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I'm a long time Rams fan, author, and blogger for The Novel Road. I'm also an Editor for SBNation's TST. My new novel - Devin Briar - is available at Amazon, Apple's iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashword, and every other site that sells great books!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NFL St. Louis Rams
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NASCAR Lake Speed -What a name!
  • MMA Cubist Tai-Bo
  • EPL Freedonia Fleas
User Blog

Rams - Titans: "LIVE" Game Thread

Yeah, I really haven't bought into the "happy reunion" stuff either. While I'm sure Jeff Fisher has loads of fond memories of his time with the Titans, the fan-base he left behind doesn't really...

Turf Show Radio: The "Halloweenie" Show - Canceled

The show tonight has been canceled due to technical problems we can't get a handle on just now. Thank you for tuning in, and we'll get things straightened out for next Tuesday at our regularly...


Titans - Rams: Ask Turf Show Times

So the Titans have decided to pay a visit on their former coach? Barbecues, beer and good times in the offing, eh? The game Sunday actually pits two evenly matched teams. According to NFL.com, both...


Rams - Seahawks: MNF Game Thread

Traffic should be magical (Insert sarcastic smile) around the Edward Jones Dome tonight. With the St. Louis Cardinals playing a World Series game tonight only blocks from the Rams home stadium,...

NFL Sunday: Around The League "LIVE" Thread

With the St. Louis Rams playing this Monday, we have a chance to watch an entire NFL schedule of game today. The match-ups are there for a great day to improve that body formed groove in your...

St. Louis Rams: Front Office Fiction

Food for Thought...

Turf Show Radio Tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Time

The airwaves will be cracklin', and Joe McAtee is there to answer and ask the questions you have lolling around in those Rams' fan minds. So much has happened in the last few days, so I know you'll...

St. Louis Rams: Spring Forward, Falling Back...

Cutting across the edges of emotions isn't an easy thing. St. Louis Rams fans were hit hard by the loss of Sam Bradford to a season ending ACL injury yesterday. Made worse by the chaotic game...

Sunday Night Football Thread...sigh...

With the Bradford injury news hanging like a shadow over us, what better time is there to watch a Dork in Indianapolis and a guy with a massive forehead who plays for Denver... My, don't I sound...

St. Louis Rams Week #7: Quick 5

The St. Louis Rams came into Carolina a different team than only three weeks ago. The San Francisco loss was a heavy blow, but the surged back against Jacksonville and Houston for back to back...

Rams - Pathers: "LIVE" Second Half Game Thread

Oh the bumblin'... A wobbled pass interception, fumble, a goal line stand, and a tripping penalty are all that stand in the way of the Rams having a solid handle on this game. The Rams defense has...


Rams - Panthers - "LIVE" First Half Game Thread

For the second week in a row, the St. Louis Rams have journeyed to a far off land. Passports? Check! Hawaiian shirts? Got 'em! Yes, I know it's only 700ish miles away from the Edward Jones Dome,...

Rams-Texans: "LIVE" Second Half Game Thread

The Rams put up their most impressive first half of the season en route to a 17-6 halftime lead on the road in Houston.


Rams - Texans: "LIVE" First Half game Thread

This week, the St. Louis Rams (2-3) travel to Houston, Texas to take on the recently stumbling Texans (2-3). Faced with a top notch defense, and a running game featuring Arian Foster, the Rams have...

Rams Defense: It's Time to Go Wild and Crazy!

I'm kind of confused when it comes to thinking about today's game for the Rams. Houston isn't a 2-3 team, but it's what the standing say. With a smothering defense against the pas, they've allowed...

Photo Caption Contest

When I saw this over at CBS Sports.com, I couldn't stop laughing. What this guy is doing/thinking as he stands behind Matt Forte during an interview is anyone's guess? Play the short Instagram...

NFL WRs: Short Or Tall, You Need Both To Succeed

NFL teams lust after tall receivers, right? Wrong! While it may be true they attract attention in the lead up to the NFL Draft in any given year, the great, tall receivers are relatively rare...

Rams - Texans: Ask Turf Show Times Thread

Drop in to Battle Red Blog, and help answer questions, and ask a few too! Please remember, we're their guests.

Turf Show Radio: Tonight at 9:30pm, Eastern Time

3k recaps the Jags game and looks ahead to the Houston contest with Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog.

Rams - Jaguars: "LIVE" Second Half Thread

The first quarter was rough to watch. The Rams offense still sputtered out of the gate, and didn't score in the first 15 minutes of play. Defensively, the Rams' secondary looked to be playing more...


Rams - Jaguars: "LIVE" First Half Game Thread

The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO will rockin,' with fans wanting to see their team turn things around. Staggered by three rough losses the last few weeks, the Rams are searching for...

St. Louis Rams: What I'll Be Looking For Today...

After looking at the Rams' injury list for this week, I'm surprised no coaches names were mentioned? They have to be a bit mentally battered; their "brain-CLs" strained and sprained? I"ll be...

St. Louis Rams: Where's the Defense?

Now that my "semi-rant" on why Sam Bradford isn't the problem for the St. Louis Rams is out of the way, let's turn to a more pressing issue. The defense for the Rams should be one of the best in...

Sam Bradford Should Tell NFL Media to "Bite Me!"

I have to wonder about us sometimes... You know who I'm talking about, right? I believe Rams fans - I count myself one of them - have been through years of soul crunching toil as they watch the...

Rams - Jags: Ask Turf Show Times

Drop in and chat with the fans over at Big Cat Country. Just remember, we're their guests...


Jacksonville Jaguars - St. Louis Rams: Ask Turf Show Times

via d2.yimg.com Ah, the wheels of the NFL go 'round and 'round... The Jags and Rams have been on a rough road in 2013, with the latest "bump" being the trade of Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore...

The Jeff Fisher Show

I realize there things in life I just don't get. Like paying $5 for a cup of coffee, or why a car dealer advertises how much money you'll save buying their new fuel efficient car. After they bump...

NFL Sunday: LIVE Game Thread

Today is a day of rest for Rams fans. The wounds acquired over the last 7 days have begun to heal, and boiling disappointment has been turned down to simmer. There are loads of NFL games being...

Stick and Stones Can Break My Bones, But... OUCH!

Outside of my now infamous Mock Drafts, this is the first article I've written where I feel like ducking? The St. Louis Rams have had a terrible week, losing twice in convincing fashion. Dallas and...

Problems are Easy to Find. Solutions? Not So Much.

I called in sick today. It was easy to do, since what I do for a living allows me a certain latitude if I don't feel well. Not to mention the fact that all I have to do is roll over and hit the...

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