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I'm a long time Rams fan, author, and blogger for The Novel Road. I'm also an Editor for SBNation's TST. My new novel - Devin Briar - is available at Amazon, Apple's iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashword, and every other site that sells great books!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NFL St. Louis Rams
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NASCAR Lake Speed -What a name!
  • MMA Cubist Tai-Bo
  • EPL Freedonia Fleas
User Blog

Will Michael Sam make the cut?


Regardless of what Tony Dungy says, the Rams are giving Michael Sam a shot at the 53-man roster. Can he hang onto a spot at a deep position?

NFL: I've Been Thinkin'...7/12


NFL.com's "Top 100" players for 2014... How this list gets voted into being every year interests me. Why? Well, if it's the players voting on their peers - based on who they have actually played...

Front Office Fiction: Two Times The Crazy...


The door of the conference room flew open. As it banged off the door stop to slam shut once again, for the briefest moment, the form of a crazy eyed blonde woman could be seen by the three men in...

NFL: I've Been Thinkin' 6/29...


Tick-tock...Tick-tock... Tick-tock... The slowest time of the year for NFL fans is here. It seems to drone on and on, leaving fans to mash up opinions on who'll make NFL rosters, and sidebar issues...

On The Outside, Looking In: UDFAs: Jamiane Sherman


256... That's the number of players who heard their names called during the 2014 NFL Draft. Immediately following the "cool kids" party at New York's Radio City Music Hall, NFL teams scrambled to...

Rams Roster Preview: OT Jake Long


Looking at the Rams' starting left tackle's value in 2014.

Did the Rams win the offseason?


TST wraps up its offseason tour of the NFC West with a look at the Rams. And who better the ask about the Rams than TST!

Can the Seahawks win again?


The defending world champs had a busy offseason, but with everyone setting their sights on the Super Bowl winner, was it enough to make it back to the big game or even enough to stay on top in the...

Watch out for climbing Cardinals


Coming off a 10-win season, the Arizona Cardinals look like a team that's ready to surprise football fans. TST sits down with Jess Root of Revenge of the Birds for a sneak peak at Arizona's 2014.

Can the 49ers get over the hump?


The 49ers have been tantalizingly close to winning it all, but they just can't seem to take home a Lombardi Trophy. Is this their year? TST sits down with Niners Nation for a closer look at what...

NFL: I've Been Thinkin'...


It's the end of May, so the time to begin understanding everything that's going to shape the 2014 NFL season has started. Here at Turf Show Times, we'll be doing a few new things, and the round...

St. Louis Rams: Tight End Coverage Will Be Key


I think there's one person in the NFL world who wouldn't mind if the hype of how great the St. Louis Rams defensive line may be could simply die away, and that's Jeff Fisher. He's spent the last...

NFL: 5 Teams Who Could Make Some Noise In 2014


Too early to make predictions? Well, you're right... But it's Sunday morning, and you need something to read other than the long "Honey-Do" list waiting for you... I cruised through today's NFL...

St. Louis Rams: I've Been Thinkin'...


It's raining here... Everything is soggy, except for the open bag of Cheetos next to me... To some, days like these are great for sitting with a cup of coffee and pondering the myriad of things...

St. Louis Rams Sign Travis Bond; Guard, Panthers


Interesting signing, in that 2014 #2 overall selection Greg Robinson is slated to slide inside from his college tackle position. Could this be insurance against Jake Long not making it back the...

NFL: Sorting Out The NFC West...


There's no riddle to solve when it comes to the NFC West. The division is about defense, and how opponents can look forward to being beaten black and blue every time they face Seattle, San...

2014 NFL Draft: 7 Rounds, And Firsts...


On September 16th, 1906, Charles Follis became the first black professional football player - EVER. There have been loads of sporting world "firsts", and in the 2014 NFL Draft, another barrier was...

NFL Draft: Day 2 Is Where Some Teams Hit Big...


The second day of the 2014 NFL Draft is going to be remembered for a long time. In rounds 2 and 3, the depth of this draft class will carry many teams forward, while others will wallow. If there...

NFL Draft: A Stellar Day 1 With Few Surprises...


"This is a guy..." "He fits the scheme..." The hoard of NFL Draft Day announcers cliched their way through the first day of the draft. Deep in talent, certain recent trends maintained their steam,...

NFL Draft: "I've Been Thinkin'...


The Draft talk this time of year is rather windy... (Wink, nudge...Get it! It's Sunday, Dammit! What do you expect?) With all the  players blurbs flying around social media circles, and counter...

NFL Draft 2014: Part II of My Disturbing Mock


In Part 1 yesterday, we hit the top half of the NFL Draft. Moans and groans were heard, but I stand by most of the picks made as being well grounded. I firmly believe the second round of the 2014...

NFL Draft: The Dust's Starting To Settle - Mock II


The fog is starting to lift around the swirling mass of NFL prospects. The 2014 NFL Draft could very well be one of the best in the last decade, as well as exciting to watch as it unfolds...

St. Louis Rams: How High Should They Draft a QB?


Quarterback Wikipedia: "In modern football, the quarterback is the leader of the offense. The quarterback touches the ball on almost every offensive play, and his successes and failures can have...

NFL Draft: Rising, or Falling? - Sammy Watkins


A huge favorite across the 32 NFL team spectrum, Watkins is - or was? - the top rated wide receiver prospect in this year's draft. There's absolutely no denying how talented the Clemson star is,...

Breaking News! Mock Draft Kingpins Addict World!


I'm powerless! I can't stop! Night after night, bag of Cheetos after bag of Cheetos, I play this little Mock Draft game Brian H. and Mike Burns concocted to bring people everywhere to their knee....

St. Louis Rams: 2nd Round In The NFL Draft Is Key


The talk of the St. Louis Rams trading down from the #2 overall pick this May isn't a smokescreen. What's more, if team GM Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher handle things right, trading down to...

NFL Draft: Rising, or Falling? - Khalil Mack


The pre-NFL Draft talk is filled "if-s" that are at times unfair, if not bizarre. When a prospect has off-field or injury issues, he gets painted with the "Red Flag" moniker, and it doesn't wear...

NFL Draft: Rising, or Falling - Safety Jimmy Ward


In every NFL Draft over the last few years, there's been a single position that yields few  top prospects: Safety. While there's usually a few quarterbacks, tackles and corner backs who garner all...

NFL Draft: Rising, or Falling? - Ra'Shede Hageman


When the college season ends is when the whispers start. Advertised on Bowl Game stages, players who caught viewers eyes are suddenly launched into NFL mentions: "This kid will be a first round...

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