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Tuesday Practice Report


[Sound of an entire equipment rack being hurled against a tile floor] Mack: EVERYONE IN THIS SHOWER! ANYBODY AIN’T IN THIS SHOWER IN TEN SECONDS IS GONNA RUN A HUNDRED LADDERS! MAJOR! Major: One...



For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ennui is a French word for sausage made with pork and wine. I’d try some if you haven’t. It’s pretty damn good. Anyway on an unrelated note I’m still...

Rich Powerful Good Looking Dude Avoids Strange


Logan Steelcock- the successful media and internet mogul with an estimated net worth of approximately a quarter of a billion dollars- was seen late Thursday night successfully avoiding strange,...

Jeff Fisher’s Press Conference


Good afternoon. We’re obviously pleased with the win. We have a lot of work to do but we felt like we had a good game plan this week, good scheme, we had a good week of practice. They tried to do...

Vince Young is really good


I know. That's why you come here, for hard hitting breaking news items like these. For those of you unaware that Vince Young is a really good football player who are just finding us, welcome....

Sam Bradford's Press Conference


It's been reported that Sam Bradford canceled his afternoon press conference yesterday in order to "gather more information" before reaching a decision. We've been provided a transcript from the...

Lack of Focusness


The list of things I have done so far today due to Lack of Focusness: Woke up at 6 AM. Attempted to engage in usual of fantasy of Kristin Kreuk prancing around the room in a thong, but was...

Hate Week


All citizens of Oceania are required to perform a two minute hate today at 3 PM. The following topics are suitable for discussion: The state of Oklahoma has been scientifically proven to be the...

Bob Stoops to Undergo Surgery


Reuters A team of surgeons in France announced on Wednesday that high profile Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is undergoing evaluation for the first ever human chin transplant. As reported in Le Monde,...

Sooner Schadenfreude


Sorry, I just can't pass this one up. If you're unfamiliar with the term, schadenfreude is an old German word which roughly translates as 'Oklahoma is a vortex of suck, has always been a vortex of...

2009 Kansas Football Preview: State of the Union


I wanna rock right now. I wanna chalk right now. My name's Dope and I came to get down. I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone. WHOO... YEAH! Hold up. If you're lost...

Rice:Texas at Reliant in 2010


Sifting through my notice pile and found this gem from last week. Official Owl Internet Site Place Hosting the game at Reliant isn't really newsworthy. I mean, we've played Rice there a couple of...

More A&M Chancellor Drama


Apparently the Faculty Senate at A&M, previously best known for successfully blending togas and Carhartts during floor deliberations, passed a resolution yesterday that results in a vote of 'No...

Vince Young is a Black Dude


AP- A late breaking story from Houston surfaced this earlier week that appears to confirm the rumors that the current Tennessee Titans backup quarterback, Vincent Young, is secretly African...

Pirates vs. Narcoleptics: Round 2


No, it's not the Stanley cup finals. Though if you think about it, The Narcoleptics would be an awesome name for a hockey team. Maybe put then in Nassau for the alliteration. Or Nashville. In fact...

Your Childhood is in Peril


Terrible peril. Want a little peril you say? No. It's too perilous. Let me explain. My second longest running internal debate is rather personal, but since Barking Carnival is such a community of...

Dodds Sells Grass


In the 'I should no longer be surprised by the ways DeLoss Dodds can make money but somehow still am. Surprised.' category, UT will be selling off the field after the scrimmage next week. ...

Dinner for Five


One of my longest running internal debates is whether or not I'm gay. I actually didn't write that, one of my colleagues did while I was on break. I decided to leave it in for the manifold...

Come, to Tebow....


Thinking of traveling this winter, taking a vacation with friends and family? We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to make the trip of a lifetime. You know you’ve been thinking about...

Old man yells at cloud


In perhaps the largest Futile Aggie Boycott Gesture in recorded history, Texas Rep. Joe Barton has sponsored a bill to make the coronation of a national champion by the BCS system illegal, in...

Liveblogging the Will Muschamp Press Conference


Got here early this time. Nothing is really happening. Everyone is just kind of looking around. DeLoss is wearing a white shirt/ black sweater combo, tortoise shell glasses, and a Tag Heuer. He...

Here come the Tacklin' Baptists


Raise your hand if you've seen more than a quarter of Baylor football this season. Yeah, me neither. Hopefully some of our NCAA fantasy football geeks who have been paying closer attention can fill...

Officially Pissed


Two things: 1. Graham Harrell emailed us yesterday and let us know he was upset about the meme being distributed that he "Hates Contact". Apparently this isn't true. He did say he thought it...

Liveblogging the Mack Brown press conference


I got in late, didn’t hear the opening question. Based on the length of the monologue it must have been a doozy. Okay, just checked, it was "Good morning." Here’s the last part of the response: …...

Colt McCoy. Epic.


Colt McCoy had a conversation with Jim Rome earlier today, which does not in fact violate his religious beliefs as we initially reported since Rome is not technically, it turns out, a pimp. We...

McCoy vs. Tebow


I'm generally immune to internet memes, not sure why, but it makes sense given the hardy ethnic stock in question. Rooting around in bogs for millenia combined with even infrequent ancestral...

U.N. Sanctions Houston Texans


In a surprising turn of events the United Nations has formally leveled sanctions against the Houston Texans organization following a loss to the Indianapolis Colts yesterday afternoon, leaving...

Troubled Titans- The End is Near


Reports coming out of Titans headquarters continue to undershadow the deeply troubled state of the franchise according to media outlets. Some have called it a miasma of woe and distress, rife with...

Vince Young Leaves House- State of National Emergency Declared


First, I'd like everyone to remain calm. We don't have all the facts yet, and BC Staffers are working aroung the clock to piece this together as it comes in. We do not recommend stocking up on...

Area man has ongoing dispute with reality.


You may have noticed by now that the Fightin' Texas Aggies, led by the scrappiest Fightin' Texas Aggie quarterback since Bucky By God Richardson no less, fell a little short yesterday in their home...

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