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Fantasy Football: Week 6 Pickups

Well, after that depressing Monday Night, I think we all need something else to think about than the Bears.  Let's get this party started. What's up, Fantasy Freaks!  Since there's been a relative...


A Nearly Perfect Chicago-Style Drive

Now, I know that this hasn't been the Bears' norm this season, but I witnessed early on Sunday what could possibly be called a nearly perfect Bears-style opening drive.  I will post every play from...


Grading the Offseason

It’s been far too long since I posted one of my random, lengthy, nonsensical rants around here.  Time to break the silence!  Follow me through a recap of our offseason, and I'll hand out grades as...

SBN: 10 Reasons To Get Excited For Football In 2011


There is nothing about this article that I DON'T love. Specifically, read the end of point 1, the beginning of point 3, and all of point 8. Great stuff.

PFF: Missed Tackles


Two guys you'd expect to see on a list like this, and one you wouldn't. Confirming my earlier suspicions that he's one of the most solid players in the NFL today, Israel Idonije tops the list of tackles per miss. He did not miss on a single tackle this past season, with about 80 tackles/sacks to his name. Peanut is another solid guy, registering 14 misses in nearly 250 tackles, ranking 8th in the DBs. Surprisingly, Danieal Manning was 2nd on that list, 27.57 tackles per miss. On the wrong side of this scale is a guy that we love beyond almost anybody else on this team. What happened, Lance Briggs? 7.63 tackles per miss? 4th worst in the NFL? That's wrong! And, just to screw with people, take a look at the worst DBs in the NFL in terms of tackle rate. Asante Samuel is #1. Nnamdi is #4. Given that our system is basically predicated on our Corners making tackles, why would you want those guys sitting there? [/sarcasm]

OT: Lions to Make Big Play for Nnamdi


If they get him, that's a legitimately scary defense. That DL is one of the best I've seen in a long while, and Nnamdi basically shuts down half a field by himself.

Sam Smith Analyzes the Draft


Some fun stuff here, filtered through Sam's usual bouts with crazy. Some of his more fun ideas for the Bulls? How about Grant Hill, Vince Carter, or Rip Hamilton on a minimum deal? Yeah, that's gonna work out. [/sarcasm]

OT: USC Stripped of 2004 BCS National Championship


[Bumped for obvious reasons: Wow. The BCS actually did it. I'm sure it won't serve as any consolation to Oklahoma, but at least they're acknowledging what went down. The AP has said they will not vacate their awarding of the AP National Championship trophy. - MnB Dave]

Smells Like Mascot. Frankly, the best part of this is the art on Boshtrich. Anybody else have any...

Smells Like Mascot. Frankly, the best part of this is the art on Boshtrich. Anybody else have any idea who Vader in the 23 is supposed to represent?

Dennis Rodman to present Game Ball Tonight


Anybody else wondering what entertaining schtick he's gonna wear? Or how insane his hair is gonna be?

Jim Cornelison to sing National Anthem at all remaining Bulls home playoff games


OK, this is getting kinda ridiculous, dontcha think? Why is the tradition now seemingly tied to Cornelison? Why can't it just, y'know, HAPPEN without him?

SBN: Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls Show True Value Of Offensive Rebounds In Romp Over Miami Heat


Is it that this team can grab offensive rebounds? Or that JoNo is a physical BEAST above anything anybody could have hoped for?

Smells Like Mascot: Rose Parade


Smells Like Mascot: Rose Parade

Study: Dave Duerson had brain damage at time of suicide


Haven't read the entire thing. Hopefully this leads to some kind of retirement package for the players. They're truly sacrificing everything for their one shot.

Jim Cornelison to sing National Anthem at Bulls/Hawks Game 1


Different Hawks. Same building. Enjoy the screamfest.

Another Bench Mob article


The Red Eye is pretty good at this kind of stuff. One key thing here is that the Mob has beaten the Starters most of the time in practice. Note that it's practice, but still, that's pretty impressive for mostly journeymen players.

SBN's Latest 2011 Mock Draft


29. Chicago Bears: Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor. Stephen Paea might be tempting, but it's pretty close to imperative that the Bears get a starting offensive lineman here. That's exactly what Watkins is. Paea and Solder still available. Thoughts?

SBN's latest Mock Draft


29. Chicago Bears: Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State. Sherrod doesn't get a lot of fanfare, but he'd start immediately at either tackle in Chicago. 62. Chicago Bears: Drake Nevis, DT, LSU. Another unheralded DT prospect, Nevis is a plug-and-play three-technique that could start for the departing Tommie Harris. I'd be happy if the draft fell like this, wouldn't you?

SBN's latest 2011 Mock Draft


They've got us taking Stephen Paea after six OLmen go off the board in the 1st. In order... 9. Dallas Tyron Smith 13. Detroit Anthony Castonzo 15. Miami Mike Pouncey 21. Kansas City Gabe Carimi 25. Seattle Derek Sherrod 28. New England Nate Solder

OT: Puppy Picks March Madness 2011 Winner


OT: Puppy Picks March Madness 2011 Winner

So, yes, it's a 24 hour extension on talks. Wouldn't get too excited


So, yes, it's a 24 hour extension on talks. Wouldn't get too excited

Chris Mortensen

NFL Players Ill-Prepared for Lockout


Kind of an opinion piece about proper saving.

Carlos Boozer's Facebook Page


Only has 1800 Likes thus far. Let's add all of BaB to that number, shall we?

OT: Nate Silver on the Carmelo Trade


Nate Silver runs the Five-Thirty-Eight blog on the NYTimes and used to be a Sabermetric genius. He uses a Hollinger statistic to explain why he's not particularly impressed with the Carmelo deal. And, y'know something? I kinda agree with him.

Marvin Miller: NFL Owners Reek of Greed


Marvin Miller is the former head of the Major League Baseball Player's Association from 1966-1982. In this article, he says that the NFL owners are greedier than the MLB owners he had to deal with. And that's saying something, given that MLB will probably never recover from 1994.

Semi-OT: Canning a Coordinator


This isn't exactly Bears news, or even professional football news. But I think that some of the conclusions drawn here can apply to the professional game. If I were to connect this to the professional game, it would be titled, "Why Mike Martz's Offense Was No Better Than Ron Turner's (at least, for this past season)" If you're a stats buff, you'll really like this article, BTW. tl;dr: Canning an Offensive Coordinator does not affect an offense's performance to any significant degree. Canning a Defensive Coordinator generally improves the performance of the defense, though not to any great degree. The biggest indicators of season-to-season offensive and defensive rankings is player retention and previous season rankings.

Vote for the All Star Skills Challenge


Chris Paul is already in. We're voting for the 4 guys to go against him. DRose is one. VOTEVOTEVOTE!!!

2011 Super Bowl XLV: Roger Goodell State of the NFL Press Conference Transcript


From our friends over at Music City Miracles. Good luck with your coaching search! I will leave you to form your own opinions.

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