockey fans being assholes. Suspensions. Fuck Rick Reilly. Arnold Schwarzenegger and a tank. And street dancing. Game. Day.

Wednesday Links - Green Beltholders

CIII Belt now in Dallas. No shit, Andy. LeBrun with Miller. Bouwmeester/Miller GIF magic. Stewart done for year? Raty signs. Canucks are dumb. PUT HOCKEY IN SEATTLE, FUCKERS. Phaneuf Pha-whiffs. Sad OHL news. Pennies. Handsomeness. Meat. And videos.

Tuesday Links - Heavy Hearts, Literally.

Blues host Stars. Scary shit in Dallas. Big ups to Elliott. Bobby has a new Place. LOL Canucks. HNIC. Redacted. Kuznetsov ain't savin' shit. Trade Request Form. Errant slap shots. Proposals. GIF's. People giving no fucks. And Bouw. Game Day!

Monday Links - Own That Belt

Blues over Wild(s). Prospects. Scores. Ties in hockey. #Iggy4Lyfe. Flyers are Globetrotters. Don't be a dick to 13-year-old hockey players. Timmy Time in Dallas. Rashard Mendenhall. Da Finga. Bullshit tickets. And a double shot of Hank Green. Monday!

Thursday Links - Gotta Meet Your Deadlines

Blues at Perds. Prospect news. Beyond Checkerdome. Schedule. Who's hot/not. Trade deadline. Pull through, Tim Bozon. Pot in the wheel well. Gambling suspicions. And 14 minutes of pissed off goalies, with one glaring omission. It's game day!

Wednesday Links - Bolt Town, Ya Knob!

Blues over Bolts. Don't TL;DR us. Can we like Ott? Cup odds. Trades, trades galore. Linesman gets punched. Don't go to Little Caesar's. 1994 World Cup memories. Eat your weight in pork. And pop some balloons with a laser pointer. It's Hump Day!

Tuesday Links - Miller Can Afford A Better Hat

Blues host Lightning(s). Miller/Ott home debut. A poll. Trades could still happen. Raw Charge. Orlov suspended. Ilitch gives no fucks about Detroit. Scrivens extended. Obscene Alex. Bollig extension. Boom goes the snowplow. And more pond hockey!

Monday Links - Third Period Team

Blues score goals, win. Trade analysis. Happy Ryan Miller. T-shirt giveaway. Prospect Sunday. Good FanPosts. Minor trade. Dale Weise nearly bites it. Pekka Rinne returns. John Axford is an Oscars wizard. Lucky scratch-offs. And lucky Canucks fans.

Friday Light Links - Friggin' California

Blues at Ducks. Trade rumor stuff. Fuck Chicago. End of an era for Ryan Miller. Breakfast cereals, ranked. Your new Umlaut Overlord. And RIP, Tim Wilson. Friday, bitches.

Thursday Links - Well, Glad THAT'S Over With

Blues lose. Beyond Checkerdome. Trade stuff. Zamboni driver. Power Rankings. Trade requests. Dumb reporters. Shattered glass. Pygmy Owl. Fairweather sports fans. Meth. And awesome hits caused by awful hit attempts. The weekend approaches.

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