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Jason Peters arrested for drag racing, fleeing police


Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters was arrested today after leading police on a chase at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour. lol


Drafting Success Compared to Record Success

I suppose the only fitting way to close out my series of stats posts based on the pfr rankings of various players is by discussing team success along side it. I wrote a lot on the background of...


One Bad Apple Ruins the Whole Bunch (Draft analysis over the past 10 years)

It is easiest to view the charts by just clicking them to view in a new window A while ago, I wrote a fanpost entitled, "A Discussion of Draft Value for all 32 Teams Over the Past 4 Years." I...

Kevin Kolb, pfts 3rd best qb if given time to throw


Im excited for this guy if we can give him a fraction more of a second than AZ. Its a great discussion on time in the pocket and efficiency

Mike Pettine and the Pancake House


This isnt a quote but I'd like to share. I went to the pancake house to use their bathroom prior to my football game. As I get back, I look to my left, Mike Pettine is getting into his car. It was a black magnum with a ravens sticker on the back and the inside was all custom ravens stuff. It was awesome. Just kinda shows how much he loves what Baltimore represented.


Alternate Universe 2012: The 11-5 Bills

This fanpost came about as I was writing my other post, Buddy Nix: The Hero Buffalo Deserves. It is an alternate universe in which the Bills had just three changes. A game managing QB, decent...


Buddy Nix: The Hero Buffalo Deserves

Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A...


Triple Flusher-Nickell Robey, Keith Pough, and EJ Manuel's ability to read defenses

Well, this is just a mind dump similar to sireric's post (which I really enjoyed) so I named it accordingly. Part 1: A friend over at had this to say about Nickell Robey. Call me...

Graham vs Goodwin Combine results visualization


[Just click the pic above to expand] The graph below compares combine (and pro day for Goodwin) results for the two players compared to the average combine results for all receivers since 1999. The values are standard deviations from the mean. (68% of the population lies within one standard deviation of the mean in either direction, 95% are within two standard deviations. Anything more than two standard deviations from the mean in a normal distribution is rare.) I found this on reddit if anyone was wondering.


Brandon Kaufman

Well, I know we have all been gushing over Da'rick Rogers but I was just reading some other sites on UDFA's and one guy who some people have been gushing over is Brandon Kaufman. Yes, he doesn't...


DougieG's (Not Brian's Dad) Mocky McMockington Drop [Bonus: Draft format poll]

1 chiefs Eric Fisher2 jags Dion Jordan3 raiders Luke Joeckel4 eagles Geno Smith5 lions Ezekiel Ansah6 browns Dee Milliner7 cardinals Lane Johnson8 bills Tavon Austin9 jets Star Lotulelei1...


DougieG's Mocks From Just the Pre Draft Visitors

I finally have come up with 4 mocks that I'm satisfied with using strictly the pre-draft visitors. Unfortunately it left me rather limited, but I felt like I came up with realistic choices for who...


A Discussion of Draft Value for all 32 Teams Over the Past 4 Years

(To see the charts better click on them with a right click and then select open in a new tab I didn't realize the charts were so small, they can be viewed much better) I decided to do this a while...


Kevin Kolb Please Come to Buffalo

Normally, I write much longer posts but this needs to be said. With Kolb Arizona went 4-1 beating the Seahawks, Pats, Eagles and Dolphins. With out him they went 1-10. Straight from Wikipedia:...


The Alternate View of the Roster: Glass 3/4th Full, A Buddy Nix defense

When I hear that Nix has done a so so job at upgrading the team from where it was, I feel like we forget where we were as a team in terms of talent. I decided to just see if I was crazy, and...

Brian and Matt sing Gotye.


When do you guys have the time for this? The vocals are spot on and production value is off the charts.

Play the draft, stock market style


I've been doing this game for the past few weeks and figured my fellow rumblers would enjoy it like I do. It's a stock market aspect to the draft where you buy and sell players based upon what you think the value will be for them. You can sell high and buy low. I bought Justin Hunter when he was around 600$ beause of his athleticism and now he is around 900. Then at draft day your stocks are locked and money is liquidated then you get the amount of money bused upon where they are drafted. Ihaue a blast checking my team each morning. Try it out. We can start a thread here if you start a team.


A 2013 Total Season Recap and Review

I was asked to write up a season review of the bills on a site called for a phenomenal football community. So I decided to re-write it up for you guys, its kinda really long but I...

A solid 2 round draft, Bills get Ansah and Nassib


I thought it was a well thought out draft with no team reaching for a QB which might be slightly inaccurate. Also, IMO I would rather have us jump back into the bottom to grab the QB of choice rather than just settling with the Orangeman.

A Metrics Breakdown of the Year's 4 Top QB's


This was a great read with a lot of upfront stats looking at various situations the QB's have faced, where they put their balls and how they play at different times of the game. I recommend you check it out.

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