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Did you know that a toaster will not survive a trip off a third-story balcony? I'm the guy who found that out about halfway through the third quarter of the '06 Georgia-Colorado game. I'm 35 going on 7, I'm a cog in the communications/fund-raising machine of a major state university that is not my alma mater, and I live and die (and occasionally go absolutely bug-nuts insane) with the Georgia Bulldogs. Surprisingly enough, I generally have a good sense of humor about it, too, but our mascot Uga and the 1999 UGA-GT game are absolutely off limits. I will fight you, and I fight dirty.

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Won't somebody help me? My team is a mess!Coach JoePa's no more, and my woes are no less.My team has no rudder, recruiting's the pits --I need a new coach for my woebegone Nits. Need a new...

Georgia Football 2011, Outback Bowl Vs. Michigan State: That Game Stunk, And It's OK


A triple-overtime bowl loss to a Big Ten team sends the Dawgs into the off-season disappointed, frustrated and dissatisfied -- and maybe that's not the worst thing in the world.

College Bowl Season 2012: Restoring Some Dignity (And Sanity) To The Postseason


A five-step plan for fixing college football's bowl season.

Georgia Vs. Michigan State, Outback Bowl 2012: Why The The SEC Needs To Aim Higher


Georgia fans -- and SEC fans in general -- will get to watch their teams run wild over programs from lesser conferences this bowl season, but are those gimme games really good for the league as a...

SEC Bowl Season 2011: The "K-State Effect" And The Battle Of Who Could Care Less


Most of the time, when you hear a commentator give the edge to a certain football team because he thinks "they just want it more," you're looking at a guy who doesn't actually know anything about...

SEC Football Scheduling: 2012 UGA Team Catches Break; 'Must Be Nice,' Says 2008 UGA Team


It's come to the attention of Bulldog Nation that some of you, particularly those of the Gamecock persuasion, are a little bit miffed at how the SEC reshuffled its 2012 football schedules to...

Georgia Football 2011: What Hath Todd Grantham Wrought?


You may not respect the schedule, but you've still got to respect what Todd Grantham and his defense accomplished in year two.

Georgia Football 2011: The Myth Of Aaron Murray's Sophomore Slump


Did Aaron Murray's stats really fall off that much in 2010? Nope -- and given all the rebuilding going on around him on offense, they probably should have.

Georgia Vs. LSU 2011: A Rooting Guide For The Impartial Observer


From the hype, the TV exposure and the sky-high ticket prices of the SEC Championship Game, we can infer that the conference's 20th annual title match is already captivating interest well outside...

2011 SEC Championship: The Manic-Depressive Preview Prepares To Shock The World (Or Not)


In September, nobody thought the Dawgs could get here. Now it's December, and nobody thinks they can win. But if there's a way for Georgia to pull off the upset, our Manic-Depressive Previewers...

SEC Championship Game, Georgia Vs. LSU: Comparing The Schedules

With the league title bout upon us, it's time to blow up the myth of LSU's formidable schedule.

SEC Power Poll, Week 12: You've Come A Long Way, Baby (Except Where Otherwise Noted)


The SEC's regular season is at an end, and the teams put forth as elite in the preseason turned out to be as good as advertised, while the doormats, for the most part, laid down and served as a...

Georgia Vs. Georgia Tech: The Manic-Depressive Preview Gives Thanks For Family, Football, And Superiority Over The Jackets


The hate may be "Clean Old-Fashioned," but the contempt is paradoxically both filthy and quite fresh. Our previewing duo hashes out the question of who runs the state.

Georgia Vs. Georgia Tech: The Ramblin' Wreck, Stuck In Reverse


Tech fans love to denigrate Bulldog Nation as rednecks, but their own school's façade of innovation disguises policies that are as regressive as anything on a major college campus today.

Remembering Larry Munson: Sometimes Greatness Doesn't Need A Script


Georgia's longtime announcer didn't become an icon because he stayed above the fray. He became one because he got down in the fray and worried, hollered and rejoiced right along with the rest of us.

SEC Power Poll, Week 11: All Hail The Great SEC West Grab Bag


By now you've heard that SEC West members LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are sitting 1-2-3 in the current BCS rankings, and you may also have read any number of stories about how any two of these three...

Georgia Vs. Kentucky 2011: There Are No Style Points In The SEC


Leave the aesthetic criticisms to the art historians. Beautiful or not, the win over Kentucky accomplished what it needed to -- and the Dawgs have gone from a program adrift to SEC East champions.

Georgia Vs. Kentucky: The Manic-Depressive Preview Goes Through The Motions


One member of our previewing crew thinks Dawgs-'Cats is a mere formality, while the other is convinced there might be an actual game on Saturday. Guess which one is which!

May Mark Richt's Hot Seat Rest In Peace: The SEC Society Page, Week 11


Mark Richt's hot seat, the seat that even other hot seats referred to as "one of the greats," held on for three years before finally succumbing in Athens on Nov. 12.

SEC Power Poll, Week 10: Meet Your Challengers


Georgia is in the SEC title game unless they manage to gack this weekend's game against Kentucky. LSU would have to eff up consecutive one-car funerals against Ole Miss and Arkansas to lose their...

Georgia Vs. Auburn 2011: New Energy Results In Old-School Domination


No "Prayer on the Plains" this year, Dawg fans -- thanks to a rugged running game and a smothering defense, the Dawgs didn't need a prayer and the Tigers didn't have one.



This has been a difficult week to be a college football fan, or at the very least, a difficult week to talk about college football with a smile on one's face. Every day it seems we get a new peek...

Georgia Vs. Auburn: The Manic-Depressive Preview Heads For The Final Hurdle


It's a rivalry game, a revenge game, and a potential division-clinching game to boot. When there's this much on the line, you need two personalities to sort everything out.

SEC Society Page, Week 10: New Jobs For Miles, Nutt, And Any Tennessee Student Who Wants One


I think Les Miles IS the right man for this job, Pawwwwll, as long as the job is running Louisiana. Also: Steve Spurrier gets busted for fanciful yarn-spinnin' with the Fayetteville PD.

SEC Power Poll, Week 10: It's Les Miles' World, We're Just Living In It


The LSU Tigers are 9-0, with six of those victories coming against ranked teams -- including the No. 25, No. 16, No. 3 and No. 2 teams all away from Baton Rouge. So are they a unanimous choice for...

Georgia Vs. Auburn 2011: Time To Find Out What The Dawgs Are Made Of


In practical terms, Auburn is the last team standing between Georgia and a trip to the SEC title game. But in the grand scheme of things, the bigger obstacle for the Dawgs to overcome sits between...

Georgia Vs. New Mexico State: The Manic-Depressive Preview Is Looking For A Few Good RBs


Georgia's backfield may be depleted, but our Manic-Depressive Previewers are at full strength . . . well, sort of.

SEC Society Page, Week 9: Ole Miss-Kentucky Is No Place To Take Your Children


Movie-industry censors have slapped one of this weekend's games with an NC-17 rating. Are the Rebels and Wildcats headed straight to DVD?

SEC Power Poll, Week 9: It's LSUBamageddon As We Know It, And I Feel Fine


Cocktail Party win behind me, layup out-of-conference game ahead of me -- one that will allow me to sit back, relax and drink in the Alabama-LSU game? You're darn right I'm feeling saucy. (That...

Georgia Vs. Florida 2011: Raise A Cocktail Glass, Dawgs, Just Drink Responsibly


The 90th Cocktail Party game wasn't a blowout, and it darn sure wasn't a classic, but it was still an opportunity for long-suffering Dawg fans to raise their glasses -- as long as they know what...

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